This is indeed a truly tragic day, 20 children and 6 adults were killed by a relentless killer whom his soul should be absorbed in my opinion. Without doubt, we must grief love to the children and the children that have... lost their lives... I'm trying hard to not let my opinion affect this topic as its to many is negative to them. I rather not post the link, you can find it yourselves... TYPE 'Connecticut Elementary school shooting' in a search system.We all need power and not to rely on the power of love to do anything... as it's too slow.Please be aware that I'm not who I seem as this tragic occured... I feel like an Avenging Angel of Death to all murderers and rapers.---Aside from that, I have a question.If the GFL is indeed in existence, who are they to not do anything? Either they are evil or simply non-existence.-Embrace Creation-

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  • What? do you expect the Illuminati to be dancing around waving daisies? Of course they are going to do these things to the last minute, they won't change.

  • Hey come on, he was on Pharmaceutical drugs, just like all the other shooters. there is the problem right there.

  • beyond belief horror-pray for the kids' and adults transition

  • I find ironic how often this story repeats itself in the all mighty USA.  You hear it happen around the world sporadically but in the states it's almost a monthly thing, WHY? Is not because of the weapons policy since other countries around the world have even worst laws regarding it (i.e. Mexico, Brazil), is the society to blame? No I don't think so, we all live in a very westernised world.  With globalisation everyone living in a developed country live a somewhat similar reality with similar references, problems, mental heath issues...

    I believe this is a conspiracy, to highjack public opinion and infuse it with fear.  The USA is very good at that, it doesn't matter how many people will die, it doesn't matter if they are children, it doesn't matter how much it costs.  Take a moment to reflect on the last decade of American history, it's a carnage and beyond befalling.

    I believe that we should have compassion and pray for the victims but not allow ourselves to be highjacked.  After such atrocity we must more then ever keep our vibration as high as possible, to be present in love and light.  They are running out of time and they are getting desperate.  The whole world was attacked by this incident, we must be strong and resilient and let LOVE  win over FEAR.  MAY LOVE AND LIGHT SHINE ON THE SOULS OF THESE CHILDREN AND THEIR LOVED ONES! NOW LET'S MOVE ON AND CONTINUE OUR MISSION!  LET'S NOT PROPAGATE FEAR AND RAGE THIS ABSOLUTELY COUNTER PRODUCTIVE

  • 8114563655?profile=original

    as much as my heart aches for the loss of innocent lives this event does not surprise me one bit when it happens in the most violent society in the world. ..............

  • You are an Avenger Angel and Light is your gift.  Most powerful in the presence of all who murder the bodies, minds and souls of humans everywhere.  Go forward in that spirit and watch what transpires. Love!

  • I also want to add that you are in fact correct.

    i have been a hypocrite,

    and I have sought to address that.

    So i have set boundaries, and consequences with regard to what i will tolerate when it comes to how I AM treated. and I AM happy to discuss this in detail so that there is no confusion.

    and I thank you and your friends for holding me accountable to my highest potential.

  • I AM glad to hear you are searching for answers.

    I will leave you to your search.

  • "I feel like an Avenging Angel of Death to all murderers and rapers."

    Why not intervene before those things happen?

    I was on the verge on doing the same as this shooter some 20 years ago when all the bullying became too much for me. The only thing that stopped was the fact that guns were hard to come by for an otherwise non criminal teenager in sweden in those days, so I burned down the school instead.

    But, if the bullying had been dealt with, I would probably not have done any of those things.

    We don't need angels who avenge the symptoms of a sickness, we need angels who can help us cure the sickness itself.

    Who motivated THIS particular killer into doing what he died, and why?

    School shootings have been known for years so everyone knows it DOES happen. Bullying CAUSES murder in the end. There's no question about it.

    So, go to work and solve that problem first and thau shall see that the shooting-problems will go away as well as a natural effect from that work.

    "If the GFL is indeed in existence, who are they to not do anything?"

    And what would you suggest they do?
    Tell all the oppressed that they should not bring down their oppressors?

    Intervention is always a possibility, but you're gonna have to specify EXACTLY what it is you want them to do.
    They'll work on YOUR invitation you see, so if the solution you propose doesn't work, YOU will be the one who's punished for that and not them :)

  • Hello Protector of my Rose. Very nice message you're sending out there to everyone and to the children who lost their lives in this terrifying incident. Sending Love to their souls and holding their innocent lovely souls in Love is what is needed during this time.

    I send Love to their Souls and let them know they're being loved at all times. Even sending lots of Love to their Families too.


    Love n Light


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