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I practice sun gazing and have seen a lot of strange occurances around the sun recently.

Last week there was an object in front of the sun, it looked very much like a solar eclipse, but there were none.

Then yesterday, March 7th I took these .... and thought they were interesting ....  any thoughts?

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Wow powerful and awesome pictures....could that second round small circle of light to the left of the sun be Niburu or is it a reflexion of some sort? I wonder???????
My thoughts as well :-)

lot of folks are reporting this "anomality"

I am excited to know that there's something out there.

my guess Nibiru which should be seen by all soon

This is real Cool, iv'e actually had this thought In mind when waching the sky !
The picture is nearly the pic i saw In My mind.. Thank you :)
Nibiru incomming fore shure, watch out fore the blue kachina,  
Would like to add that now is the time to prepare for annything.!
Peace love and light to you ! 
I think it is Nibiru, also called Telda and Planet X..

I took these pics with my cell phone march 6th. Not sure what to make of them, any thoughts.

Steve T

This is similar to what I saw last week, but the object was in front of the sun .... 

 beautiful pics
i really believe nibiru is real and am not trying to be a hope killer or dream smasher but i have seen alot of pics of the sun with a red dot next to it and a friend of mine took one of those pics.  I mentioned it to him and he said it was a lens flare, i said are u sure.  He  said yes and took a shot of the bulb in some track lighting in his house w the same camera and said look nibiru is inside the house ha ha and it showed up on those pics too. make of it what u will i dont know what to believe sometimes will all the info and disinfo its so overwhelming.

Best shots I've seen of Niburu or Marduk or Planet X...My friend and I saw the Sun set twice on a car trip home last Autumn.  It got dark and the Sun set...  then the sky brightened up and then the sun set again.  One of them wasn't sunset.  One is inclined to think that one is going crazy but there were two of us...and plenty of other drivers on the road...who obviously think they are imagining things too. I used to think the world was crazy...but now I know it.  Thanks for the great shots!


Wow beautiful pics :)  I am not sure what the the smaller orbs could be, but I do know that the sun is changing and perhaps the light effects would be changing as well?  I would like to look more deeply into the sun (Solar Logos) and see what manifestations of 5D are occuring.  As well there are all those pictures from SOHO that proffess to show planet sized objects around the sun, could that be what you are seeing?  It's said the NASA doctors the pictures but some things have a way of showing up, they can't keep the truth locked away forever. 
looks like you were seeing niburu in a few of these pics very beautiful pics by the way :)

 I've never seen anything like this before.  That is definitely a jaw dropping experience to watch such an event.  Wow.  We are living in amazing times and it's about to get even stranger.  Buckle up Baby!

Thanks for this!


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