whom are u kidding......

why is it so important in this website for some people to argue about who they are what they know , their achievements their grandeur ect isnt that a little agotistical , naive n presouncious , isnt that having and ego as deep as the sea and as high as the heavens .aren't we all here to learn from each other , it does not matter how little or how much we learn from someone .what matters is that we are learning ,and if you , or the other dont like what it is said continue your journey to someone elses blog ..why do we have to correct or critisize what someone elses had said because it does not resonate with what u think or know ,is it so important to you that we aknowledge what u are what u have become , who u are, your titles ur credentials .to me is more important what i can learn from the person and what she is bringing to this site .as long as i can see the truth , the love and the effort that person is putting into what they do , without hinderring someone elses path to the truth they are seeking ....... this is not about i am , , i can , i know , it is not how all this will make u feel , but how u can make others feel knowing that u have brought a little of urself to all , if what ur doing , ur doing it because u want recongnition then ur not working for the glory of our creator ur working for ur own glory .....

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  • People are afraid deep down inside, my friend.  They fear the loss of their "ego" so they criticize anything that looks different from what their "ego" has decided.  The ego is a complicated thing, it can be your most helpful tool or your worst enemy. 

    The wonderful thing about this site is that we are learning so much about human nature and polarity.  Even these ones who are egoic in a fearful way are teaching those that follow these blogs the lesson of ego.  Do you understand?  It isn't so much their annoying ways, it is how we react to them that is important. 

    Do I get irritated?  You betcha.  But I have a choice in how I express that energy.  My "ego" will tell me to give pay back to the person who caused me to be irritated... but my higher mind knows that this person is showing me lesson and that if I do not learn from it then I will face that lesson over and over until I "get it" and release that energy from my field. 

    That's easy to say, lol- not always easy to do.  We all have our buttons to be pushed :)  But that also doesn't mean that someone can be a jerk and then say,"  Oh your ego doesn't like me, it's not my problem."  I'll still step in if I see someone being victimized on this site or give my own point of view when someone is trashing something close to my heart- but I don't need to become emotionally involved with the issues- my ego doesn't need to be agreed with- I don't need to "win" to feel good about myself. 

    Let those people show others their true colors, Marianinia.  As you say we're all learning from each other, just some people are sharing in a way they are unaware of :)  By showing us how not to be. 

    Love your thoughts, lady.  You really have stepped up these last few months :) 

  • Fabulously written... thank you for sharing

    L&L&H (Love & Light & Hugs) :-D

  • well i posted a disscussion 2 days ago about testicles and someone deleted,luckily i had a shield to protect my real testicles so they cant get deleted cause my girlfriend would get pissed off if i could not get her pregnant.I guess testicles is a dirty word to some on this website? I have 2 eyes, so why cant i have 2 balls without getting deleted?
  • I've always suffered from delusions of grandeur...so I sent my ego to the cleaners.  But then I lost the laundry ticket and couldn't get it back!  So, I had to send my Id into my subconsciousness to retrieve my ego from the clutches of free enterprise.  Talk about a bizarre, wierd, and horrific odyssey!  My Id discovered that my ego is only a minescule part of the whole thing and yet it does have a part to play in life.  After the retrieval of my cleaned and pressed ego, with the enlightening journey through the subconscious, I find that it is really quite impossible for any ego in this earthly experience to go through life without at times giving offense, intentionally or as is uusally the case, unintentionally.  Like, even the Dali Llama is offensive to some, and Jesus, well, forget about it!  People missunderstand things all the time.  Furthurmore, as an avid student of history, I have noticed something common to all significant and remarkable personages throughout herstory... They all had legions of critics.  So, upon reaching that point of exhaustion, where all one can do is sit outside the gate wearing sackcloth and ash and hope that someone on the inside will open it a crack and toss a clue, the concept of whether or not what one is doing is egotistical or sublime becomes an irrelevance.  Still, as one makes their way through life if they are fortunate enough to have something greater than themself to apply onesself to and serve and study, they are fortunate and blessed.  When music finally accepted me as a devoted aspirant, the role my ego found itself in was that of servant and student and all creativity in the field became mere struggle to approach an already existing perfection. Anything that is true and excellent in this world is but a reflection of "higher truths".  My ego learned that as a human, its job is to continue even if one discovers that perfection will always be ahead and never attained, forever out of reach, keep trying for excellence.     good post!
  • I think that it is still important for many folks to express their feeling in any way they desire. Our job is to understand it and make some necessery adjustments needed to correct some differences. Some folks mean it nice and compassionate , others still have the need to challenge that. Both fractions are right in their own cubicles.

    I see it as dialog not contradictions...............................


  • Awesome Kel....I love your poetry...
  • Glorious Love to you tooooooooooo :-D xxx
  • Awwh, my goodness. Thank you beautiful one.

    I see EVERYONE as a beautiful soul. We all struggle, & strife in this life (oh.... my attempt at poetry), sometimes never realising what we have brought from past lives, genetically, or have been socially conditioned to 'believe' as truth. I have such HUGE LOVE to share. I was made with LOVE (so I was told about 4 years ago - A very long tale involving a lot of healing). 

    I am soooo grateful for absolutely everything & everyone in my life, as it has led me here & in the now. 

    Ascension.....BRING IT ON!!! LOVING IT & LOVE TO ALL 

    Namaste :-D xxx

    Oh, and hugs..cause hugs is good. 

  • Simply WONDERFUL....

    Thank you.. Blessings & Lots of Love :-D

  • I show my ego the door and ask it to leave, then close & lock it. It's a sneaky, crafty little bug***  & still tries to 'seep' in.... Am working (always) to apply - no name, no blame, no shame, which I call 'a work in progress'.

    Blessings of Love, Light & Rainbows of Pure Joy & Happiness to my beautiful family EVERYWHERE :-D

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