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“Why have you decided to place my picture back on my writings?”

So people will know who I’m talking with as you wrote there was no Valiant Thor and I didn’t want to completely do away with you.

“You know what I meant. I want it known I exist and most serious Ufology people do not believe in a Valiant Thor. There’s been too many books written, all by different writers, saying too many different things, all using the name, Valiant Thor, too many Facebook names, too many websites for there to be a real Valiant Thor. Besides, I told you never to call me the Valiant name and you didn’t listen to me.”

I’m not going into the reason that happened. But it should be obvious that Aliens do not have English names. Val Thor is a Government name and so is Terese.

“Actually, it was Nancy Terese, I left the Nancy on as that’s the first name you gave me as your best friend in High School back in 1950 for our names to be known by your Government.”

Val is the first sound of your middle name I chose to call you. Thor being my Routh name turned backward with the “u” removed as it is the old English spelling of Roth.

“So now we’ve told where I got the name, Val Thor. Let’s talk about where you got the last name, Spencer.”

As the story goes, my mother became pregnant and ran away from home. She met a man and married him, to give me a name. He was not my father.

“How do you know that?”

He and his sisters told me, and also his wife. I was a young teen ager, I ran away from home where my Grandmother had raised me as I wanted to meet my father. All my life the kids had teased me about being hatched out of a goose egg on a rock bgecause I did not have a father like they did and my mother died when I was born.

I didn’t have a mother either. I wanted to know my real father but he told me I was not his, he just married my mother because he felt sorry for her and he didn’t know who my real father was. When I was born, my mother had come back to Texas to her mother’s home and Spencer gave me to her.

“So what were you told about your real father or what do you know that could relate to your real one?”

Very little. I remember each Christmas getting a big doll in the mail. It would come in a brown paper wrapped package and they would put it on top of a closet in my room where I couldn’t see it. But one time I got smart, I wasn’t asleep and I saw my great uncle putting it up there. So I got a chair and climbed up, got the package and opened it. It was another big doll that they would later put under the Christmas tree in the box they said was from Santa Claus. I learned to read early, I could sound out letters and there was a card that read,

“With all my love, Pop”.

But the card was never on the dolls when I would open the boxes Christmas mornings.

“That’s why you called the ET that showed you the third star of Polaris, Pop. isn’t it?”

Yes, I always wanted a father like the other kids had.

“I can’t blame you for that. They never let you see the card or know the dolls were from your real father did they?”

No, they always held to the lie that Spencer was my father as back then it was the unforgiveable sin for a girl to get pregnant. Today no one would think anything of it but not back then.

“You told me an interesting story about your doll collection back in 1950, do you remember telling me?”


No, I had forgotten telling you but now that you mention it I remember. I remember the big white Teddy Bear you won me at the amusement park. You took all my money trying to win it for me.

“I could have hit it at first but I wanted to win some lesser frizzes for the kids standing around, watching me. Sorry they couldn’t change my hundred dollar bills they gave me to spend from their black budget I presume.”

Is that what they do with the black budget? (laughing) You kept throwing my Teddy Bear in the backseat because I’d put it between us!

“That’s when you told me it would go into your doll collection from all over the world your “Pop” sent you at Christmas time. What e4lse did your Pop do for you?”

One of the Atgtorneys in town would come at times and hand her a white envelope, later I would see she and her mother counting money out of it and putting it in a locked chest. Then she would take me to Dallas to buy my school clothes.  I was called the best dressed girl in school. All my clothes came from Neiman Marcus in Dallas but my Grandmother didn’t have a lot of money so that caused a lot of gossip. Ermin Spencer was a coal miner in West Virginia and they didn’t have that kind of money.

“When did the money stop?”

I don’t remember, I think perhaps the Attorney died but I’m not sure. He was a close friend of LBJ as LBJ used to visit him and he visited with LBJ even after he became President. I was never told anything and I just remembher the one time seeing the Attorney give my Grandmother the envelope.

“I notice LBJ keeps coming up in this story but let’s move it on, we didn’t finish about the doll yet. What happened Christmas morning when you opened the doll box?”

A neighbor was there bringing over a present for me and noticed the postagte on the brown paper. She said they should start a postage collection for me as that looks like it came from somewhere in Europe. I don’t remember her exact words but after she left my Grandmother jumped on her brother for leaving the wrapping on the package as generally they were taken off. He just wanted her to see I had been into it and re-wrapped it to get me in trouble. He was always wnting to take me to an orphan’s home.

“So that narrows it down to the fact that your father was either an American Agent in a foreign assignment, someone that worked for your Government and traveled to other countries, or someone from a foreign country that had been in America in 1929 that your mother knew well. What else do you know?”

A friend of mine I went to school with that was District Red Cross representative at the time, told me after I returned from Okinawa that her mother had wanted to talk to me but she had passed away. She said her mother told her that she and my mother were best friends and would go to Paris, Texas to the Army camp on Saturday nights for the USO dances. She said her mother had mentioned they danced with some Russian soldiers. She asked me if I ever found out who my real father was.

I told her about having to swear on paper for the Air Force in Italy that Spencer in West Virginia was my real father and asked did she have to do that when she traveled overseas with her husband? She said she had never heard of such a thing but my husband told me everyone had to do it and if I didn’t do it he could loose his security clearance so I did it.

“Whoa…you’re getting ahead of me, let’s finish your childhood story.  What did your Aunt tell you about your father?”

She was younger than my mother but she remembered a man in uniform being at the door and they locked my mother in a room and my Grandmother’s brother held the door until the man left, then my mother ran away a few days later. The soldier had wanted to take her with him.

“What else do you know about a Russian group being at that Army camp?”

I’m not sure as they keep those things ultra quiet but there was a Russian publisher on my ProET yahoo mailing list and he told me there were white Russian troops that came to America after the first world war for special training and he knew there were some stationed in Texas but was not sure where. He was going to try to find out if he cfould get a list of names but that was about the time I closed the list over thinking you were here and writing me to do so, so I lost contact.

“Wait! That trick may not have been to keep you from going with Greer to Washington but …it could have been to break connection between you and the Russian publisher! It may not have concerned disclosure but it may have concerned your finding out the truth of who your real father was! I wasn’t aware it was at that time.”


It’s strange how writing with you brings out things I never thought about. It was about the time I was writing with the Russian publisher. He had a magazine he wanted permission to translate your writings into Russian. He also said he would put an article in his magazine if any were in the States back in 1929 on special training and thought they might havfe a child there he possibly could identify her.

“What year was this?”

Prior to 2000, I think I started the list around 1997 or 1998, I came on the Internet in 1997. Why would the Government care if I found out who my real father was?

“Good question. How can most questions be answered on your planet? It has to have something to do with money, which brings us to the story of the Mystery man of Italy. Ready for a break?”

More than ready….had we not written this together, I would never have linked the deception with the Russian publisher rather than Dr. Greer’s trip to Washington to try to get a Congressional hearing on the Government’s involvement with off world beings.

“My question would be, why they talk of First Contact? Are they ignoring the man, many x-Government employee whistle blowers that have risked their lives to tell of working with Aliens? I know your Government tries to prove them liars but why would anyone want to risk their life to tell a lie? That makes no sense at all.”

Some consider the Aliens to be like Greek Gods and t/hink they are coming to save them.

“There are higher dimensional intelligences that are in contact and do teach and assist in spiritual development. But these are higher dimensional even though some may call them simply beings from other planets. That is not true, Aliens are similar to Earthians. They are not gods, do not worship them, though some would try to claim to be. If I should have only one word of warning for the planet Earth it would be…do not think of Alien beings as any higher spiritually than you. You have the power, the same power within as any being born on any planet in your universe. They may be more advanced, more advanced in intelligence and in technology, but you have the same innate power within that any other “birthed on a planet” being has. Do not bow the knee to any. You stand equal, do not give your power away to any. A truly advanced spiritual being will not ask you to do so, will not allow you to do so but will empower you. – Val.”

Note by Val:  "I want to add that I am not saying above that all writings under my name, if of spiritual rather than fleet information contact, are incorrect. It's qjuite possible I am picked up with spiritual teachings by some attuned to higher levels of vibratory thought waves.  Any official messages concerning Govrernment relations at any time will come through the woman sent to me in 1950 as my official contgact agent.  I accepted her as that agent and as long as she's on the planet she will be that contgct agtent.  When she leaves the planet there will be no otherf official congtact with my group. We do not oppose what others write but I do ask that my name not be used for financial gain as my official contaqct has never done so and would not. Any spiritual teachings received from me must be given frfee to all that wish to have them or they are not my spiritual teachings.  My problem with your Governments is they would not comply with my wishes that all the technology I would share be used freely for all mankind.  I feel the same way ab out my teachings or messages.  They must be given free to all.  I underfstand one must charge to buy a published book.  But do what Valana does. Post all the book to be read for free and buy your own IP number so you can do so legally aqs she does.  That's all I ask, don't make money off my name.  Cmdr Val Thor"

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