• Something like this to the 12th power! ;-)


  • just figured out the grammar mistake in the title of the thread took me long enough lol fixed now :)

  • this music score seems like it would be a good song for when the moments happen ps drekx can you embed this i still cant figure out the riddle of the embed lol
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    • There ya go, Justin.....

      • thanks brother :)

  • lol 

  • Hi Justin.....

    Well, as celebrations go, I'll happily pay a visit to my sweet Canadian soulmate and give her one massive smacker of a kiss, plenty of hugs and then we'll crack open a bottle of bubbly, which we'll sip together, while gazing into each other's sparkling eyes..... hehe....!! 08


    I would suggest a modified title to ask the question; "What will life be like when the cabal and disclosure happen...??"

    Life will change as the world will free everyone from taxation, debt, poverty, war, red-tape, etc, etc....

    One example would be that each sovereign human being will be free to travel WITHOUT having to carry and display a passport at international airports, customs and seaports, etc...and certainly, no more body scanning and grouping by TSA...13


    Now, the idea is that this should precede official disclosure, as people who are under the dark thumb and struggling to survive, as now, will have less interest in ETs.....Thus their lives must be made far better, and far more meaningful, free and abundant, before ETs are even presented....12


    Cheers mate.....Drekx16






    • i would imagine the reunion with our cosmic family would take place days or a couple weeks later but both of these will be the biggest celebrations in the history of humanity

      • I think GFL technology being shared will REALLY CHANGE people's lives for the better...and that will be a cause for great celebrations, too...

        • indeed how long you think it would take for our reunion with our cosmic brothers and sisters i know disclosure would be first then i think announcements am i right?

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