Who is this ET?

Hello :D

I was wondering about this ET being that showed up in one of my dreams.

In my dream, I astral traveled to my friends house. I was outside looking at a car with a morphing pure white ET in it. Then another car pulled up, with an ET in it (in the picture above), and he/she got out of the car and walked towards the house. My friend (who is usually terrified off all ETs) started cheering. At the time, I was having issues with the MIB and reptilians, so I panicked and we ran inside.

I have not seen these ETs before, they look like the greys. I have a lot of contact with the greys and they are good friends of mine. The Greys I usually see originate from Orion...

The Grey being in the dream did not appear to want to cause harm. I sorta over reacted. And they are adorable lol.

Does anyone recognise them?

Thank you :D

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  • Hm, well that's a hard question to answer. Many many ET has that "Grey" like appearance, and they are all different species. You can't really group them down to one just one race. A tip from me is to look into all the different kinds of greys and see what kind best fit the description you saw :) There are many sites out on the net you can look at I believe.

  • i met sev. kinds of greys in my early childhood and i think you have to consider 2 things (at least): greys and others have the ability to make you think you have a good experience with them when in fact you have a bad experience with them and second- when we encounter extra conceptual realities, our brain tries to decode what it is, by constructing the unknown from  things we know (often when encountering extra conceptual realities our brain will just erase it and do not process it) but let's say you do , so the fact that you say you saw them as sweet bald bunnies does not mean that they actually look like that at all.



  • "They give off a smell that is not charming", that is the understatement of the century d'tewa....see my above comment.....and I confirm that they feel cool and clammy and their skin is what I called squishy above.  I wish that I had met a benevolent one instead of the other kind...then I would not be so terrified of them.  OH well....such is life, ya get what ya get....


    • Dearest Marique,

           Oh my!  You have gone through so much!  I'm so sorry.  Yes, it seems you were overtaken by those nasty clones.  No need to fear them now, dear Marique.  Any grays you find now are loving, and will not try to harm you.  However, never underestimate them.  They have a way of skillfully tapping into your mind to "create" thoughts that you think you've created.  As a matter of fact, most ets are very good at manipulation like that.  It's a whole new world for us, and we've got to "blend in", so to speak.

           Marique, I want to mention something that may benefit you.  Many times I've written about an experience I had in dreams and this so called reality.  In past lives, I was stabbed and killed as a Lightworker.  I carried this with me to this lifetime.  I had a real fear of knives, someone attacking me, and death.  It's my understanding that in order to release any deep seeded fear like that, one must confront that fear head on.  I was in the middle of that scenario not too long ago where I was soon to be attacked with a knife, when I received a blessing.  You see, I've been going through a Heart Wall clearing that I received through this site, and she (at the right time and place) released that "terror" for me so that I didn't have to re-enact it again.  I can't tell you how it has changed my life.  Plus, each time she clears something, your vibration rises.  For the most part, she has cleared all unhealthy emotions and has raised my vibration by over 300 pts.!  I tell you this because yours is deep seeded as well.  I highly recommend her assistance for you.

           If her assistance is not attainable, keep in mind that "meeting or confronting a gray" again must happen in order for you to release that past terror, whether it be in a dream or so called reality.  Is this already starting to happen for you?  Are your thoughts bombarded with "gray thoughts" frequently lately?  If so, try releasing through the violet fire.  Here's to your success.

      With Love and Compassion,


      • Thank you D'tewa.  When I get back from my errands I am going to send you an email here with some questions if you don't mind.  I agree wholeheartedly about facing my fears, it would certainly help.  

        • Of course, Marique.

          Love to you,


  • Youy know that makes sense to me in a way about the cloned aspect...just the way they all seemed the same with no individual characteristics on manerisms which is why they reminded me of robotic, and I have to agree with Malcolm that the ones that I dealt with smelled absolutely horrible...a smell that one can never forget.  Smelled like rotting eggs, ammonia, chlorox and a sicky sweet smell like moldy rotting fruit and sulphur all rolled into one....and it takes the breath away and gets way down in your lungs and burns until it is all you can smell for a very long time after.....first time I smelled it I vomited and then choked on my vomit because I was paralyzed and unable to move....it was so horrilbe and something I will not forget until I die although I have tried....but those memories are always there....their skin felt to me like porpoise skin almost, kind of clammy and slimy slick and rough in places and squishy too like no muscle tone under it....I tried to grab one once, but was subdued by a shooting pain in my head when one of them held my head and looked right into my eyes deeply...I could not move.

  • Glad the ones you have had "dealings" with were nice.  I was an abductee, and for me the ones that kept taking me to use me for a lab rat were not "nice" at all.....I guess like every species there are some that are benevolent and some that are service to self.  The ones that tampered with my life and body and safety were definitely not benevolent at all, they were my worst nightmare and daymare, still are.  Guess it is all in perspective and life experience how you view them.  They were the least easy to understand specimens one could ever encounter.  At times I wondered if they were biological at all, their demeanors and actions seemed to me to be almost insect or robotic like, but to the feel they are biological but not human acting by any stretch of the imagination.  So I am so glad your dealings with them have not harmed you in any way.

  • ...Dunno...Maybe U Shud Ask.........Handsome Chap Tho....lol....:).......

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