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Where are the mass arrests, Where is nesara/gesara, and Where is disclosure all talk no action?

We have been hearing for god knows how long now about all that is mentioned in the title of this discussion but still the same crap everyday soon, its coming, the deep state is panicking blah blah blah and here we are with the same cabal criminals still walking the streets getting away with crimes that are so messed up alot of us wouldnt even want to talk about it. For me this is becoming a lost cause and a major mission failure and it feels like being on this planet has no purpose right now and wanting to leave gets stronger everyday and im sure im not the only one who feels like this right now. Its pretty obvious right now just my opinion that we wont being seeing any justice any time soon or anything positive happening any time soon. Yes we are seeing some positive signs protests going on in places around the world against the cabal not in the usa of course cause the brainwashing seems to be at its worst in this area again just my opinion. Bottom line is if arrests, nesara/gesara, and disclosure dont happen suffering is gonna continue and things are just gonna get worse right now i dont see things changing. Opinions and discussion are most welcome if anybody wants to.

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this is also sad to see the brainwashing they have done to the people is beyond terrible they have turned them into zombies basically

yes, but it's funny also :)

Ok Michal, what is your slution then?


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