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Valiant Thor/Ashtar Command ships footage taken in Nevada.

Hi All,

This footage was taken by a Star Sister from Mt Charleston in Nevada, in August 2019. These ships were wtinessed by four people from the top of the mountain, three dear Star Sisters and a Star Brother, and Ria Aurora Athena received 'clearance' to release this beautiful display from our close Beloveds (which was awaited until non-benevolent energies had been flushed and cleared from the Area 51 network).

It's a great sign of the shifts happening behind the scenes, that this beautiful high vibe footage can now go public. Enjoy!  :)

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Your "pink diamond divine feminine ascension light," needs more MASCULINE input on 12/12, lest it be unbalanced.....Election day in the UK and we are more in need of Tory/Brexit blue...thanks...;-]

Drekx, Val and I worked on the Blue Ray for awhile and we'll be send "Blue Light" over the UK today.  We'll make a special ritual if it and if we change the election, so be it.  The time has come that we just all take over control of our world to lift it into a better state as it's way too low with the false "love" so many mouth when what they are feeling is venomous hatred.  The use of "love" in that way is one of the worst of sins.

Let me know how it turns out, I already know.  

Thanx Patti....Hope to get a Conservative working majority....I was out leafletting, yesterday....;-]

Hoping that for my country, will help if the UK goes conservative. We've got to do it.  The left is turning our children into drag queens and terrorists and destroying s**, marriage and human decency.  

Yep....that's very true...

Interesting career move, Drekx, leafletting for Tory :) 
May the force be with you, the UK and Brexit. 

Thanx sweety I appreciate your kind words of support....;-] Yup, a 1-day 'career' as door to door bloo bubblies salesman...Not a party member, but tactical vote supporter of the blue boys and girls...I cast my tactical vote today, through driving horizontal rain, to the polling station.....Cheers, Drekx xo

That's not rain, but blessings straight from Heaven ;) 

DREKXY IS DREKXSTATIC ;-] A massive expansion (;-0) in the number of Parliamentary seats, giving 80-Commons seats for Brexit legislation to pass, at last....YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaa........!!

congratulations Drekx, well done ;)

Told you so!  

I don't think they are the same person, 
as Joanna prefers to keep her vibrations high. 



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