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Valiant Thor/Ashtar Command ships footage taken in Nevada.

Hi All,

This footage was taken by a Star Sister from Mt Charleston in Nevada, in August 2019. These ships were wtinessed by four people from the top of the mountain, three dear Star Sisters and a Star Brother, and Ria Aurora Athena received 'clearance' to release this beautiful display from our close Beloveds (which was awaited until non-benevolent energies had been flushed and cleared from the Area 51 network).

It's a great sign of the shifts happening behind the scenes, that this beautiful high vibe footage can now go public. Enjoy!  :)

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Maaike, we certainly do not seek personal argument, but have received urgent instruction [UPC/GFL orders] to clarify that Valient Thor does not play silly games over restricted airspace...Moreover, if the GFL were compelled, by some emergency, we would deploy probes around the base, to create a time-freeze bubble, in Sirian; 'zanaka daunmuk...' Like RAF Woodbridge-Bentwaters, 1980.....

Fortunately, the USAF & Space Command are aware and informed of the facts and know the differences between UPC/GFL/UAV craft and their own types....A big gulf in tec....

But indiscreet footage claims on youtube, over sensitive military installations, conducting classified flights, must be refrained from in future and keep the name of Valiant Thor out of your fantastical claims....THIS IS NOT A GAME FOR TEENYBOPPER NEW AGER ROMANCING, BUT IS SERIOUS BUSINESS FOR ADULTS....

Romancing the GFL may get us started and interested to find out more. Maybe "galactic crushes" are a better starting point than fear. We pick up some great energies and imageries and get carried away a little. It takes time to decipher the hows and whys, but that is part of our journey. 

I am curious how the Sirians/GFL would like us to become more receptive to them and stay real at the same time? This isn't easy for most people. Information and facts are helpful and cool vibes too. But I also reacted like a 5 year old when I learned about their existence :)

But okay, I get the point. This discussion isn't about how we perceive our connection to our galactic cousins, but about hoping to meet them in places we better not go. 

Well the GFL have no problems with romance, as it makes the great twerling galaxy go round...;]

Ivy, you are too sensible to be a 5-year old, when meeting them...What matters is being logical and in control, even if you ring like a bell in ET company....Polite cheerful, attentive, are more than able....;-] Drekx x

Hello dear Maaike, thank you for tuning into the vibration of these ships from your heart, and the love radiating from them. We're seeing/feeling through the same wavelengths, Star Sister  :) <3

Okay, clearly from this discussion, people see, feel, hear and experience through a variety of bandwidths in this multi-vibrational arena. The way people interpret and translate into their reality also affects which timelines they view and experience through...and having read through your comments, dear Valana(Patti) and Drekx, there are considerable variations in the experiences and discourses/narratives we're perceiving through, and indeed, moving through.

Reflecting on a comment (not on this forum) by a man who watched this footage and perceived these ships as trailer-trucks driving along a road, and that what you both perceive - Earth-based human constructed secret military ships - and how both these versions are completely different to what I and friends see and feel when we look at this footage, which is galactic ships of pure white light, radiating shining light and sublime vibrations of love, peace and harmony....then it becomes clear that there are multiple bandwidths of perception going on. 

Your interpretations don't resonate for me, and obviously, mine don't for you. Therefore, attempting to 'correct' or persuade me and others to your interpretation is unlikely to succeed. ;)

I/we note your concerns, and to put your minds at ease, would like to reassure you on a few points:

- "All is well at Area 51" doesn't mean that it is suddenly open to the public, it means that there has been a breakthrough in cooperation and interaction there, between the Earth humans and Star Family working with/mentoring them at this time. This has been worked toward, from both the higher Galactic and the Earth parties of goodwill, for a good while....and rather than being a 'flying circus' performance, this beautiful display by our Star Family's lightships, of flying an Infinity Symbol, has a profound significance, elegantly symbolized, shall we say. 

- Be assured America is not at risk of war from the release of this footage. Although it was taken four months ago, our Star Sister Ria Aurora Athena Ash was cleared to release it now precisely because of successful background shifts (granted, not yet mightily apparent in a more public way at this juncture) which make it safe to do so now...and indeed, beneficial.

- As a direct experiencer in contact with many councils and star nations, whose ships and light-forms I've had the role of photographing and sharing visible evidence of, for years now, Valiant Thor came into close contact with my Earth-self when we began working closely in an ongoing mission in the higher dimensions earlier this year. I experience direct translation into this 3-4D vibrational field of higher dimensional focuses and flows constantly, but there is one I'd like to share here now, by way of example, so that you can see that in the wavelengths I'm operating in, my work with Val is genuine and also delightfully humourous (and I posted the above video footage because I know it to be authentic, from the work we're doing behind the scenes/in the higher dimensions, to assist and progress the Earth situation). 

So this example is from September 14th this year; I was at a local shopping centre that I rarely go to, but a set of circumstances took me there...and also unusually, without a car, so that after doing a grocery shop, I stood waiting by the car park for a pick-up by a family member. Throughout the shopping, I was aware of the Victor Five directly overhead, with both Val and my Twin Flame on board, and while I was waiting outside, had a call from them to anchor the light of the ship's core crystal, which is higher dimensional emerald light. I went into meditation, and aligned with them, and brought the emerald light down through my heart centre and into the Earth and light-grids. When I opened my eyes, an old 1960s car was driving slowly past me, then pulled into a car bay opposite where I was standing. As it happens, earlier that morning I had been asking Val about Frank Stranges and his book Stranger at the Pentagon, and had got a confirmation about that.

Then I saw the car was a Valiant, and it had its year, 1967, on the number plate...with VE. Val said to count the alphabet, and E is the fifth letter....V5...Victor Five...and 1967 was the year Stranger at the Pentagon was published. Considering how rare 1960s Valiants are here in Perth, Western Australia, let alone one with 1967 on the number plate, I had a good chuckle...and so did those although we're 'serious adults' here on a serious mission, beautiful thing about our higher dimensional soul expressions, beloveds, families and friends is that we know how to stay light with it all, how to stay light-hearted in the deepest sense, constantly refreshing, constantly in the pure joy of Being, through it All. 

That, at least, is the way I am perceiving and experiencing this whole journey and current Earth assignment, and can recommend it highly! Though of course, it is up to each of us which timelines/bandwidths/wavelength expressions we feel to align with. And while your perspectives, Valana and Drekx, are not within the wavelengths I perceive and experience through, I honour and respect your pathways, and send you Love always.....<3

PS: We also had a pretty good chuckle about the 'for sale' sign in the old Valiant. The current models have been upgraded, and are very beautiful inside. :)

Hehe.....!! You'll never get it off the ground, let alone into orbit....;-] As for your natural occult power to manifest a synchronicity....? A minor psi skill....I have practiced it in moments of bored waiting....simple skill...The mind can bend time and space, if Spirit permits such a happening....Great the actual service work may begin.......;-0 honk, honk....!!

I read your replies, Valana. Wishing the best to you always. There are very high light frequencies flowing around this much-loved planet today, through the 12~12~12 higher dimensional gateway....let's all breathe them in, and anchor them here in Unconditional Love...regardless of whether our perceptions are on the 'same page' or not.


To Drekx, on the experience I shared about the 1967 Valiant, well, that one doesn't need to get off the ground, fortunately. ;) You can see it as use of occult powers to cause a synchronicity, if you wish. There's another way of being though, where beautiful translations of energies through to 'ground level' flow in a constant stream simply by being Present in Love, and allowing what is loving, pure and joyful to converge through and around us. To me, this is the most wonderful way to walk in this Earth plane... :)

ET Hugger, haha, well yes, a 'galactic crush' would be preferable to reaching out in fear to our starry friends, families and soul like calls to like! :)  What I can add here, about the Mt Charleston footage, and the preceding night-time footage taken near Lake Mead, is that my star sisters gathered there already had a lot of personal contact, and many ship visits, from their galactic counterparts/Twin Flames..... yet they still felt the thrill of the moment, with their dearhearts so openly uncloaked in that location, of all places(!) their joyous responses just make my heart smile. :)   And yes, these connections are romantic, and so very much more....all the infinite array of Love, in service to Love.  :)

Love&Blessings All, enjoy this divine day, and beyond. <3

By all means flirt with hard-working Terran pilots if you wish, just do so after work and give these poor guys a break....;-]

The Base Commander thinks they're "kooks,' but luckily the lovebirds did not gain access, on lake Mead and mount Charleston, public permitted...

They keep fooling around the Reptilians will have them for lunch.  Drekx, Did you hear about the people that were visited by a ship and they found a book, interpreted it as saying, "How To Serve Earthians"?  They stood in line hours to get aboard to assist these benign creatures.  They only had one interpreter who was busy trying to break the language code and just as the last human was allowed aboard and they shut the gates and were preparing for take off the Interpreter runs up and yells, "It's a cook book you dummies!"... Too late the UFO rises into the heavens.

That's what is going to happen to some of the kooks and juveniles that have the hots for the ole ET Commander Thor.  As he's not interested.  They're going to wind up on a Reptilian ship and they're not going to enjoy what will happen to them.  

Val was literally accused of setting up a situation where he instructed humans, and a foreigner with them, to break security regulations at one of the highest secure facilities in the country.  That's something I know he would not do as he's very careful as our Governments demands that in their agreements. That's the worst thing anyone could accuse the Commander of doing, blatantly telling people to ignore military warning signs.  I thought they said on the video they were on the mountain at a certain height.  I didn't listen to it all truly I had just eaten and it turn ed myh stomach a bit...all that foolishness and "we love you teen age dribble."

They are like children, they don't realize they were accusing Val of telling them to just ignore American security regulations and he would, too..  That would be cause to break any negotiations, it was certainly a part of the earlier negotiations. He would never do such a thing.  He was totally deranged over it, he's already had to step back from being number one negotiator due to all the juvenile claims so he's told me to just step out and claim who I am and be done with it, we'e tried to keep my work private as it endangers me but for Val's sake I'm just claiming who I am and I have the backup of real events that I don't need to manifest a Valiant car to assure myself of Val's presence nor his eternal love.  Athena told me years ago and I didn't listen, to just say he's my husband, we have two sons that are Commanders and go about your work for him and ignore them, he does...but he couldn't ignore this he had to explain he had no part in telling a foreigner to come to America and ignore their military signs.  He's head hancho there and he had to answers questions on it. So he told me last night to step out and just tell them who I am and for the teenaqgers that want s** with him to find them another ET as there are plenty that will oblige but he's monogamous and awaiting my return in my Celestial body which I'm in when I'm with him on the ship or at Headquarters now... if my age bothers some's minds.  When we go into a higher dimension we rise in fequency vibration which changes tghe body and reverses's like going into the past or future. 

Those are the kind of things we want to teach the public in our new book, and how and where I've gone with him and how we travel both in the transporter and in his Mekaba.

Love and Light to you Colonel....Valana Thor (Mrs. Val Thor). . 

Not that particular book, but what did spring to mind that demonstrates similar unbalanced mind-vacant [dippy-hippy] psychology, was that displayed by the "PLANET PEOPLE" in the fictional TV series called; "Quatermass IV" {Conclusion 1979}
Young, mind-controlled hippies, world-wide, 'willingly' drawn to stone circles, to be turned to ash, en mass, by a cosmic You can watch it on youtube, clips....Silly but fun....I fancy the music theme intro....;-]



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