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Where are the mass arrests, Where is nesara/gesara, and Where is disclosure all talk no action?

We have been hearing for god knows how long now about all that is mentioned in the title of this discussion but still the same crap everyday soon, its coming, the deep state is panicking blah blah blah and here we are with the same cabal criminals still walking the streets getting away with crimes that are so messed up alot of us wouldnt even want to talk about it. For me this is becoming a lost cause and a major mission failure and it feels like being on this planet has no purpose right now and wanting to leave gets stronger everyday and im sure im not the only one who feels like this right now. Its pretty obvious right now just my opinion that we wont being seeing any justice any time soon or anything positive happening any time soon. Yes we are seeing some positive signs protests going on in places around the world against the cabal not in the usa of course cause the brainwashing seems to be at its worst in this area again just my opinion. Bottom line is if arrests, nesara/gesara, and disclosure dont happen suffering is gonna continue and things are just gonna get worse right now i dont see things changing. Opinions and discussion are most welcome if anybody wants to.

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agreed TH-you can get 'The Killing of Uncle Sam' on kindle for $10 and you will reaqd about the creation of the current western cabal from Britian into the US and see documentation of how Rockefeller jr at the time created MSM by consolidating the newspapers to manipulate the this day... and you've seen those tv news compilations where news anchors across the US repeat the exact same headlines-word for word!

Journalism is supposed to be objective. And there are still mainstream newspapers that claim to be "independent". But so many newspapers and news channels are being owned by a news factory and fed "truths" that are far from the truth. Just like so many photos are being photoshopped these days, the same is happening to the news. 

MSM use a centralised process for their 'news' propaganda, which distributes a given spin/narrative/promulgation out to multiple media outlets, internationally. this 'news' relay event occurs each morning at 04:00 A.M. origins of process for CIA operation mockingbird and explains identical narratives of broadcasters. newspapers to a degree also...

The fake news factory is of course very cleverly designed. Because it's not always possible to recognize fake news, it's important to pay attention. 

Since when is this fake news factory active? Since the end of WWII or long before that? 

that fake news machine started in the early 1950s and has spread out a singular narrative incrementally, over decades, to the present lunacy. human consciousness raising nullifies it's, thus the elitist globalist frenzy, to censor competition, online...

I get it, thanks :) 

enhanced in the 50's-'Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars' -Rhodes basically started the push to regain the US for the British Crown, starting secret societies in S Africa and England that eventually spread to the US-Rhodes scholars were groomed to be sent to the US (or back to) for this goal.  Carnegie-Mellon-Morgan-Rockefeller etc. all started foundations with same aim but WW1 put the kabash on that-still the push for globalism by the same gangs-Rockefeller jr was tasked with consolidating the news-

Rhodes apparently was a deviant pedophile

All documented in The Killing of Uncle Sam

I'm not knocking you Brits Drekx-and the book doensn't mention direct influence by the Crown

never doubt our final victory over darkness. it is always darkest before the new dawn. find your truths within self and remain patient for the changes you need for desparation, whatever the tempoary frustrations...kind regards friend

well like i mentioned on here this can be all over at the snap of a finger if fisa declass and everything on epstein comes out then we can move on and get our civilization and planet back to where they should be but it seems they might be afraid how the public is gonna react when this all comes out and sad truth is some may never wake up cause of the brainwashing that has been going on here but the rest of us are ready and want this to be over

Dear Justin89, 6 years ago I was here posting very similar discussions about the exact same thing. You know, back then it was also all about this ''it's about to happen'' ''SOON''... I am not very surprised it is still the same ''tune'' playing over and over. Very sad but true, these great things (Nesara, Disclosure, Galactic intervention etc.)  never happened...not even a single ''one'' of them. For proof go see in my Ashtar Command profile page and see for yourself the 2 discussions I published back then saying in my own words a message pretty much identical to yours today.  Draw your own conclusion.

Fisa declass and epstein could bring them all down at the snap of a finger if they are worried about how the public is gonna react then they will never get things done sad truth is some have been brainwashed so badly they may never wake up enough of us are ready and would like for this to move forward so we can complete this mission save the planet and save humanity it needs to be done



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