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It woud be nice, if we coud share whit echother our missions in life.


Oh, but not everyone call it mission... what is the meaning of your life?


What do you want to acomplish in your life?


Life is meaningless, we give it a meaning. What do you do or want to do in your life?


I belive that everyone is unice, and everyone have their own unice experiance of life and what they want to do whit it.


I am very curius to hear your stories and hope other is as well. Hope it's okay to be posting this... I belive that sharing things like this is wonderfull! :)


Another way to ask this question id "What is your highest exitment?"


Ahh, so manny ways to as this question^^  Please share~

And remember, everyone's mission is as important as your next!


I am shure you all have very intresting things to share!


Thank you~



Sending smiles and happiness to all of you~ Life is wonderfull<3


Here is mine:

My mission is to become an Author, I decided that when I was 11. Becouse for as long as I can remember imagination and creating my own world has been my greatest strenght.

Now I have my own universe inside my head, and wonderfull characters I want to share whit those who are willing to read.

This is my highest exitment, therefore I feel this is what I am supose to do, and it is the only thing I WANT to do.

And of course as some have noticed, I write alot XD My Dyslexia will not ruin my dream! :)


*I was not shure where to put it so I put it in "Spirituality in General", I hope it's okay and that Ben think its okay to post this thread :) *

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great intent and song


Dearest fellow AC Member,

I also wish to be an author =)

It is amazing the thoughts and dreams and imagination inside our minds isnt it!

I also wish to become an awesome worker of light. I just want to be out there helping everyone!

I wish I could feed all the people of the World, read all the children of the world a bedtime story, cuddle each child to sleep and kiss their little noses or a peck on their forehead and tuck them in to a warm and comfortable bed as soft a a clouds whisper. I wish I could awake them each morning to a warm breakfast in the cooler days, and a exotic summer delight in the warmer days! I wish I could pick flowers to place in my crystal house each morning and spend the afternoons tending to the beautiful gardens and drinking herbal and flower teas while watching everyone dance around on the waters and float through the beautiful chiming air.. their would be beautiful sounds created by nature, I would spend the ends of my afternoons creating beautiful art, and making crystal jewellery for any nice person I came across, and feel so wonderful and grateful their is soo much beauty in World.

That is my vision as a Lightworker, which is what I hope to always be soon. I wish only to heighten my compassion and understanding of all.

I just feel each day we are striving ever further into the higher dimensions of living. I wish my dreams would come true. I have had such miraculous dreams of the future.

And I hold high hopes for hu-man-kind.. i see us as all kindred spirits, shifting out of the illusion, I see myself and the world bringing up our children in a wonderful world where everything in our imaginations come true.

Our Soverienty is realized..

Call me A dreamer, but I am not the only one!


You are not a dreamer you are a knower. Your dreams and your imagination is your inner knowing. It is your mission. Your are an awesome worker of light and know that you will be helping everyone in fact you are already doing that by holding the knowing that you bring.  Every thought of love and healing  is helping because beautiful thoughts counter balance the millions of thoughts that come from separation fear and unknowing.

John Lennon with his song imagine held the space open for that which we are now creating .His call went out to many souls like you who came for it is time.

I've become an author, written 2 books, with 2 more books half finished. 


It's much easier to create your own website now and sell your books on there, and try to pick themes according to google searches.


My mission is to bring in many truths and do away with all the lies we have been taught about certain topics.


My mission?

I jumped a few hurdles in this life and doing what I am doing is probably my mission from many lifetimes , and that of being a facilitator/helper of sorts focused on to those who cannot afford much, can have a life. Mostly in the technical or agrarian fields. Into non gm foods and teaching others to grow likewise. The satisfaction of this problem solving gets a chance to help in the wakening and ascension.This also gives Karma a good cleaning! Namaste!

to bring everlasting Peace, Compassion to All Living Beings,Health Foods, Power of the Thought, Word and Action, Social Equality, Feelings, Good Music, Help~da~neighbors, Intuition, Help Mama Gaia, to know Galactics a bit better, ....................................To Abolish the Old Order and help with "New" Universal Laws.



I always felt I had a very big mission, and a big destiny. I'm still not quite sure what it is, but I know the name John Jancar will be written in the history books. And I know I will be in the public eye. I know I will take my place among the great humans that have ever lived. I've felt this ever since I was a very small boy. This is something I don't really share with people, because it's very deep and personal to me. But I will share it now.


I feel I'm destined to be a great leader. A leader that helps usher humanity in to this Golden Age, and helps people take that next step in evolution. I feel I will be a great teacher, that helps people overcome their human issues, and teaches them about the higher realities of life. Particularly about religion, which I've been involved with and studied all of my life. I want to teach people about spiritual matters. And I don't mean on a local level, I mean on an international scale. I often have visions of speaking to huge crowds, and having them captivated, and moving their hearts.


I've done it already on a small scale, for classrooms. I was the best public speaker in the whole school, when I was in high school, and also in college before I had to drop out. When I would give a speech, you could hear a pin drop...they all were like hypnotized, and if the school bell rang to end class, nobody would move. And I feel I will be doing that on a mass scale...



I also would love to move hearts not only by teaching, but by singing. I love to sing, and I used to sing, at like professional quality...before I messed my voice up. My voice was my best quality by far, and it's gone now, and being without it has been one of the toughest challenges I've ever been through, throwing my entire future in doubt. To be honest, the only way I can imagine it can be fixed is with Federation technology. But, I'm not depending on it, I will push forward, regardless.


All in my service to God and humanity. That's what it's all about. And I know when the life of John Jancar is done, it will be a life that will be remembered, a life that accomplished great things, a life that was dedicated to service, and uplifting the human condition, by helping people rise up, and be all they can be! To reach their God given potential, and be something great! To do great things! To leave their mark on history and contribute something to the evolution of our species!


We are all great, we all divine creations of God! We all have amazing potential within us, waiting to be unleashed! All we need is the right inspiration. All we need is the ambition. Why do people play small, and aim low? I talk to people and ask them, what do you want to do with your life? And they say, well I want to have a family, and have a nice life, and make good money, and live a happy life. And that's fine, but...haven't you ever yearned for something greater? I don't understand.


I came from nothing, from the very bottom of society, and I will rise to the top and be at the very pinnacle of life! And through my example, I hope to inspire mankind to reach for the stars, and achieve their highest potential that God has for them. That's what I really want to do, and I would rather not live, than to not achieve that goal. I'm serious, if I am just destined to be some small time unknown person who doesn't effect much change in the world, I rather die. That's my hearts desire, and I couldn't live with anything else.

I also enjoy reading all of your stories, and your missions, you are all wonderful souls :) I invoke now that all of your hearts desires will come true, and you will live your dreams! Together, we WILL change this world, and we will go down in history as the generation that got the job done.


I can just feel the pain, and cries from our ancestors, toiling away in the fields or workshops...I can feel the pain and sorrow of people today, and I can see it in their eyes when I go to stores or when I've worked in factories, or even in the's the pain that says there must be more to life than this...there must be something better, something more divine, something more magical...but they feel helpless and trapped in a dull life...


We owe it to all of these people, today in throughout get the job done, and create a better human kind of everybody, and bring Heaven to Earth..and we will do it, with God as my witness...WE WILL DO IT! God bless all of you!

Thank you for sharing and inviting us to share KiaraAries!  My to be stay very centered within...listening to my inner guide...radiating joy and love...and also speaking truth.  I won't leave earth until she has healed...I am on a mission!     Love and light to us all!



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