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For years i search for a good spiritual et site with a nice big community.

Like Asthar command but with out the ego, shills and bad admin.

A site that makes no difference in people and they have all the same rights to communicate.

So is there a other '' Asthar'' site  because this one is not what it should be.

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Youre right about that Luke this site is not pefect but it has not to be i know.
I am not planning to dissapear from it is more i must lose some grudges and than can i continu.
In the mean time i enjoy the warming reactions and good tips for other site and other opinions.

Luke Skywalker:  Yes, I agree with you that "we're ever so slightly mad in one way or another, but underneath it all we all over one another".  Yes, there have been some "fights" on here, but I think that everyone has mellowed out.  (Also, I think it's good to keep in mind the fact that there are many misunderstandings over the Internet.  You do not get the tonal inflection of a person's voice etc, so things can be MISUNDERSTOOD). 

Honey this site is amazing its like one huge family we fight like siblings nurture like parents love one another see we may get in arguments but we all soon make up but don't dare let a stranger come in and start one one of us as even through bickering we always seem to have eachothers backs we have different points of view but it all comes down Rooney love universal peace and the hopes of a better day and freedom to just be without hinderance or blocks. I feel the love and friendship here I truely ulcer this site.
Lol I got the ulcer from Luke's manner split lol forgive my typo I just got done with 10 he's of driving im lucky I can get half the words right lol

IF you decide to leave the site, please don't delete all your posts with it. Let them remain. Users come and go all the time here, but their posts shouldn't . Their posts should come, stay and just be here no matter what happens to the user. :)

Agree that when people dont want to be part of the site that there post stay here as archief.
I am staying here and dont want to leave so close at the finish line so dont worry about the posts.
Leaving now feels like abandon people that are part or has bin part of this community of truthseekers including You.

Thank you Klaas for the "honest" review of my role as an "Admin"... I am not perfect
and I am humble enough to say it´s an evolving process, which I love! 

One step at a time towards "Diversity in UNITY". (Which always begins from within as an embrace)


Thanks 'bad' admin!
Problem seems not so big any more after so much kind suporting reactions.
Can not expect you to be perfect admin with all people having diffrent needs.
Can blame my self also to be not more active in recent times.
I am always looking for good sites of interest or news but for my spiritual up growing Ashtar is like a parent to me where i still can learn, evolve and feel comfortable.
Thank you for making that possible!

KLASS: you may be want to be part of a congregation as opposed to being part of a community.  A community will have people that "rub you the wrong way" (and challenge you), and a congregation sings the same songs and quotes the same gospel, with dissenters not welcomed.   

That is a good one to ask!
Was a little while ago part of some sort of congregation for just a few weeks before i fled;)
Than you have a leader that makes the moral for the rest like a kind of dictatorschip.
It is more like a religion and not my thing at all.
I go for the community option than you can learn more and is less boring.
After all these reactions and links i can say there is no real alternatieve for this site to find!



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