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Where are the mass arrests, Where is nesara/gesara, and Where is disclosure all talk no action?

We have been hearing for god knows how long now about all that is mentioned in the title of this discussion but still the same crap everyday soon, its coming, the deep state is panicking blah blah blah and here we are with the same cabal criminals still walking the streets getting away with crimes that are so messed up alot of us wouldnt even want to talk about it. For me this is becoming a lost cause and a major mission failure and it feels like being on this planet has no purpose right now and wanting to leave gets stronger everyday and im sure im not the only one who feels like this right now. Its pretty obvious right now just my opinion that we wont being seeing any justice any time soon or anything positive happening any time soon. Yes we are seeing some positive signs protests going on in places around the world against the cabal not in the usa of course cause the brainwashing seems to be at its worst in this area again just my opinion. Bottom line is if arrests, nesara/gesara, and disclosure dont happen suffering is gonna continue and things are just gonna get worse right now i dont see things changing. Opinions and discussion are most welcome if anybody wants to.

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just a thought -this site, and others like it are considered fringe-but people like us want to know what is really happening behind the scenes-big picture-nesara, disclosure, and all the rest have been contrived by the cabal to continually throw us off -

Everything is always perfect. But this perfection may be flawed in the eyes of those who can't recognize themselves in the external world.

Conflict only lies within oneself and the lack of understanding thereof.

suiris-'All is in order' for instance MSM is a cabal mech to destroy the US/West-their negative actions create positive reactions -matrix is being edited all the time instantly according to all actions everywhere all the time-'All is in order'

anybody else hoping this crap doesnt keep going till the around the 2020 election or longer like many are saying cause its getting old real fast as someone who came back to this planet in 1990 so 29 years into this current life here and my desire to leave here gets stronger everyday its hell down here right now 

You say; "it's hell down here right now." Well, try living in England, where our desire to be free of a European beast power is thwarted and sneered at by a treasonous Parliament. At least you have constitutional rights in America. Our rights get trashed, again and again. The world laughs at English humiliation, suffering and elite mischief against our culture, language, national interests and survival. Yes it's hell for my country in 2019. At least you have an independent nation.....

i know things are like that where you are at my point is being on this planet in general is hell right now everything and everywhere right now sucks and i honestly believe nothing is going to get better but i hope im wrong i thought things would get better but right now i dont

You could also try living in Hong Kong where they fear for their futures under the totalitarian Communists. Maybe compulsory organ donation, while in a mainland prison...? Bah.....!

and again i know the situation there to i keep track on whats going on on this planet everyday the fact that we have to worry about this stuff going on anywhere is sad i would be over there fighting to help free the people of hong kong if it was up to me i would lay down my life to save all of them but sadly im not given a chance

The good news: The metamorphosis on a political and global level is already set in motion and will unfold, even if we personally didn't contribute anything to this change.

The bad news: Everyone on this planet has to work through their own stuff. It's part of our personal and karmic job. Even if the world changes and the bad guys move out, we cannot move into the new world before we packed our suitcases. We are surrounded by a lot of personal mess and it's up to us if we are willing to sort this out and only keep the valuable things that we can use in the future.

Instead of waiting for outer changes, focus on your personal life. I mean, if you want to run the marathon next year, it's better to start training now. Complaining doesn't make you win that marathon, getting into shape does.

not even gonna get started on the personal life it also sucks right now i have a few friends im lucky to see and one i consider the best thing thats happened in my life her names mandy she knows how i feel about her but sadly im years to late and she will be married soon i worry often how i may never see her again or any of my friends as for family its not so great right now

"Getting out of here is not the point. Getting more light into here is. Remember?" 

Source: E.T. 101

Nicely put....;-] And we all get challenged by life issues, yet still bounce back to serve our world and humanity, selflessly, remembering that there are greater issues than personal ones, that some get so hung-up on.......We move on from problem to solution..."Welcome to life," I suggest to Justin..


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