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2013 was a big year for awakening mankind showed that it will no longer tolerate the dark cabal/illuminati as seen via protest after protest and march after march it is said that the dark is losing control fast and that 2014 will be their end and many great things await us i see in 2014 the end of the cabal, total ufo disclosure, the release of better technologies that have been kept from us, all the cures for illnesses and cancer, and tons of other stuff that would take awile for me to write what do you think will happen in 2014 fellow ashtar command members?

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Taxes to be raised, freedoms to be stolen, rights to be abolished, war, hunger, poverty...etc etc

Same s***, different wrapper! Same damn song, just a different melody!

That's what already happening in my country. More of the same by next year as announced by govt but I do not know if there are changes or

terence lee:  What country are you from Terence?


Insurance companies and law firms folding because we begin to take responsibility for our own safety and health. Because they will have nothing to do. They will have to find other jobs.

Awesomeness Sylvain. Thank you for sharing this.

Greetings Dear Justin22!

     Speculations are on the rise, and those who deny who they truly are will continue to see what they intend on seeing and wish to experience.  There is a picture that those who are in the know harbor, and that is a picture of something that is so huge, exciting, and transforming is coming our way.  Certainly, those that feel that way will indeed experience that, while others in denial won't.

     As we move further into the Photon Belt, and with the assistance of The Event, the Earth's and her inhabitants will rise in vibration.  Once this vibration level increases, many things that were hidden will appear, providing One is ready for it in Mind/Body/Spirit.  The veil of illusion will be dropped, and all that was hidden in negativity will be diminished.  Without negativity, Earth and her inhabitants will be able to function in harmony that will lead to desirable experiences never conceived of before or only dreamed of.  Abundance will come into play in everyone's lives, accompanied by new technologies that will improve One's lifestyle.  Freedom, Love, Compassion, and Sovereignty will be welcomed by all who choose this better way of life once we choose a closer relationship with Our Creator and the way the Universe works in all it's glory. 

     We, as a newly awakened human civilization, will embark on a new journey, one in which we can finally see and grasp as a new species of humans.  Without this thought, we stay stagnant.  With it, our possibilities are endless.  When we know that to be truth, what we create will be primarily out of choice.  A reality in which you agreed upon a very long time ago.  This is what you can look forward to in the near future.  As for 2014, this is a year of change and new experiences of letting go of what no longer works.  It's like a resetting of our new programming.  This is something we all must endure if we choose to continue living on the New Earth.  And all speculations aside, depending on how creative a person can be, 2014 and beyond can exceed all One's heart-felt desires.

Love, d'tewa

Thanks d'tewa. Very encouraging.

......having fun with all the blessings near us.......................................................peas upon new yr

Justin ..

I am in a position to actually predict what will happen this year !

As you may be aware, the World Cup is being staged this year and I know what is going to happen.

I predict that I will NOT be watching any of it !

I shall return with a deeper comment in due course.

got alot of info on there thanks for sharing ed 

I pray, meditate and support this vision and will do all I can to bring it into physicality. We need major help and protection from Fukashima, a major false flag event designed to eradicate humanity. Time for all to focus on the ascension and fourth and higher dimensional awareness and when we reach critical mass all else will fade and overlay the negative paradigm, bring about ascension and higher consciousness. Just in the nick of time, all will be fine. Focus on research like that of Dr. M. T. Keshe which will eliminate all diseases and give us power systems that are green, clean. We have a life expectancy of hundreds of thousands of years and have been tampered with. That will be reset back and corrected so we live and have more free will and choices. We need to let go of anger and hate. We as a society are blocking good things from the Earth and all humanity. Start with self. Gently remind and correct those you love. Help them focus on love and positive things for our intention's made manifest by our attention to energy.



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