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Ok, a short one!


For the last 2 weeks there has been a Star brighter than Venus aperaing at night here.... It's so weard.

Each day it moves a tiny little bit longer up in the sky....


What is this thing? Nibuiri (Lol, can't spell it XD) Or a giant Space ship?

Anyone knows somthing abaut this?


I have NEVER seen somthing like this before, I realy dubht it's a sattelite or anything like that. It woud not have moved so slowly.


I don't know if anyone else has seen it, I live in Norway.... My mom has seen it to.

And OFC as always.... Nothing on the News.

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wierd that you mention that i see that star thing everynight i look at venus then mars the that big old thing i thought it was sirus but it does move slow then stops wierd...and i live in iv noticed its high in the sky but still in or alittle out of earths atomsphere so its not a star or planet could be a satalite but who knows satalites usally are seen in one area not around the world like this light

Wow, glad others are seeing this.  There is one I have seen over my house in the sky way way up that is so bright but not venus because that is to the side of it.  I looked in my binoculars and was seeing yellow, blue, and red and greenish pulses of color and it seems to wiggle around a little too, but that could just be my hand moving the binoculars because I shake on a good day.  I knew it was not a star because it seemed too big to be a star, it was as larger than venus looked and very very bright.  It was slightly to the east of the moon.  I live in Florida about half way up the state on the gulf of mexico side of the state right on the ocean.  Had been seeing it every night in about the same place in the sky for about a week.  Last night was too cloudy to see but I bet it is still there, whatever it is.

There is a LOT of ships in the sky.

Many are huge motherships (Ashtar command).

A star doesn´t twinkle or change colours



It's the same thing here in my area. I see it, and it's clearly not any celestial object or a plane lol It's huge and there are times when it dims out and reappears. It's definitely a Federation craft, I'm sure of it. I can feel it. And it's amazing how people just don't seem to notice it lol You would think people would be going ooooooo but no, nobody seems to notice it except me lol

It's not a star lol At least the one here I know is not a star, or a planet, it's far too bright. And I don't think planets and stars disappear then reappear somewhere else....maybe they do, but I doubt it lol I'm sure it's a Federation craft.

Aeons ago I lived in Big Bear City and was observing what I jokingly called a Mother Ship because all kinds of ships bearing different colors would shoot out of it and then sometime later they would return.  It had to be right around 1980 or so.  A whole bunch of people were calling it in to a radio talk show and they were seeing it from Victorville, Hesperia, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead and many saw it from San Bernardino.  The night that was chosen to observe it further we had unseasonable fog for the next couple of days and when it cleared up it was gone.  As far as this one goes I too have been watching it every night as the multiple colors call my attention to it!

hmm interesting ill have to check it out and see if i can see it

I do see something very bright in sky at night but I'm not sure what it is. I am just assuming that it is Venus. I will have to check the location of Venus with respect to the location of that bright object.

For Information on this. Here is the link url




The Bright Star Heralds the Emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher.


Look at the videos and look at the pictures.


I hope this helps to shed some light on your enquiry.


Love & Peace


Mike x

Neptune is close to Venus and it is a Blue Planet with a big red spot the diamater of Earth and the atmosphere of Neptune changes rapidly and Neptune has 13 moons/ satellites and it is about twice the size of Earth.

So the Planet Neptune is also a possibilty.

You could also look at it this way: The anticpated date/year for the NWO or New World Order is sometime in 2012.

The objective or aims of the New World Order is to form a One World Government then a One World Religion and also a One World Currency. They are behind the current World economic melt down and recession as they own and control all of the major Banks on the Planet and much much more.


They have a few good points however on the other hand they have many bad and hidden agendas. The members of the NWO are mostly the very wealthy elite and several prominent world leaders they are also mostly 33 degree freemasons and satanists and this Star/Planet in the sky at the moment is part of their agenda to hoodwink, lure and trick people that Maiterya is Jesus returning to Earth whereas in actual fact this guy is a fake and the Antichrist and the NWO will have billions of people falsely believe that this guy is Jesus and hey bingo the NWO rules and they will run and rue the world with satanic agenda's etc. Most people are like sheep and easily led, influenced and brainwashed and these guys know this and will take full advantage of many many people.


Okay to many people it sounds like way too far far fetched, a joke a hollywood movie etc but hey come on not the real thing surely???


I read about this many years ago and i was 50/50 back then in believing whether it was true or just a joke and now in 2012 it could be possibly true. So all I can say is stay tuned folks and if this is the outcome then we will know it is all BS and a scam by the NWO so they can deploy their evil and sinsiter intentions and ways upon the vunerable, naive and gullible masses on Planet Earth.


The Bible is a fruad and Christians believe in the second coming of JC and the NWO also knows this so they will make up a false phrophet and with high tech science make him look like the real deal. Stay tuned for the NWO Circus folks.


Keep an open mind folks as anything can happen in this crazy world these days.

Feel free to have a read of this article at the following url link.


This article will give you a clearer or better insight into the Illuminati / NWO and explain a bit about this star/planet.






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