• My birthday :D 28.12


  • wowwwwwww

  • I like Venus! But it's hot there, isn't if?! I ask myself very often, if Mr. Spock come here to ask me for a Saturday night, to drive me in his NLO, he got to take care, 'cause I need a lot of oxygen! And now I'm very sick because of contamination of the air and the nature, I'm very sorry for that - I'm a White Wizzard Itsch, he likes Earth very much, so do I. I'm most happy when I'm goin' with my dog Caspar around, then I'm feelin' free. Long live Mother Earth! And Long Live shamans and White Knights and White Wizzards! I wish you all a very happy New Year 2012. and to make me a magical healer and wonderworker! Probably, I'll celebrate New Year with some people in the Art of Living center (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). I like India most of all country, but I like also China, Japan, Middle East, Asia etc. Regards from Zagreb, Croatia, namaste! I'm very happy to be born with a red dot on my forehead and the crescent moon on my leg, it's the sound of OM AUM! My mother prayed to Mother Mary for my birth! All the best to Ashtar and Arcturians and Pleiadans and Cassiopeians etc.!

  • YESSSSSS!!!!  Earth next!


  • Incredible. Thank you. She's beyond beautiful. <3

  • That is exciting! Thank you for posting this Ilriaa. :)

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Mario Scavello a good republican senator is a friend of my family representing Monroe County where I live...He is always out there helping people when he is called
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