This has been something that has been on my mind for the past few days, and I would love to get your opinion on it. What do you think the Galactics admire about our society? Granted, their has to be some things we have been successful and innovative upon developing. In other words, what do you think sets us apart from the rest of the universe? What have we done that has had a positive impact on the way our star brothers and sisters look at our society? 

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  • We create a bond, a bond that ties us altogether and that bond is full of love, light and peace. This bond that ties us together is something the dark ones, corrupted and blinds cannot almost never see or understand. It's stronger than solo energy thus its pulse is more powerful than any kind of weapon, It cannot be taken or destroyed and with it together we can defeat our enemy!

    Ahhhh... but you're asking for physically and personality, We are what we make for in courage and we use that courage to fight or save... only when the World is free...
  • That is beautiful .

  • I've been trying to figure that out myself.  I've been here, on other worlds in past lives, and I just don't get it.  Perhaps they don't admire us, maybe it's just all in our heads.

  • I agree Marianinia ~ Optimism is so powerful and can never be understated :)  What you said here is beautiful :)

  • I think they admire how we work together to fix something or find a solution to help people or fix a problem with the environment or with animals. How we decide to work together to help our societies and other peoples societies in a positive manner. Humans have the choice to help someone or just walk away. I think what they admire the most though is courage and what simple people of any age stand up to and fight for.

    I believe the GFOL would say humans have great potential :)

  • Their are so many answers to that question we are a genetic library of the entire galaxy and we can say even the Universe since after the initial genetic modifications there have been other star nations that have also wanted to place their mark upon this planet in order to redirect the negative effects and move to push back into a positive outcome.

    They look at us like we look at the children we bring into being they are disgusted by our greed and darker intentions,and actions and thoughts,

     but they see we are ever struggling to find truth about ourselves and truth about HOW WE SHOULD BE, about the universe and the GOD or prime creator,

     we are working through our problems very quickly and learning to such a fast degree that we are ever an enigma not just to ourselves but to them.

    I look at primates in the way they view us we are instincual and primal with signs and hints of true compassion and honest and pure goodness, you can't help but fall in love with the primates when you study them fully.


    a sense of family bonding and loyalty a true sense of wanting to belong and become more open to collectiveness at times if only we can hone those good qualities in and forsake the bad ones this is the thought and hope they consistantly view us with in their minds and hearts.

    They know our hearts and minds what we sometimes show isn't always what we feel we are scared children  but showing our feirce courage in the midst of our hearts bleeding out extreme hurt and emotional pain.

    We are so great in the face of adversity and we shine brighter than any star in the galaxy this adversity creates the glimpse of what greatness we can achieve but then somewhere our complacency creeps in again and we become our mediocre half civilized selves again.

    WE ARE THEM and yet we are NONE OF THEM we are capable of becoming the greatest planetary egregore in all the multi universes combined.

  • The Galactics have been so very close with humanity as many of them have inhabited and Lived on Earth during our Atlantean times, of course before the destruction played out. They admire us because they are our ancestors. We carry the genes of our Galactic brethren as those who are human have passed down much of their human, genetic structure for humanity. One awesome upgrade if one wishes to call it that, that they gave us, was re-installing our Pineal Gland after the Annunaki boldly tried to take such chakra away from our human templates. 

    Also, their experiences and Lives are centered entirely around Service-To-Others. Even if we weren't genetically close with many of them, they would still be helping us to ascend as when one ascends to pure states of consciousness, their main focus and priority becomes one of helping others to reach such amazing states of consciousness. 

    Thank you for this discussion :) :) 

    Much Love :)

    • Right on Wes :)

  • Galactics admire our Art. Music, poetry, dance, sport..

    They admire this planet for the varied of Art.

    Galactics admire Humanity on Earth, since we are 

    capeable of create so much nice things,

    • That's what I had in mind. I understand that many of our inventions and innovations are universally known and may have even been contributed in part by the galactics, but I was wondering what we have contributed to the universe that they applaud us for. The creativity and originality of our race is something that I personally am very proud and humbled by.

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