• Hello Tesla_Lion_2,

    You have not shared the methods you used your higher self:)



  • A certain time I was so restless , so hardly searching for 'the source', the 'oneness'..the more I tried and pushed... the more I got stuck... , I went ouside and saw in the evening-sky a little cloud of mosquitos and probably because I had let go of getting there... I was there, in oneness and bliss, just right in the moment, no more thoughts,no searching, feeling the perfectness of myself, the world, the moment.I stood there for minutes, half an hour...just enjoying  moment after moment...

    It was a nice lesson...

    I still look  at  the sky or the trees.... It brings me back where I and now, out of the thoughts and into the moment of being ...myself .It connects me to 'all there is' , this world and the other dimensions...and my ' higher' self. But I don't call it that way...

    So I would say, start trusting on  'it is always there , within yourself and all around you...'

    find that resting point in yourself , something that can bring you in this moment here and now, to just be.

    Breath and feel alive, look at the thinking machine inside your head, let it be, just be aware and it will calm down....

    be the awareness behind all the thoughts and  impressions...


  • I have done whatever it took, with pure intent, to elicit my fears, and make peace with them. Each time a fear based memory was addressed, the portal opened up a little more. It has taken 8 years in the trenches of my dark since the portal to my higher self first cracked open to get to the point where I can say the portal to my higher self is permanently open, wide.

    I n reality I have been working at that portal for over 20 years however it was 8 years ago when I understood what I had to do. when it was no longer random. But a process.

    I infuse my every decision and action with the intention of greater love.

  • I liked what dero7 said about connecting to your higher self. "I wish to connect with my higher self." say it with the highest intent 4 times in a row. I thought that was really good.
  • tell me more about this mirror thing.

  • meditation

    • Totally.......a very powerful tool.
  • I simply brought my HS here (to my 3d-body) and he's been here since. :)

  • In my case, Higher Self seems to come through constantly when I'm focused on something (e.g., strangely enough, when I'm riding my motorcycle, in an extremely focused state, I become aware of much more than my physical senses pick up - like eyes in the back of my head, a knowing of when I need to brake fast or take a different route).  If I ask for some answer I'm needing/wanting, it shows up in one way or another.  Synchronicities are everywhere.... pay attention to the signs all around you.  These can be different for anyone.  It's what it means to you.  I recieve many answers/synchs in the form of numbers (at least lately), or a gentle nudge in some direction.  The more you trust, the more you recieve.  But when it comes to meditating specifically to get clear answers from my High Self, I haven't been very successful.  It's not like I carry a conversation w/ my High Self... not the way my brain would like it anyway.  But I think we communicate w/ our Higher Selves more than we may realize.  I would like to get better at meditation and actually slowing my thoughts down enough to hear.  That is something I struggle with when trying to meditate for a specific purpose.  But for me, it comes when I'm not necessarily "trying" to communicate.  I like the post, and will read other's suggestions.  Thanks for posting :D

  • I agree only to a certain degree.  Substances merely take what you're working with and heighten it's potential.  Folks that haven't used drugs think this way, and are limited to a lower perception of spiritual truths.  Substances open perceptual and psychic doorways in the mind, leading to a transcendant state where the spiritual dimension is much more keenly experienced.  The ancients regularly used plants and other entheogens to gain mystical knowledge.  The fact that they are abused and associated with criminal or subversive behavior shouldn't keep people from benefiting from their use.  If you'll notice, substances are labeled as "illegal" by the gov't and authorities who not only use them, but patently abuse them for the feeling they give, or for nefarious purposes.  It is known that gov't & political leaders use plants & chemicals to contact the spirit realm for information from entitities that are more than willing to divulge information that will further lead to the enslavement of mankind.  On the other hand, many use them for contact with benevolent deities who reveal spiritual truths and knowledge.  Anything can be used for good or ill depending on the person.  Yes, they will cloud the mind, but this is a trivial and temporary price to pay if you are serious about your spirituality.  For some, they are absolutely necessary to break open the "cosmic egg".  Others, like yourself, thankfully will not need them.

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