For years i search for a good spiritual et site with a nice big community.

Like Asthar command but with out the ego, shills and bad admin.

A site that makes no difference in people and they have all the same rights to communicate.

So is there a other '' Asthar'' site  because this one is not what it should be.

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  • i think you will find 'conflict of interests' anywhere ... ;))

    this sites are ok: -  (however not much to do with Ashtar)

    • A perfect site is not to find but better must be possible,
      Thanks for the links i put them on my symbaloo favorites.

  • I agree there, too.. eVOLVED...when people start slinging the name-calling slanderisms with unreserved abandon... it can get taxing... and shows how easily respect for others' views can get lost in the shuffle. It's definitely not for everyone, and if you find it repulsive, at times and not conducive to a higher vibration... I understand, and wish you well in finding a more pleasant atmosphere.
  • is really awesome filled with great people.

    • Very good people there on ISSN....It is a little slow for some of us, though.....Interaction times are much slower, less dynamic data flow and that's my only critique of what is a very good alternative to ACC...

      • Yeah, not a lot of GFL information going around these days. Not like it was about 10 years ago lol.

  • There is another site called Ashtar Galactic Command, which I'm also a member of....Run by a good chap, who also posts here....The member activity through traffic and sheer numbers of active participants is much higher here though,,,The other site is cosy and comfortable, and with utmost respect for it's admin, is like a retirement home for the elderly (no insult intended,) in so far that comms and member interactions are MUCH SLOWER....Indeed, if you post something, few see it on, what you write is heard, read, acted on, for better or for worse...What you say gets global quickly......You have a "better quality" of both friend and enemy, here.....

    On International Starseed Network, you watch the grass grow and the paint dry...

    Here, Ben-Arion has allowed a great interaction, which some like, others dislike.....Personally I Iike this site the best....It's awesome.....thanks to Ben and the vast numbers of intelligent people here...Yes we have clowns here, too....sociopaths, shills, religious nutters....All types...We also have really beautiful and clever people, too...some really lovely and awesome people, that other sites just lack.....So, I stand with ACC....

    Ben is actually very good at getting his site TOP of THE POPS, among spiritual websites....Love it.....!!  ;-)

    • The so called great interaction is wat i mis here and part of the dislike of this site.

      The interaction here is carried by a few branded people and for others is censorschip that rules. 

    • yes-Ben is a true liberal-I think-everyone can post and comment on just about whatever they wish-fascists don't like it

    • Cmdr Aleon is a good guy. When I lived in CT I met him and went on his radio show and had good conversations.

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