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A week or so ago, Cmdr Thor predicted we were going under Martial Law.

There is actually no difference in Martial Law and the state of the Nation

at this time. The fact that Americans don't have to be shot to keep them

inside is the only difference. 

But are we under a bit more than Martial Law? Has Wilcock's prediction

already come to pass other than an official announcement?

I'm just  asking, not being negative but some of us live in the real world

or at least the physical one.  I'm concerned about this mortal world I'm

stuck in.  Any opinions as to why the flag and seal are gone and the

President wears a hat saying USA instead of Make America Great Again?

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Steve I am so sorry, I didn't mean to post this in your group.  I simply hit "Discussions" to post it in the regular discussions rathar than my group...I'll copy and move it to my group... Blessings, Valana

After hearing my President's briefing today and feeling, as I am a sensitive, the tears, the crying, the actual sobbing feeling I got from his voice, I know something is terribly wrong.

I have my opinion only from my own ideas and I pray I'm wrong.  I think we've been taken over by a silent coup and he does not want to cause panic and more die than from the Coronavirus so he's going along with their wishes.

I heard some religions or so-called religions are suing the government for closing them. Don't the idiots have enough sense to know he's trying to save lives. No doubt Joel Osteen staying open that one Sunday after having been asked to close caused many of the deaths in Houston, Texas.  I notice it's the mega churches complaining and they are the ones making a fortune off innocent souls.  Just had to say that. Because it's the truth.

This has been discussed on another discussion and I believe I have the answer to it below.  Best way is to just copy what was said.

Now, have some things to say.  I just put a like on this, not because I don't still believe that Hussein Obama is a sleezy deep state character but because this discussion has shown how much we all have grown in tghe last few years.  I know I have.  And it has shown that we can disagree without it touching our higher spiritual nature and friendship.

Now, I lay down and soon as I was about asleep Val started talking and haven't been to sleep yet and it's 4 minutes until 6 a.m. so might as well get up and let him say what he wants to say so he'll go away and let me get some sleep.  Val has the solution... go ahead Val, take up for Amparo!

Val: "Now I'm not taking sides I learned long ago never to take sides when two females were in disagreement."

 Valana: Just when was this and who were the two females, Commander Thor?

Val: Oh oh, this is not good.  I said the wrong thing again and when she calls me Comma nder there's two reasons. She's either writing for a President or I'm in trouble. "

Valana: Talk about Amparo so I can get some sleep.

Val: Amparo is right that sometimes facts do not tell the truth.  Let me explain before you say anything else, Valana.  It's a fact that the podium in the picture did not have the Presidential seal nor the flag back of it.. now gives the idea that you had, that there had been a coup and the country was in the hands of deep state, Obama declared President and Donald shot at sun rise...or something of similar nature and you linked this article to your suspicions, right?

Valana: Right

Val: But that was wrong. Let's look at it another way;. Yes, it's a fact that there is no Presidential seal on that podium nor flag back of it.  It is also another fact that the podium in question is NOT the President's podium but one used simply for the press releases concerning the Coronavirus information and the President comes in to that press room to release important information as he knows the public wants to hear him in person.  So in that way, Amparo is right, that facts do not always show the accurate truth, even if the fact itself is true.

Valana: I see it. The fact is true that the podium does not have the Presidential seal but there must be another fact to show the total truth, the fact that it is not the President's podium to begin with, however, that fact was not known and I do not think that the man that passed the photo on the mailing list knew it either nor thought of it as he's an honest man that's been on that list for some time.  I think he believed, as I did, that the seal had been taken off the President's ppodium..

Val:  It's been awhile since I was in the White House but I believe there are more than one press release room as press releases are given frequently and the President cannot give them all, nor are others allowed to use his podium without his being in the room.

  Good night, or morning as the case may be, live long and be's too short to be otherwise. - Val"

/vakabaL  And remember to vote Right and we'll all prosper!  Love, Peace and Blessings to all... Valana

well said, Val & Valana!



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