For awile now we have heard that the defeat of the cabal is near, its close, and other things but it seems like nothings happening which has made me lose hope. My question to you ashtar command members is how can we take back our planet from the cabal and have the planet we desire a world of peace, love, and freedom whats it gonna take, is their any hope?

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  • I'm of the opinion that many are making this more difficult than it really is. If there really is a cabal, then get involved and stay involved. What does that mean? Get involved with the politics of your community and country and stay involved. Don't do it for a week or a few months. You do it until. As in, you do it until circumstances of one's community is changed for the better. There are boat loads of organizations that can be found with a simple google search for every cause under the sun. Pick one or a few and do the work. It's that simple.

    And for the love of god, stop with the conspiracies already. Did it ever occur to anyone that the cabal, if they exist, are filling sites with fake conspiracies to distract from what's really going on? Critical thinking is paramount. If you don't know what's really going on, you're going to have a much harder time fixing the real problems of the world.

  • Illusions like hideouts, I'm touching reality for the first time in many years.

    Now I realize it, without judgment towards myself, which I was reflecting onto others. There's no fear of division anymore. And can actually understand those moments when wandering lower spaces of conscience.

    Free from paradigmatic dogmas and rigid ideas.

    Normally I would be judging myself, but it's clear now. I understand. The memories of the past used to speak so loudly inside my head, I wasn't able to love myself.

    And everytime I was looking for acceptance from someone else, it felt like I was lying to myself, and others. Using them. It felt so wrong that I started to drive people away, everytime they approached me with interest.

    How could I love others, without loving myself first? It was no love, but fear instead.

    Neither could take help from someone else, since deep down I knew I was still using them. Fooling myself and others.

    Walking free. Feeling complete and unconditional, unconditional feeling, and I can see the same inside everyone else, even if they're still walking their learning curve.

    Used to be afraid of myself, now I watch them with confidence.

    I get why did I pick this life experience. Behind every conflict there is learning to be had.

    It takes the realization of your completeness. You're the only One able to set yourself free from yourself. So many lives enjoying the inmense richness and variety Earth has to offer, right now.

  • @Hellen

    Super consciousness is beyond the mind. All mind is produced by consciousness: no matter empty mind, open mind, closed mind, creative mind, super conscious or unconscious mind. No mind is the real you. No mind is authentic or conscious/aware. Authentic never changes, it is the same for ever and ever. Mind changes constantly, it is only temporary. All that is temporary is not authentic in any way. It is moment it is one thing, the other moment it is something speaks for itself!

    Mind can never be conscious. I suggest you feel this yourself instead of trusting (unless you own the site and want to just market for yourself). As the matter of fact, there is no YOU or ME. This in itself is produced in the mind, not in the consciousness. Consciousness is JUST A WITNESS OF ALL THAT PASSES IN FRONT OF IT :)

    With NO mind, NO dark entities can enter you. Because there would be no place to enter.

    Soul Guidance - Each one reach one teach one
    Kindly check again soon
    •  Hopi : This is most people's reality :As soon something is perceived,it is named,interpreted,compared with something else ,liked,disliked,or called good or bad by the phantom self,or ego.They are imprisoned in the thought forms,in object consciousness.You do not awaken spiritually until the compulsive and unconscious naming ceases,or at least you become aware of it and thus are able to to observe it as it happens .It is through constant naming that the ego remains in place as the unobserved mind .When ,it ceases and even when you just become of it,there will be peace,and you are not possessed by the mind anymore .i believe this what you are referring to in the paragraph i just wrote.And you could say'' i suggest you feel this within yourself'' .

      • @Hellen

        "The super-conscious mind is SOUL/DIVINITY/LOVE the AUTHENTIC you."

        This is what I reacted on. Please don't tell me about most peoples reality, when you don't even know your own reality 100% for sure. SOUL/DIVINITY/LOVE/AUTHENTICATION IS NOT MIND at ALL. Did you read my message thoroughly? I didn't mention other people nor their reality.

        All I said is the information on your Image is FLASE. Because no matter how "Most people" perceive "reality" -  LOVE/SOUL/DIVINITY is not of the mind, whether its a super mind or regular mind. To get to LOVE/SOUL/ has to transcend the mind 100%..So when it says SOUL/DIVINITY/LOVE is superconscious-MIND and the AUTHENTIC ME/YOU..I react to this falsehood based on DIRECT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE....After the mind there is no such thing as super-conscious mind. There is mind all that it creates of good and bad, then you have consciousness witnessing it all.....You speak about NOT labeling things, yet you LABELLED ALL.

        Dont suggest something to me, that I already suggested to you. I am not the one posting someone else's image with someone else's words. I wrote entirely from my own perspective, experience..hence you can see the it by how much I wrote. So for you to finish it by suggesting to me that I should feel it for just absolutely ignorant..Its like getting an answer from a robot...there is no awareness...just automatic reactions....You are just repeating stuff you have read on different posts and images from facebook?

        You say "I believe this is what you referring to in the paragraph"....But I ALREADY told you with my words exactly what I am referring to, there is NO NEED for your belief or interpretation....I have written black on white what I meant...But what you get is something else...and then you speak of the mind as if you know what it is and you label it with your words....and then you suggest me to feel it for myself.....??

        •  You are quite straight forward and honest in your speech Hopi .. Thank You .

  •       My advise to anyone investigating the Illuminati is stay completely away .Their past history is completely dark filled with misery.slavery,mass mind control,hidden agendas,war,conflicts,corruption,secret oaths,torture,dictatorship,etc.. They have no conscious and they main purpose is to keep the drama going ..Their technology is very advance because they enslave off world beings  to take their technology and use it for diabolical purposes . The spirit world is not always safe place because in these realms one can encounter psychic criminals and other dark entities.There is many techniques to protect the third eye i believe this important because some people can harm others through psychic attacks.books such as ''Positive Energy by Judith Orlloff ,M.D,Psychic Development for Beginners is a good start and keeping the physical body free of toxic substance and learning to meditate is another way again its always take precautions when using meditation.There is a lot of information about Mediation and chose what is best you but don't make mediation a chore ..Enjoy what you like doing .

  • Dear justin22.

    This is my personal view, experience and perception of it. We live in a universe that probably and most likely is infinite. Also it is at its smallest built from atoms. Today science would describe an atom as being 99.9% empty space (maybe its just space we have not unwrapped yet) so basically your oxygen, body, laptop or smartphone, the internet you are connected to and the cabal that is supposedly so powerful is all just really not there...and at the same time it is. The power within the atoms, that is for now perceived as formless and depth-less  by science: have created, is creating and will forever create light (ultimately all existence/laws of nature).

    Then you have consciousness, or basically the "witness" within you that is seeing all that it sees, which in a magical and unknowable way reads the information within the light and gives you, your oxygen, body, laptop or smartphone, the internet you are connected to and the cabal, it gives a sense of consistency and "real"...and solidness to it, but it is all just pure energy, tangible, changeable...infinitely conscious..

    Now depending on the types of consciousness and degree of awareness, what you perceive, experience and identify with is produced along the way. So you have a dimension of "witness perspective" in you (this would be on top of the pyramid structure, it would be the eye. (I am not talking about the Illuminati or what ever, I am just saying the "witness" within, would be the all seeing eye in a "pyramid hierarchy", lets say this is the 1%) Then just right below that would be the mind. The mind alone produces 99% of the rest of your world, all your ideas of yourself, images, dreams, ambitions, philosophies, ideas of being spiritual, what you hate, what you think, dogmas, what ever you name is produced from here on, in the boundless mind. This is what the cabal is tampering with to keep you in the so called "matrix". They will never be able to control the all seeing eye. The difference between the all seeing eye and the mind is that, the mind is not aware of the all seeing eye, but the all seeing eye is aware of everything and the mind would just be a fraction of it....

    When you think you have to do something about the cabal, you get this because you have read from the outside that the cabal is bad, bla bla bla.Also you are creating this idea from you mind, it is not yours. It is just imagination of the mind :) It is not yours because you are good, but your mind can tell you to kill somebody. So it doesn't belong to you. It is from the outside.

    My point starting from the universe was that you don't worry about how the universe manages life. As the matter of fact, you don't worry at all. Life has its ways. What you can do is to first reconnect with the all seeing eye in you, then you will know what to do. In a "all seeing eye/witness perspective" would know there and then and for as long a you stay in that mode. that the moment is all there is. You would know it, it would be a is something you are knowing right then. When you get out if it, it becomes just petty knowledge in the mind...useless....a memory...The mind will try to get a grip on everything...It is cunning and is the ego. Keep your intention on this for a while and this energy would grow in you.

    If you wanna be creative and practical in your journey of life. You can start by taking up a camera and do documentaries, upload on youtube, put all your energy and focus in marketing for it. OR something else, create an organization, go talk to people in you neighborhood....Or just say fudge you to the cabal and don't think about them, just don't live the life they want you to live. Make your own money, have nothing to do with banks. Focus on building the life you want to have as if the cabal wasn't here at all. It takes time, but that is the sweetness of life...You get what you give. Say "I will live my own life and I will create the best of me that I can create." and just take the first step towards it...Then suddenly one day the cabal no longer have meaning for you, because your consciousness wont allow you to even think about it, you have created something else for yourself to perceive and be aware of and enjoy (or not). Create a meaning in life and pursue it....Soon you will get old and die.......Then what would the cabal be? Just drop it. The world goes on its own, you just be and live the best you can be and live...What happens behind the curtains is up to those behind it, let them deal with it!

    There is a Persian proverb saying: "What happens behind the curtains you don't know and neither do I. But when that curtain falls down, you will seize to be and so will I. (Meaning unification/singularity, no you and I).

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