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Weird body sensations! Like something moving around or touching me all over???

OK, this is very difficult to describe but I'll try my best. I saw a post over at that sounded like the same thing but I'm not a member of that community so I can't contact the person or add to the discussion. That post can be found here:

Just prior to the 11-11 portal, on maybe 11-7 or so, I started getting this weird feeling of some kind of gentle movement throughout my body. It started on the left leg/side area and has now extended throughout my body. It's not like something is moving underneath my skin or anything creepy like that. It's like my acupressure points are being gently pressed by an etheric force in a wave like motion from point to point making it feel like something "moving" throughout my body. I call it an "etheric force" because it's very similar to something I felt once while meditating. I was almost going out of body and suddenly felt a "presence" of pressure on top of me. It felt like several "shadow beings" were gently pressing up against me. It freaked me out so much I immediately snapped out of my meditative state. Well, I can now feel something very similar to this "presence pressure" in various parts of my body.

In the discussion at, someone said it could be a sign of DNA activation. Another person said it could be forces of Satan! I don't feel like it's anything malevolent but it is a bit disturbing just because it feels so weird. One interesting thing is that when this started on 11-7, I happened to see a message somewhere talking about the intense release of Divine Feminine energies leading up to the 11-11 portal. I understand that the left side of the body is associated with the feminine, so I started thinking that maybe the sensations I first started feeling on my left side were my feminine energies balancing out or something.

Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing this? Oh, and another interesting thing. I've seen 12:12 on the clock several times this past week while experiencing simultaneous synchrhonistic moments of increased spiritual meaning and understanding. I understand the 12-12 portal is related to DNA activation (12 strand of DNA) and Christ Consciousness. This all seems to be coming together in an interesting way but I still wonder if all this apparent meaning is just my imagination and anticipation of 12-12 and 12-21. Anyway, please tell me what you think!

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I would just sit with and through the changes and let the changes change.

Satan is a myth,why would God create an opposite to himself so to speak,what you are experiencing is  spiritual and energetic,I get similar especially with wind and other feelings no evil(only ignorant man kind does that)the wind is like consc itself/spirit.You are not alone take care.

DNA Activation is a myth invented in order to your brain to s***, it's true. In fact, the changes happen with your soul, and with the energy body (spirit), which is the intermediary between the soul and the body physical.

Satan is translated from Sanskrit as "beam of light." All that you know, a few turned on its head, where white is represented in black and vice versa.

Ive had some strange things happening too,lots of spinning or revolving if you will. First my hips and my shoulders in two different directions then my arms then both upper and lower halves of my body always in opposite directions but like the two different movements propelled themselves mind you all of this was involuntary. Lasted 12 hrs I got scared and was crying I mean this s*** would not go away at first it was pretty amusing my family said it looked like a strange dance and I even laughed a bit it wanted me to go faster so I did never got dizzy and everything was like a blur like I said cool at first but after a few hrs scary as hell I dont know anything about portals or dna activation I just wanted to let you know strange things are happening and even though they are scary they happen in everything I didnt understand the spinning when it happened but I do now and it it very natural an essential part of evoloution dont be afraid embrace it with trust and love,but then again what the hell do I know im just a kid from Texas;-)

Yes, it feels alive. It is re-patterning of your energy channels. Unblocking, re-routing, opening of new routes. That sort of thing....

You can ride it when it takes place, try to observe it, but completely without judgment or critical thinking, that stops it. In fact the best way to ride it is to be creative with it, in an artful manner. Do what feels fun, but once again without ego thought, feeling is the key.

Afterward when it is finished you might feel a little tired - because of the new system you're running and the physical activity. Some weeks/months later you see how things within you and your world are more free in every respect. You'll also feel less tired after it all settles down, more energy, less sleep needed. Less a need for much food... It also paves the way for other things to come into your reality.

If you are worried about negative entities, there are various things you can utilize to protect yourself.

Yup. And during the night it can sometimes bring on really interesting dreams, higher knowledge....

Don't worry about this. This is suppose to happen to clean you out and prepare you for higher energies.

After that though it is still your choice what you do with yourself. It use to take people many years to reach this, but now it can be brought about much sooner.

terrible! one stupit piece of s***, oldman, criminal magician 80 and something years old, I think he does a magicks on me, he want a child with me, I hate him I'l be glad if he'll die! stupid satan damned!

Hello Thalamus11. You are doing good. There's nothing to be worried about. As, Feather Winger rightly said, the tingling sensations/forces that your experiencing is that of the Universal life force energy or Prana or chi energy. This is a sign of your awakening, which is a good sign indeed. The Universal Life force energy is present in each and every being/thing in the Universe. As you awaken, you will start to sense these forces or energies.  Also you'll start experiencing psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance etc. Don't be surprised if you start to hear a few high frequency sounds or even see colours of these Energies/Forces. 

Love n Light :)


Somedays I feel as if my body is splitting right down the middle. It starts off as a sharp pain between my eyebrows and continues down the center of my nose, lips, chin, neck, chest and solar plexus. When it is in my chest area, it remains there a little longer than the other areas and feels like a "ripping" know like Super Man rips open his shirt to reveal his "true" identity! This occurs at least once per week. The same way each time. Any ideas on this?

I know exactly what it is or pretty sure anyway. You sound like you are in the rebirth process. We have all been given the cosmic downloads to re-connect our third eye, heart chakra and throat chakra. This becomes our love based brain. Then as we become or start ascending it is much like a catepillar becoming a butterfly. So you start changing as you become less dense and it sounds like you are well on your way to having your light body. So basically, our planet is birthing a whole new specis of Christ Consiousness/Humans. There will be no more fear, hate, etc in our upgraded computer so to speak but if you haven't been told it can and is very disconcerting. I was also very confused and have been researching everything for 2 years. What has really helped is I have been doing the Children of the Sun free activations. There are 12 and are an accelerated course but you can do them off the web and they are free. There is also a new site that gives good explanations and activations It is for lightworkers and has some kick---- information. Namaste

All "Christ Consciousness" really means is love based consciousness inherent of 4th density/5th dimension into which Earth is moving already. Green ray consciousness is another name. We are moving from living in the yellow ray into the green ray. Moving form the (ego) mind into the heart (soul mind/cosmic mind).


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