Utilizing The Power Of This Moment
by Patricia Cota-Robles
Humanity and ALL Life evolving on this sweet Earth are in the midst of the most intensified purging process we have experienced to date. The Divine Intent of this intensified cleansing process is to help Humanity move through this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan much more quickly, so that we can clear the way for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for 2021.
This Mission involves Cocreating an unprecedented Quantum Field of Comprehensive Divine Love that will result in an Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness that will permanently sustain the Presence of Unity Consciousness for Humanity and ALL Life evolving on Mother Earth.
In order to help us accomplish this accelerated purging, we are being offered unprecedented assistance from the Heavenly Realms. By participating in the following Activity of Light, while billions of people all over the World are focusing on Passover and Easter, our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven will bathe the Earth with the most intensified frequencies of God’s Comprehensive Divine Love and the Mother-of-Pearl Resurrection Flame that Humanity is capable of receiving at a cellular level.
These two Sacred Flames will flow through the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness and our unified I AM Presence to raise the frequency of vibration in the Earthly Bodies of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. And we begin.
I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth. All of Humanity’s I AM Presences now merge into One Luminous Being of Light that is cradling Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her within the Divinity of our Unified Heart Flames. I take a deep Conscious Breath and instantly every person and Mother Earth begin Breathing in unison as One Holy Breath.
Within the embrace of our Collective I AM Presence and our unified Heart Flames, I have the ability to raise the Consciousness of my Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity above the chaos in the outer world. This will help them to easily perceive the Inner Guidance of their I AM Presence and remember the Divine Mission they have come to Earth to fulfill during this Cosmic Moment.
Within this sacred space my Father-Mother God and the Angel of Resurrection now envelop Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth in the most intensified frequencies of the Mother-of-Pearl Resurrection Flame that we are capable of withstanding at a cellular level. This Sacred Fire begins gently Resurrecting, into the highest possible frequencies of Light, the energy, vibration and consciousness of every facet of Life on Earth.
I Breathe in deeply and on the Holy Breath the Collective I AM Presence of Humanity now Ascends in Consciousness into the very Heart of our Father-Mother God. Instantly, our God Parents embrace this Luminous Being of Light in the full Divine Momentum of their Comprehensive Divine Love. As I experience this awesome Blessing, I hear the melodious tones and I absorb the celestial fragrance of this wondrous expression of our Father-Mother God’s Love.
Video - "Please Take Advantage Of This Moment" By Patricia Cota-Robles
I Breathe in deeply again as the Resurrection Flame lifts our Collective I AM Presence into higher and higher frequencies of our Father-Mother God’s Causal Body. Within this all-encompassing Divine Matrix, I begin to see Templates and Archetypes reflecting the very highest patterns of God’s First Cause of Perfection. These are the Divine Patterns that the Sons and Daughters of God are destined to Cocreate on the New Earth.
I pierce into the Core of Purity within these Celestial Patterns. As I do, the splendor of these glorious expressions of the New Earth permeate my Being. Now, within Humanity’s Collective I AM Presence, I witness the individual I AM Presence of every person encoding these patterns of perfection on the Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of their DNA. This is occurring in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Mission and their highest good.
As these patterns are encoded on Humanity’s DNA, they initiate an Awakening into a higher level of Enlightenment and Clarity. This is Resurrecting a new level of Divine Wisdom within every person’s heart and mind. In a flash of Enlightenment, we all begin to know and understand what we have volunteered to do to help Cocreate these Celestial Patterns on the New Earth.
This realization is being recorded in our Etheric Records and imprinted on our conscious mind. This Sacred Knowledge will now be available whenever we need to recall it in the fulfillment of our individual and collective Divine Missions. Now, in deep Humility and Gratitude, we accept the opportunities that our Father-Mother God are presenting to us that will add to the Light of the World.
Through our Unified I AM Presence, we Consecrate our Life Force to be an Open Door through which the full spectrum of God’s Comprehensive Divine Love and the Resurrection Flame will now flow to Bless all Life on Earth.
For a sublime moment, I assimilate this experience as I Breathe in and breathe out, slowly and rhythmically. (pause)
I now gently return my consciousness to the room and I accept and know that this Activity of Light has been God Victoriously accomplished this Sacred and Holy Day.  I also accept and know that this Light will increase in power and might daily and hourly with every Holy Breath I take. 
And so it is. Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446, Phone: 520-885-7909
Fax: 520-347-5440    www.eraofpeace.org
Infinite Blessings with God's Infinity Energies that are Divinely Perfect to help uplift your experience of your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance in every moment!
Video - "Freedom Flame Transmission" - https://youtu.be/3vyrNJCglrY
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The Resurrection: The Release Of All Karma By Reverand Dr Linda De Coff
GLORIOUS EASTER & PASSOVER! Sharing an excerpt from BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ Chapter IX "The Resurrection & the Release of All Karma!"

The Resurrection Principle is embodied in all of life. It is the vital essence, most royal - the self-renewing God seed and elixir of perfect atomic life, and the major life current, coursing throughout all things.


It is the crystal bloodstream of the Universe and ourselves - the substance of incomprehensible Light and the perpetual activity of the Father. It is ever our hope of glory and new good to come; and our deep knowledge, that through this Principle, already resident in us, we may always ascend perfectly into our Heavenly Estate, and experience radiant, new, and improved and risen conditions, right here on earth.


This Principle is the ever surging fountain of God’s wisdom, power and glory, causing undying faith within us, and we know with God, I am ~ the Principle of the All in the All, like the Phoenix rising, we may ever rise anew out of our ashes of yesterday.


All of nature speaks of the glory of the Presence and this luminous abiding Principle, as the trees drop their leaves in the Autumn, retreat in reverent silence in Winter, and burst forth anew with even more beautiful displays in the Spring. All live in praise of this Divine Principle of Immortal Power. The birds sing God’s song of joyous victory every morning...all Kingdoms adore.


And we know that when we have rolled away the stone of appearances, cast aside the influence of all the doubt, fear, and negation and separation of commonly held thoughts of the day, we shall be like the pure Christ of radiant Light ~ transformed and transfigured ~ easily rolling away the stone of yesterday in our lives.


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Our immortal, eternal pure Christ Selves, the supreme glory of the Father Mind, shall unify our faith, and come forth in victory untouched and unscathed from the tomb. We shall step forth luminous on our mountain peaks of eternity, and we shall know, that we have, indeed, resurrected ourselves for all our conditions shall be wholly transformed and renewed around us - perfectly mirroring the luster of our awakened consciousness.


With God, there is always the way to bring forth our new truth and new conditions in the lustrous perfection of the Creator Mind ~ and this way is the immortal way of Truth and Light, and unifying Love.


For there is only one Principle that is your salvation, and that is:

“The raising of the Eternal Christ son and daughter of Light in you.”

Ask yourself often:

“What do I want to resurrect in my life? What do I want to raise into the Light of the Sun of perfection, and to have stand forth, now, perfect in my life?” Know this undying Principle of God is in you, and will aid you in the way: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.”


Ask yourself:

“What would utmost Heaven conditions look like here ~ Heaven health, Heaven wealth, Heaven happiness?


Meditate on the answers that come to you often, for this is your true and Heavenly Estate ~ still awaiting your embrace.


When the fog of denial and separation is cast away, we discover our issues are a thing of mind only, and when we put on the Mind of the Christ, we are resurrected in all our ways. This is the High Law of our lives.


Ask yourself often ~


“How would you like to see yourself being in your current condition?


How do you think you would be, if you were being the true Divine you? If you had no problems whatsoever, and had never experienced any difficulties in this area you are thinking of, what would you be experiencing? When you look back into your life, how would you like to see yourself handling the challenges and conditions that you are in, now? How do you want to remember yourself?”


Think and feel deeply about this, and when you are certain how you would be, if you were being the true Divine you ~ eliminate everything that stands between... in your behavior, beliefs and attitudes.


“Release the lesser for the greater."


“Put on the new man and woman...and the Mantle of the Divine.”

“What must you now forsake and release, in order to accomplish your noble task?


Now, you are the Christ, rising above the cross of matter ~ unifying with the angels of your renewal in the Holy Place, and remembering your ultra mantra:

“I am the Resurrection and the life ~ the hope of the ages ~ the God-seed of Ever-Renewing, Immortal and Eternal life."

"I am the Resurrection and the Life" ~ in all my ways!" Through this holy mantra, there will be nothing you cannot achieve, for it is the unbounded Truth of the Eternal you!


You are free now and can now operate from your radiant Divine Pattern:

“I am the Perfection of Divine Love!

“Therefore, of what have I need?”


Wishing everyone a Glorious Season of Highest Love & Light, as you are at every moment being the Divine manifestor that you are!

Visit BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ A Handbook for Ascending Humanity; The Golden Pathway to Your Highest God Self! on Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/~/e/B006J351E


Video - Super Quick Mirror Of Judgement Meditation" By Steve Nobel



























Transformation Of Your Multi-Faceted Self By Natalie Glasson & The Andromedans




Greetings, we extend our energy to you now, we are the Andromedans. We come forth as a collective, as a collective energy of pure love and truth. We are known as one of the most evolved and enlightened civilisations of the star beings. We bring forth an expression of the Creator, of the Creator's Truth.


Today we wish to speak of transforming your multi-faceted self. There are multiple transformations taking place within your being now and multiple transformations taking place for the Earth and Mother Earth. Transformations within your physical body, your cells, energy bodies and of course even within your perspective. This is the same for Mother Earth.


There are numerous star beings and star civilisations surrounding the Earth now, we are energising the Earth, giving the Earth, her humanity and all beings, the energy, nourishment, and vibrations they require in order to transform. This heightened energy and greater volume of energy means that everything is awakening.


You have within your being the New Earth Ascension Blueprint which allows for new possibilities and opportunities to manifest in your reality. This is a collection of energies that is somewhat unknown or has not been seen upon the Earth before, and it creates a tremendous opportunity for you in this lifetime.


It is wonderful to think that the coming years are for you to really fulfil your existence and your expression of the Creator on the Earth. We would say to fulfil your purpose, however, this often creates a feeling of stress, and some of you do not know your purpose.


It is important for you to be happy, to be fulfilled, experience joy, to express the love of the Creator. When you are doing this, when you are doing things that you love, that fill you with so much completion energy - you can be certain you are following your purpose.


This is what the coming year is all about. You are being guided to create healing and transformation for the Earth, humanity, and yourself, and to fulfil your dreams. To fulfil your destiny, you do not need to know what your destiny is, simply follow your joy, follow your happiness, follow that feeling of being complete, in doing so you will walk the path that is appropriate for you.


With this opportunity of the intense energy vibrations the star beings are collecting and gathering for the Earth, humanity and all beings, an incredibly beautiful awakening for all will take place. Each person's awakening will be different.


We, the Andromedans, wish to offer an insight into the awakening that is occurring now. We wish to draw attention to your multi-faceted self. Your multi-faceted self is all the aspects of yourself in existence on the Earth, the inner planes, within your soul, within your soul group, and we might add all the aspects of yourself within the entire Universe of the Creator.


Video - "Transformation of Your Multi-Faceted Self By The Andromedans" Through Natalie Glasson



Imagine with us for a moment you are standing still in a very peaceful space, maybe you are inside, maybe you are outside, but your surroundings are clear. There is this energy of peace.


Then you become aware of a diamond; this diamond shape is like a mirror; it manifests before your third eye chakra. As you allow yourself to gaze into the diamond shaped mirror you see another being looking back at you.


This being is you, another aspect of yourself, maybe on the Earth or the inner planes, and just by connecting with this other being there is an essence of completion. Maybe this other being in the diamond shaped mirror needs healing or maybe that being is there to inspire you.


Now imagine that all around you there are multiple diamond-shaped mirrors and they come together creating a tiling effect surrounding you. When you look up you can see millions of diamond-shaped mirrors, when you look down the same, from side to side everywhere you look they are surrounding you.


Each diamond shape mirror holds a being, you can see through that mirror like a window into another dimension, into another reality where an aspect of yourself or an aspect of your soul group is in existence.


This may seem overwhelming; it is impossible to connect with every being and it is not essential to connect with every being because some beings do not need it. You are already connected with all aspects of yourself, so it is more important to say that there is no need for you to be aware of every being.


As you gaze into these different diamond-shaped mirrors, you are recognising your multi-faceted self. As we send energy to you of encouragement, nourishment, love, and support from the star beings, absorb it deep into your being, let it activate and merge with your New Earth Ascension Blueprint.


Emanate the energy to every diamond shaped mirror with every aspect of yourself which creates your multi-faceted self. As you do this recognise you are amazing, you are more than you could ever imagine, and all of these aspects are connected to you. In this moment, you are simply gaining a glimpse of that which is within your being.


We invite you to experience this in the coming days, to absorb our supportive and nurturing energy, to merge it with the blueprint within your being and to allow this energy to flow outwards into your multi-faceted self.


Acknowledge that your multi-faceted self is within your being and that you are projecting this outwards so you may recognise it with greater ease. In doing so you may observe that your multi-faceted self will transform, that all the beings may transform, or that you may be drawn into one diamond shaped mirror to acknowledge one being’s transformation.


Whether you recognise one, two or the collective as transforming, what is truly happening is that you are transforming within your being with a greater acceptance of the oneness of your being and your soul, soul group, and the Creator.


It allows you in an amazingly simple way to access your complete energy, the completeness of your being and the Creator thus further nurturing and nourishing your being and your Ascension process.


You may gain information or wisdom from the collective multi-faceted aspects of yourself or maybe from one diamond shaped mirror or two or three. We, the Andromedans, will support you and we invite you to explore this process, thus understanding more of yourself, bringing forth into expression your truth.


We invite you to not get distracted by the different aspects and labels of the beings that you connect with. We invite you to accept, acknowledge and to be at peace with all aspects. This will allow a deep connection with the Creator and with aspects of yourself, which you may have been disconnected from or unaware of.


We invite you to enjoy this exploration.

We thank you,

We are the Andromedans

See More Andromedans - https://omna.org/andromedans-list-of-channeled-messages-through-natalie/


Video - "Angels of Serenity Transmission" By Steve Nobel -




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