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Valiant Thor/Ashtar Command ships footage taken in Nevada.

Hi All,

This footage was taken by a Star Sister from Mt Charleston in Nevada, in August 2019. These ships were wtinessed by four people from the top of the mountain, three dear Star Sisters and a Star Brother, and Ria Aurora Athena received 'clearance' to release this beautiful display from our close Beloveds (which was awaited until non-benevolent energies had been flushed and cleared from the Area 51 network).

It's a great sign of the shifts happening behind the scenes, that this beautiful high vibe footage can now go public. Enjoy!  :)

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I think you may be right.  

Flush, flush, darkness is to be integrated, not get rid of, unless one wishes to remain ignorant of oneself. And this tells how far humanity is from understanding the nature of our universe. Universe as in ONE.

I don't think it's time to flush, while the darkness of humanity is widely ignored and set aside like an unwanted child. It's sad to see people so unaware of their own subconscious, so ignorant as to demonize a part of themselves. Blind in both light and dark.

It may be time to bring them to their knees, so truth can pour beyond the illusion this tridimensional collectivie has created for itself.

After all, you are full of it.

Joanna and friends:

I notice a new post was on the status that I supposedly posted here but I don't find it.  I don't know how that is done but it's not only rude, childess but illegal as it's called "Identity Theft".... I deleted my other posts as I could no get to them to edit my typos and because Val said not to give any post the dignity of replying that deliberately and with evil intent, throws an imaginary twin flame of his in the face of an older woman whose has dedicated a large percentage of my life to his work free gratis for the safety of the planet.  Free because I would not go under security rules and swear not to tell mypersonal  nor mention the man from another world I named Val Thor in 1950 on his first visit.

He and I both feel a lot of the romantic gush and worse is done simply to try to triggger a very serious and hurtful trauma I had admitted occurring in 1950 which is one reason for writing our new book, to set the public straight on the facts.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a great idea to separate Val from Valiant as it's shameful that any decent Alien Commander would not have a promotion in over 70 years which evidently Valiant Thor has not.

The Commander Val Thor, the High Commander of the Universal Protection Command (UPC) wants it made clear he is not romancing you nor is he cutting childish antics over a very secure military installation which is very inappropriate to do so.

His work at one time, was with serious students of Immortality of the body whih we taught in our group in mid 70's called "The Life Church of North Shreveport" in person.  Val was seen with me on seeral occasions and we had several healings including those gien up by the medical profession.  We are teachers and healers and Val has no time to play around, flirt with or romance in any way any earth woman.  It would be considered by his race to be Adultery and he woul loose his rank he's worked hard for over the years as Val and I are were sealed in the fifth dimensional Temple of Venus in Celestial Marriage earth year July 15, 1950 but our Twin Flame status has continued since the beginning of creation of this world.

Written at the request of Cmdr Thor by V. Terese Thor

Cmdr Thor has asked me to make one more statement here that might not have been correctly understood.

My purpose in deleting was due to the many typos I did not have time to correct.  Not because anything I said was being denied.  I meant everything said.

Let me repeat it in brief.

1 - I am the official conact for the real Cmdr Val Thor that first came to the planet in July 1950.  I was picked from a Government testing across the nation due to my PSI abilities, my IQ in the top top percent ever tested a that time and other qualifications to work with the Alien visitor.  If and when full disclosure is worked out that fact will be known as it's on paper at this time including my ceremony of appreciation by a former President of America though it is not available in gthe FOI files as i's no needed to be known until full disclosure occurs.  I don't bas my authority to speak for the Commander upon seeing Valiant cars.  

2 My presence on this site is to peaceably tell our personal story and any messages he might have for a world about to self destruct.  I did not come here to be insulgted by some frfivolous young woman's imagination that she has a romangtic attachment orf is the twin flame of the Commanders.I have counsderled with, praye for and helped too many in gthat type situation to be bothered by such tripe and garbage.  Val is noht romancing you my dear child.

  Val is a very spiritual male being that uses his sexual powers for the raising our the kundalini not romancing Earthian females.  His belief is that s** is for the propagagtion of thre races and any personal work he's done in the past, when he had time forf it, is in assisting those sincere about rfaising the physical body's atomic structure to a higher frequency in order to reach Immortaligty in this lifetime.    

3 - I wrote nothing untrue and do not wish that to be thought.  I gave up quite a lot of financial support to refuse to go under a Security Clearance about Cmdr Thor at his request as he wanted the public to be made aware of what is going on in their skies and also of our story.  My life was cast on the rocks, a possible career as a Concert Pianist destroyed by gthe mind block and the torture I went through to protect Val until he could get away, the emotional hurt I received from the lies told by an Aunt of his marriage, all in my story that needs to be in print and will be soon... are too much to put up with morfe insult and hurt on this internet by silly women claiming to be romancing who I consider, or who he considers my husband and he is gthe fagther or our two sons, both Commanders under him agt this time and they were conceived the old fashioned way by s** in person wigth their father.  Therefore I do not appreciate your claiming a romantic carryings on by him. He is not an adulgter or he would loose his status in his Command.

4 - To claim that any real Alien set up an arrangement where a foreigner was invited to come along and blatantly ignore Government keep out orders, take pictures of the alien commander carrying on a cirfcus perforfmance over one of the more secure military bases in Amerca where they could easily take pictures of the Base itself is an affront to the American Military, a crime that could be chargable as Treason and prison sentences, and would destroy any chance of further negotiations by Cmdr Thor with the US Government fof disclosure.

It is just such foolishness by others that has caused the Cmdr to step back and bring in the Sirian Leaders to attempt to do what he wanted to do and he has had to give up his place in history thanks to foolish women such as you, dear can congtinue to insult and try to hurt me all you want but I know my companion and hbusband and he is nhot having any romantic affair with you.

Make up another name someone instead of all wanting to have s** and play around with my Twin Flame and faher of my two sons aboard his Command.  Have some decency and morfality aboug yourself if you claim to be so spipritual.

Written at the request of the real Cmdr Val Thor - UPC

By his wife/twin flame/official Liaison -  Valana Thor

Whew, I've been busy since Dec 12th, catching up on comments now....

So for Valana, firstly, I haven't deleted any of your comments (and in fact don't see a way to delete anyone's replies but my own, but in any case wouldn't delete yours). 

For clarity; no I'm not someone called Moanna with an alcohol problem who came to you for help, and guess there are a few 'Jo's' in Australia. I haven't been to your site, or had a discussion before now, until this post.

Clearly, you're very upset (which was never my intention, I simply was asked to share the above footage) and on at least one matter, am more than happy to reassure you that neither I nor anyone else I know is seeking a romantic connection with Valiant Thor. I hoped it was already clear from previous comments that the Star Sisters who were present there and watching the ships, were calling out to *their own Twin Flames* (not Val), who were on board the smaller ships flying out from the Victor Five. 

To make this crystal clear about our Twin Flames (who are all named in the video, and were all present on the small ships):

Ria Aurora Athena Ash's Twin Flame in named Ash'tar'Ka'Ree

Stella Ishaya's Twin Flame is named Ash'Tar Alione

My Twin Flame is named Ashura Sheran, and in the galactic form he is currently stepping down in, which is merged 7-6-5D, his name is Ashura'Shari, or Ash'Shari for short. 

Our Twin Flames and our higher dimensional soul expressions in the fleet are currently involved in a co-assignment with Val Thor and others aboard the Victor Five and other Victor Class ships, which began in the middle of this year and is at present ongoing. We are devoted to our Twins, and can assure you we are not looking for any other galactic romantic connections.

No regulations have been broken, the meetings at Lake Mead and Mt Charleston were already agreed upon, and again, America is not at risk of war or trouble from this footage, which was cleared to go public. 

Since we appear to be having experiences that could perhaps equate to alternate timelines/alternate realities, possibly nothing I could say will allay your concerns and upset, but I/we really do wish you the best Valana. 

With Love, Joanna&Friends

Dearest Joanna,

I certainly apologize for the misunderstanding.  I thought your friend was claiming to be the twin flame of Cmrd Thor and my story has been online since 1997 then I thought you meant the Valiant to be the sign of your romantic relationship with him as someone else mentioned romance was ok. forgive me for misunderstanding.

2 - I never said you deleted anything I said that I deleted because of typos....not you... but I also saw something making fun of your car story in myh name and I never make fun of anyone as I've been hurt that way since being a little girl because I did not have a mother and father like all the other kids did back then, I was an illigigtimate kid.

3 - I do believe someone is doing some bad things to cause trouble to all of us that are in contact with our star Friends as thee was a Joanne joined my site and never said anything and we allowed her to stay.   Much is going on these days simply to cause problems with the contacts.

4 - I agree there are two Cmdr Val's, one being Valiant and one being Val, for several is thast I have written for both... I one time wrote for Valiant some spiritual writings but I am not his channel.... I do believe there are two different men as my Val is the High Commander of the Universal Protection Command abd was first here in 1950, returned in 57 to an Island off Panama taken over by Military and I was taken there by a General to assist him in presenting his proposal to our Government and one Foreign Government which I cannot discuss at this time.  

I am so sorry for the mistake, you['ll have to forgive me, I will be 90 years young in Novembger this year and I am anxious to leave to be with my Twin Flame in my Celestial body ...when  we rise in frequency vibration othe atomic structure of our body changes and we appear very young as I've been mistaken for Val's daughter in the loast year at one of the Command Ceremonies for promotions.



Joanna and all,

Here are pictures of two with similar names.... our Government sometimes names with "code names" that five year old children can decode...not kidding, having worked around some of it, some names are so obvious.... Thor is a name used to bounce off the "god of thunder"...acgtually the ships make no sound but they do fly like Thor did.

Below is a picture of another Thor that was here helping with the Rainbow project and they say gthe man he's walking with is head of that project. I'm just repeated what I've read I have inside knowledge on it though I have been in contact slightly for a purpose in the past.

This is not the picture I wanted...I hope it is the one with Valient Thor sitting on he front seat, notice his extra long fingers...this cannot be my Val as my Val's fingers are this shape...I don't see well so I hope I'm posting gthe right pictures..below I'll try to post a picture of the hands only of the man I was sent to work with we named Val Thor and that will be the next chapter of my book I'll try to get written... 

The watch he is wearing is no doubt the very one I placed on his arm the night of July 15th 1950 there should be a tiny inscription on the back "with all my love, Terese" which was my Government name for his official messages.  He promised to never take it off and forf that reason we exchanged the band for a stretch band also he would not wear leather of any kind nor will I.  

Again, I apologize for thinking you were claiming to be his win flame or another of your friends were.  Val did used to work with individuals when he was simply the Victor Commander but he moved up I believe it was 1969 when he moved to the UPC Altair Division and he was the Altair group commander for the UPC Altair division for years after I came online with his work in 1997...then the last several years he's been head hancho there at Headquarters and is no longer on a ship except for occasionally visiting some of the Command ships.  He has no time anymore for personal assistance but there are others as they go up that may use the same name and we know of at least one that uses Valiant Thor that has raped women, claiming a romantic attachment and that really hurts the Commander that it could happen so we try to warn that he is quite satisfied with his life and is not hunting a new, younger woman as I still look like his daughter when he raises my vibrational frequency to be with him. 

Oh my...Val just gave me a glance at your twin, do you know him? Wow he's handsome and tall nd a high ranking officer of the fleets...i'm sure that's who Val is showing me as he's sanding by you now...

Namaste my Sister,


Hi dear Valana, thank you, much's all okay, and I'm so glad this has helped clear things up a bit. 

Ah yes, I've come across the photos of the 'two Thors', and also feel different soul vibrations through those photos (and that they are both galactic beings). It certainly sounds as though you've had quite an extraordinary, if not always easy, ride in your nearly 90 years so far in this Earthly form, Star Sister. "Live long, and prosper." 

Thank you for connecting with my Twin....smiling, yes he's always standing by me, and he is tall...he jokes about squeezing down into the form he's materializing in the Earth plane... :)



Thank you, Joanna,

I got a good laugh out of what you say about an easy life, but it's been a spritiual growth which is the most important.  It’s been a very sad and unhappy life. We’re trying to figure out how to write the whole story yet not be too negative.

I was going to go with him, he didn’t want to be without me and then he was shot. He felt it might have been my Government and he wanted me to stay inside until he came for me or sent for me. He was going to try to get to the plane for Washington.

While going back into the Y where I was staying, they grabbed me, and took me somewhere and wanted to know where he was going. I was tortured. They threw me out back at the Y .and I staggered back across the yard and my Aunt rushed out, and she thought the man I’d been with did it and I asked had a man called me and she said yes and said when I got his message he would be married to another woman and just having a party with me before the wedding.

Now I was a virgin, before meeting Val, I was afraid I was pregnant as we wanted children. We named them at the lake. I had been tortured to protect this man and psychologically it’s called a traumatic experience I totally blocked him from my memory.

I’ve read in psychology books that many very young people can do that and when it’s made clear to them it’s not unbearable the memory auddenly all comes back at once. That’s what happened to me in 1980 when I returned from Okinawa.

The Aunt told me she had lied to me, no man called but government agents came to take me to Washington and she thought he’d gotten me into trouble with government and lied to them, telling them I did not want to go and he had harmed me and left me for dead at White Rock Lake. They should not have taken heresay evidence but should have found me instead.


I just put him totally out of my mind and my whole life was vety sad as I felt I had to marry, I swore if I had children they would have a father and not be like me, I was made fun of all my child life as all the other kids had a mother and father but me. My mother died when I was born. I cried all day before I married my friend’s brother who was alcoholic and had abusive marriage for years until I had to get away from him.

That’s why I was in Panama, working for the Army when I was taken by a General to a small resort Island taken over by military for Val’s landing. That’s when he made his proposition with two Genrerals. I’ve heard the Virginia landing Has been proven false and that Admiral Byrd had no nephews but I only know that as heresay so I don’t care, I just know Val came down on that Island.

Whether he took me to the Menges then had to block my memory of it, I don’t claim however as I’ve been tricked before with pictures. But I would pay if I could find a real professional photographer that could match the picture of the woman on the bafck row with my High School picture…I’ve been told by someone claimed to have done it with government equipment it is me. 

I write too much and I can't find the little picture from myh high school album, I don'tr see well anymore...I should have tried to write our story yeas ago and kept putting it off for later.  I'd really like to hae the pictures cfhecked as someone said they were gov and they were the same... Chaplain thinks that Frank left the bgack row out to protect the gov woman... I never met him on the earth.

I'm not claiming it's me as I don't know, my highsfchool was Sulphur Springs, Tx 1947 annual online and I am Patsy Spencer there and also majorette picture, I have both will just keep looking.

No it has been an easy life as they wanted me to come under security and never tell my story of Val but Val asked me, back in 79 not to do so as he wanted the public to know the truth and one day we'd write a book...I wrote Government Woman but he wants the story behind the story, the love story he said of the last century, he wants it known I'm the woman he loved and still does and ever will and it has not been easy as it hurts very badly when I hear of other wives and girl friends but he swears to me there's never bgeen another woman in his arms but me sinced 1950 and never will and he's told me that with tears in hgis eyes in person but I still get very hurt about this supposed wife and twin flame from Venus, my life has been really put on the rocks over meeting Val in 1950 and now I am very sensitive and ;obr pm small smount og monry got noy hoinh under security with my story and I do over readt at times I know...

I've written more but trying to cut it down and this should be the basis of my lifre and it has not been a happy one else could ever take Val's place in my life.,

Love to you my Sister in Light,



I see I got my fingerrs on the wrong keys towards the last and it didn't give me time to correct, I had added the last part in a hurry and should not have saved until edited...anyway ikt;'s not a code it's just on the wrong keys! <g>  I do that sometimes as I have to make it larger to edit it...on my sitge I have it open for correcxtion any time and 15 minutes doesn't work for me if I save first, which I should not do.

What I was trying to say is tha is why i'm very sensitive to another woman in his life as he's been with me most of my life..they do that as bi-location, I've been vi-located, too...those are some of the things he wants to explain in the book about, how it's done.  I lost all my music, too, when I put it all out of my memory my music went with it and I've never played again. I had been told I have the special touch of a concert pianist and could have been one, I played all my repertoire or part of it for him that afternoon before he was shot and our plans changed... the story "One Alone" is true as it happened.

In Light dear Sister, our blessings,

Valana and Val


Here is the picture of me from the annual, I found it.



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