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For years i search for a good spiritual et site with a nice big community.

Like Asthar command but with out the ego, shills and bad admin.

A site that makes no difference in people and they have all the same rights to communicate.

So is there a other '' Asthar'' site  because this one is not what it should be.

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well summarize Stick ... ;))

however i feel more frustration from Klaas than criticism ... it sounds more 'personal' than just "general" ... 'there is no smoke without the fire' ... ;)) if you know what i mean ... ;))

Thanx, Ara... perhaps a mixture of frustration & criticism? Either way, hoping that Klass finds what he's looking for & is able to resolve any of the issues that have him feeling his position in the ACC community wasn't honored. ~TemetNosce247 ;-)

Correct after 3 times trying to share a video wich seemingly still waiting aproval to be posted my grudges can best described as frustrations and seem fairly small compare to real life issuses;)

Try this site <3

It is the most important community for Earth Transformation and a Society in which Advanced Souls United!

Thank you for this link i wil check it out.

Universal Love

mention ashtar when you sign up about me

Thanks Eddie!
After weekend i can at ease look into al those new places.

TO ALL THOSE WHO MENTIONED OTHER SITES:  I went to the other sites that people mentioned, but I don't like the LAYOUT.  I guess that's what I like most about this site.

i like this site....................

I believe that Ashtar Command is the best site on the Internet.

Lol I love star wars I had such a crushon Luke skywalker as a kid I would tell my gram I was going to marry him. Lol

Absolutely brilliant, young Skywalker... almost made me spit my Chai all over the screen ;-)

                                                             You really...  



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