• Yes there are no 20012. Not in the "new age " sense.  

    what it means is that the earth is cleansing, and it happens with the photon belt, each 26,000 year. thats the end of a CYCLE. NOT  the end of the world, even though things might be "thrown back" and people might have to start over again.

    And so those that so choose, and align themselves with THE LAWS of God and Creation, get a ride into fourth, and dont have to stay in 3d anymore. Thats what it is about, and the so called ascensions about. there will not be any clouds flying up to the clouds and singing harps. were talking about a transition. for full Truth, see link.

    Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper
    The OFFICIAL source of the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper, documenting God's Plan, the Phoenix Project. Scribed for Sananda and Gyeorgos Cere…
  • It seems to have been used as a war zone, marianinia....I vote that we should abolish all bad hair days on AC, what say you...??   :-)  Let us replace personal dramas with spiritual enlightenment....share knowledge and wisdoms, without more anger about others being too nice to each other....Let us all be nice and cuddly, now.....!!   :-)

  • Maybe you should cange the title of this disscussion from >what is the truth here< to>the soap opera of truth?/  



    • Obviously there is no truth in any soap opera,they always were so slow and boring and who is lying and cheating on who this week? Find out in the next episode of B.S. Im lying!  I use to have to watch soap operas in the early 80's cause my older sister wanted to and we all had to share the one tv we had in the house.But i couldn't wait till Star Blazers came on ,maybe Star Blazers was inspired by the GFL? Unless the GFL are inspired by soap operas? Probably not!.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................
      • Soap operas suck, I agree with you captin...


        Personal dramas, squabbles and bad hair days are the most boring types of "entertainment" on the box...give me a good documentary on the history channel any day..    :-)

  • I only know that the way to enlightment is certainly not the things I read in here. I think this topic should be closed or you guys stop fighting argueing, coz the energy that comes off is negative. And i cant believe I am even responding on this....

    Btw I said I read ONE channeling of yours..thats it...

    I quit

  • Well right Kel, and I offered a simple solution to this problem. All Drekx has to do is say "This is the truth, according to the Sirians, and when they get here, they will provide the proof." And all Anja has to do, is simply be more polite and respectful when she disagrees with people. And Drekx and Kel, too, when people disagree with them.

    I really am starting to see what you mean when you say, our truth is simply our truth lol I still think there is an objective truth outside of ourselves, but ultimately, as of right now, we can't know for sure what that truth is. So we mays well just take what is truth for us, and leave it at that.

    My specialty is I am a problem solver. That's why I am here on this Earth, to help solve our problems, and raise people, and this world, to a higher standard, a more perfect standard. And that ultimately, is my motivation for everything, including getting involved in this little diatribe lol But yea, I think it's time to just leave it be. Kel, I appreciate you and I love you! Have a good night :)

  • You think?  My point has been made then lol.  The whole thread is a crock.

    It is MY TRUTH that a enlightened person would not be throwing around insults like have been thrown around here.


    • Well sure, I agree. But the difference between me and you is, I won't just judge them for it, and have this "holier than thou" attitude. So what I have tried to do, is help both parties, rise to a higher standard, to help both of them understand the other point of view, so they can both make concessions, and rise to that higher standard. And you know, I think I have been pretty successful.

      And I'm not some saint, or some great enlightened person lol None of us are, yet, including you, Karen. But I do see where you are coming from, and I agree.

      • I think you have been very successful John in the way you have handled both parties.  I however have less patience than you and cannot see the point in all this conflict.  


        I think I do have a "holier than thou" attitude actually you are right.


        After all...  I AM all that is and all that will ever be ;-)  

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