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Why are you here? Guidance? To give guidance? To be apart of community? To love or be loved? To gain wisdom? To give wisdom? To observe? To take action? All of these things? I like it because it's wide open.. Open to all things that are right or wrong. Light or dark. Transparent :)

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yes i do under sand you love and light to you as well i hope to meet up with all the people that help me transgress
I am here because I am meant to be here, I go where my inner being nudges me to go :-)
I love the togetherness and I love being with everyone here in the journey and I already feel at home...Thank You and Namaste
The rich insights from Ben Arion
It was actually just by "chance" that I stumbled upon Ashtar. I joined the next day and two days later wanted to start a group, so that's what I did. Being able to use Ashtar for it's global networking is just beyond words!! This is suh an exciting time for humanity and Ashtar is one way we can all connect/reconnect, explore, learn, teach, and have fun!
I may have more to say after a couple of months,but at the moment I'm still getting familiar. :)

I am not sure of the purpose of the Ashtar Comand and why it is called such, is Ashtar ever discussed this with you...? personally I am here to assist free humanity from the illusions imposed by the Annunaki Lords.... been on this planet several life times... my name is Ahau, the son of the Light...
hmmmmmm, WHY AM I HERE? 1. I have many memories that present as holographic spheres of experience that seem like other lives and identities that I AM ~ ALSO ~ my favorite word is ALSO. 2. I remember coming to this Universe and choosing this planet 'just to find out what's goiing on here. LOL Just for the adventure of it. And 3. as I have said be4 to experience this life as an ascending human form on what turns out to be an ascending planet does NOT disappoint in terms of ADVENTURE. I do not remember comming here in a space ship as such. I was just a free flying spirit with an individualized consciousness within the collective unconsciousness or an awareness of individuality while being one with everything simultaneously, if that makes any sense. Conscious Comraderey in 2 words and the ongoing adventure of Et`All. (BIG SMILE)
P.S. Does anyone else here feel themselves to actually be androgenous?
There is much light in this community.....a lot.
I'm very gratefull with Ben and all the loving community from Ashtar Command. I've found loving people.' ve gained wisdom. Help and healing. Friends and moreover I found my twin soul.
I love every email I receive from Ashtar Command. The videos are always so interesting and helpfull.
Thank you and many blessings to all this light workers
I would have to say that I stumbled upon AC by accident one day and said eureka. I joined up because it was the only group I had found where I thought maybe I would not meet with ridicule because of my abduction experiences. I thought that the men with the white coats would not show up at my doorstep if I told my story and about my life. I desparately needed to connect with people who could believe and understand my demise and how I felt about it, how it impacted my life and would not just discount me as a lunatic (don't say a word guys, haha......ya I know.......). HaHA. And I love it that there is humor here too.

Here I have found a safe haven with people who DO actually believe that we are not alone in this vast universe and that all aliens are not necessarily benevolent, but that not all of them are predatory either, which was a HUGE relief for me to learn. It makes my life feel less paranoid knowing there are "good guys" out there too, lol. It has brightened my outlook up on the "them vs us" flight and fright thing I always had going on in my head. I have found listening ears, feedback on how to deal with all the baggage my exposure to abduction has loaded me up with. It has made me take a stand and feel free to say my truth, and stand up for myself too. No more running and crying and hiding.

I have learned and grown so much from everyone's wisdom and sharing and that to me means everything. Sure there have been some members who have given me a go around about my feelings about abduction like saying "whats you beef???? They did not eat you so what is your problemmmmmmm." (yes that was really said, some of you may recall...) That person is no longer here and believe it or not I miss him deeply....that is what this place has done for me, taught me unconditional love, understanding the more difficult personalities, and not letting people get me down or feel downtrodden, and learning not to judge but to accept people "warts and all"!

The fact I have not gotten the boot when I get a bit rowdy is a plus too, Ben is AWESOME at treating everyone fairly and taking all things into consideration which is so wonderful and what makes this site work so well. And the fact that the members here have tolerated my rather long-winded stories and ramblings without saying "shut up" has been remarkable and miraculous.....Thanks gang! I love it here, my friends are here, and I always feel to home. I could go on an on but I will leave it at this, so I am showing mercy. I love my Ashtar family.
Dear friend Ben-Arion,
Thanks for this posting, in fact the answer to your question is in the question itself already, all the things you
mention are part of our actions, and I have always assisted the less fortunate, for we do not have the same abilities at the same time,notwithstanding the different levels of consciousness at any given time!

Love, light and joy to all.
music, poetry love meditation friends
Some things important for me is to be a part of likeminded people and be in contact with them all around the world.
To help and to share. There is also a calme Energy what I like too.
The groundcrew comes together. I guess we are all waiting for the 1. Contact and this feeling brought us together also to
give us support in this times of the most incredible changes ever experienced for us and our beloved planet.

Love and much JOY to all of you.....
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