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This pic was posted several year's ago and FB took them down as fast as they went up then. Now a new poto of I think up graded plains with the system they dont want people looking at or desussing them?


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I was sick for the last 2 weeks after a day at the beach as were many of my friends in Miami who work or spend time out side. They planes were out there spraying again yesterday. I have never had allergies in my life. This sickness is much worse than allergies. My head felt like it was exploding. My eyes burned. The sinus congestion moved to my chest and then back to head. I see my animals suffering this too. No doubt this stuff is not water.

Hi Ladyight, I live in Florida on the west coast near Fort Myers and they have been spraying the crap out of us here.  I have been ill too with the respiratory problems....for about four days my nose ran nonstop night and day and I sounded like a gurgle factory when I breathed and could not sleep at night because I would fill up in my lungs and it would literally nearly drown me so I had to sit up if I slept at all.  The headaches were horrendous and my eyes felt someone had taken a blowtorch to them....then after 4 days of antihistamines and then allerest I finally got the running to stop but now the stuff has turned green yellow and very very thick and has settled in my lungs.  When I breath it sounds like a whine and all rattley and it is a struggle and an effort to get enough breath into me, so now I am dizzy and sick and weak. My doctor said oh you have a cold but I know the difference...said there is nothing she can do or give me....

 It has been so nice out, what a waste that I am safer and more healthy when I stay inside with all the windows closed and the central air on....Makes me so mad...sorry you have been made sick by this too...Even my 110 lb dog has been ill with it, sneezing and acting really slowed down and struggling, and she has stopped asking to go out at all except for to do her "business"....Animals have instincts and are not deceived by people who say that there is no chemtrails, or that the GLF have made them go away and are handling them which is a joke at best.  Animals are smarter than mankind on that count, they know when they are breathing something unhealthy that does not belong in the air.   

Sorry you are suffering too Marique. I found that flushing the sinus with salt water a few times a day; (I hold a towel to my chest and pour the stuff up my nose) has helped.  This mucus is infectious when green and yellow. I drank a tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water a few times a day. This  and going out in the sun for a few minutes when the sky is clear is what got me well. It eased the nausea and got me back to my strength. I cant get the dog to drink it. I've had to cook for him since he cant tolerate dog food now. 

I did see a UFO rolling over the clouds about 1 years ago. I was driving to work and it was very clear. I believed the skies appeared beautifully cleaned up a few months back. Now it is very different. No safe to go out all the time. This is sad. I don't know whats up with the galactics. They need to get on the case. Let's ask them to in a meditation this weekend and see what happens. We need help.  The kids are coming out of school in a few weeks. God help us!  PLEASE

Ogdoo ,No Your right on the mark and spoke your truth that matches the insanity of this world in a nut shell its all related, and programing is its roots very deep roots.  those you have mentioned dont even see the sky let alone the chem trails. and especially those who believe in cover storys, and say it just water, then why are they dumping it into our air and when the sun shines threw it why dose it have all these oily colors? and a few times eched the glass on my pick up truck and other times was like tree sap?

thank you so much for extending you thoughts here it means alot to me and many others that have been there and done that. and now know this to be fact.  x  john

I am only guessing but I think it is a plane that is spreading chemicals to make ChemTrails.  And of COURSE the government says there are no Chem is a figment of our imagination, right?

I have seen this video you talk of, and yes it is very clear and damaging to those who want it to stay quiet.

Subect of quiet take downs is even greater,-- when it comes to underground citys.  the internet is the clearing house of the cabal, its a big train station and Face Book is only one train that never leavse the station, holding all its passingers hostage and under the thumb of the beasts control.  

the pulpit, news, and now the internet hold the biggest control of the world population. if its civilized its controlled. and the more third world countrys are concored and force fead this false beast society the closer we get to one world power.

all this new age stuff was manufacture just for those of us who have fallen off there train of deception, with yet a new one.    ET GFL New Age Love and light everything is OK as long as you keep your vibration high and out of our business Crap.   as they continue to march there new world oder right into our lives while we dance in circals singing song of bliss and kisses.

putting the alteritive crowd right back to sleep, how do you think David Ike, and alex Jones stay alive - wake up people the pide piper will play any song your listening to.  and most of you have fell down a h*** bigger than you can possibly crawl out of following this kind of music.

How do you think is telling you there being stopped?  with there fingers cross behind there back while the one behind you is picking your pockets while your listening to all this crap.   sigh.................

Wow, John that is a spectacular difference, they certainly 'upgraded' the stuff, wonder what that is doing to us all don't you?


I etched the glass on my pick up truck, glad i wasnt outside when that happend.  its really nice that our bodys are capable of regenerating 24/7 as cells die there replaced.  i guess there keeping our bodys updating all the time now?

I am still suffering from an exposure from 2 weejs ago. My dig also has a mucus problem from it. They spray all afternoon last Wednesday. I will wear a mask next time Ihave to be out.. I am curious also as to the longterm effects. I fkush my sinus with saline and drink vinegar in water. The antihistamines havent reallly helped much. Thanks for the comment about our body regenerating 24/7. It is a comfort. I am also going to the healing temples in my meditations. That seems to help. Archangel Zadiel and Lady master Portia! Thanks

stay aware my friend stay alive :-)   tell everyone, they may not believe at first, but they will be looking up when they got out.  made ya look thingy LOL.

Thanks John. We have to increase awareness of this.

This one formed a X in the sky on Monday, hope we can see it



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