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Valiant Thor/Ashtar Command ships footage taken in Nevada.

Hi All,

This footage was taken by a Star Sister from Mt Charleston in Nevada, in August 2019. These ships were wtinessed by four people from the top of the mountain, three dear Star Sisters and a Star Brother, and Ria Aurora Athena received 'clearance' to release this beautiful display from our close Beloveds (which was awaited until non-benevolent energies had been flushed and cleared from the Area 51 network).

It's a great sign of the shifts happening behind the scenes, that this beautiful high vibe footage can now go public. Enjoy!  :)

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I'll add some more footage here, that was taken by Ria Aurora Athena near Lake Mead two nights before the Star Sisters&Brother went to Mt Charleston (in the video at the top of this post, August 2019) and witnessed the 'infinity flight' of the lightships while in communication with dearhearts on board the ships. 

Enjoy, and Feel the Love of the Star Brothers&Sisters working non-stop in the higher dimensional levels to support the Earth's Ascension:

These are test flights over the dry lake bed....EARTH HUMAN PILOTS...And if you had any common sense and true telepathic rapport with genuine [good] ETs, you could/would rendezvous at a more discreet location, mutually agreed, prior and a far less onerous venue than a secret government, a highly monitored area, within Nellis AFB...Instead, you clutch at ever elusive straws, attaching unwanted religious fervour to a subject matter, least in need of your zeal.....Sorry to be blunt, but reality can be a shock for sleepers waking suddenly....kind regards, Drekx Omega

Cmdr Omega,

Cmdr Thor concurs with your understanding.  What limits will some go to make fools of reality beings that have truly visited the planet.  It makes one wonder if it isn't 99 percent Government Disinformation to discourage belief in the real ships that are in our solar system at this time.  - Valana/for Cmdr Thor

Yes, several of my Sirian contacts have requested that I call-out the deluded sensation-seekers, who pretend ET contact, thus reducing public openess to genuine contactee messaging...regards to yourself and Cmdr T, yours, Col. Omega

Our ET kin consider Earth Humans respectfully and with deep love and affection...Nobody should "make a pilgrimage to area 51," to glimps with devoted adoration, beamships, with much zealous wailing and general misguided absolutions, for a perceived need for attention...they want to be noticed...[not good near dreamland.]

Hello Drekx and Valana(Patti) are of course both entitled to your opinions, beliefs and points of view, and are free to express them however you wish.

I will simply respond, that I'm here to Be Love, and anchor Universal Love into this Earth plane as deeply and kindly as possible, and this footage is shared in the spirit of the Love and Joy which the higher dimensions are constantly pouring into this conflicted energy field.

To clarify the background of this meeting with Star Family at Lake Mead and Mt Charleston some four months ago; two of the Star Sisters travelled from the UK and another state of the US to those locations, at that precise time, because of specific telepathic/telempathic guidance to do so.

This was not a 'random occurrence' but well-planned Upstairs, and as their Twin Flames were on board those ships in their materialized galactic forms, their excitement and elation which comes across in the footage, is not only understandable, it's beautiful. A joyous moment of sublime connection, as the lightships flew fully decloaked in broad daylight so close by.

There was a lot of lead-in before this beautiful meeting, and those Sisters (and I) have all had plenty of lightship meets and greets from our galactic beloveds and families in 'discreet, undisclosed locations'. The experience above, now able to go public, was located in that place for a purpose, which is shown as a signal that all is well in that Area now, and that Star Family/Ashtar Command/Val Thor are working with positive, high vibrating Earth people there. There are indeed Earth humans on board those ships, and in recent months there has been a significant shift in the level of cooperation and trust that Star Family of 5D+vibes have been working toward behind the scenes for quite a while, in linear terms.

The experience recorded in this footage was followed by a very beautiful activation here (Perth, Western Australia) with Val Thor and others, which you might like to read about in the linked post, for a clearer idea of the nature of our contact: Light Update September 2019

I hope this helps clarify the nature of this meeting/contact experience. With Love, Peace and Joy to you both and All,

Joanna&Friends  <3

OK Joanna & friends I'll make this reply simple, brief and to the point..You say that; "all is well in that area now," and although high level talks continue to move in that direction, you will be aware that Nellis AFB continues a sophisticated security process, both on the desert track/road approaches to the perimeter, as well as warnings to unauthorised flights, by civie pilots, over the airspace above. Have the perimeter warning notices to the public been taken down...? : "use of lethal force permitted." Have the security patrols been stood down...?
A confirmation is simple, BUT DO NOT IGNORE THE NOTICES, thinking all is well in Area 51...

We care about your safety &, Drekx x

Yes indeed, the Sirian leaders spoken of by the illustrious UPC Commander Val Thor &Valana are the GFL Chief negotiators; Jschwjsch Vashtar & Bansrut Kalestra, with a further supporting negotiators compliment, of ten members of the Sirian clan we call the Shiratars....
Note that we allocate cosmic grades, or ranks, commonly understood in the Lyran universal language..... But you could use the Earth rank of Supreme Commander, for Lady Kalestra....
regards, Drekx

Thankyou for your decades of service, Patti....You were the "GOVERNMENT WOMAN" alluded to in reports...The Sirian male is my direct flight crew/ground crew counterpart interlocutor, named; Vashtar.....A very noble Cosmic Human from inner Samanet [Muktarin,] Sirius B4....I have had telepathic contact since 9-years old, but met the flight crew physically, in 2006, in a field in Suffolk, England.....;-]

I'm Earth Human, but Samanet Sirian Starseed.....I retain the GFL ground crew rank of Colonel, but have lost my Sector Command, following a recent revision of environment protection strategy, authorized by Brigadier Nebenzya, GFL ground crew Supreme Command...SO I'M FREE FOR MANY OTHER FEDERATION DUTIES, NOW.....;-0

OMG Drekx!  This just came to me... a lady commander equal in rank to Val's but of another star formation....

Have you heard or read the book, and I am bad about names, always have been but I must find it,  it is a book some still think of as has some chapter named "Thor" …… I read them and this concerns the planet at a time when it's about to be destroyed internally, and this "Thor" is the one given the authority to do what he will and he steps back at the last and turns it over to a Lady Commander!!!

Do you see this playing out?  I must read those chapter again and we may see our work predicted back yedars what is the name of that I bet you've read I remember it was channeled by a dentist or some professional person you'd last think of as a spiritual writer... claimed the information was channeled and it was the history of the universe and whqt was ahead.  What I remember of it are the chapters called "Thor" and his sending the Lady Commander to the planet herself tat what you've been told will happen she is the one to come out in public?  Val and I are retiring when I leave the earth and going home.  We have our home we've been there in many lives and this time we're retiring from the lower echelon and he says...I don't believe it, you can't keep Val out of a ship he wants so badly now to get out of that office and back into a command and he will, and I'll go with him.  He wants some of our past life stories in the book, too, but he's speaking of a slew of books I don't have the time nor energy to write...perhaps I will if I'd stay off the Internet!  LOL Patti.....

Yes, prophetic reference to Supreme Commander Kalestra, one of the chief diplomats of the Sirian Shiratars.....Vash and I take our orders from Lady Kalestra...She also represents Sirius B & C on the GFL Main Council, Vega system......Physically beautiful, looks mid twenties, tall, pale blue skin, jet-black long, straight hair, dark brown eyes and very smart......Great intellect and passion to serve cosmos, dutifully....

I know that these ships are real and that our twinflames are in it and that I hope that we can work together and leave our Ego's behind.

Stop arguing in a negative way and you're hurting other people with it because we talk from out our hearts with unconditional love.

When we stay arguing we are not heart centered and please stop and look again to the video because it is real and feel the love coming from them off the ships



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