Unbalanced or Just Changing Lanes?

This forum is my entire life. I don't care about anything else except sharing knowlege on here and occasionally training my energy.


School? I'm failing.


Work? Never gonna happen.


Money? My supply will run out soon enough.


Yet I just don't care. I just don't give a damn about any of it. I don't even care about my own life anymore. I don't care about my future. I don't care about anything that doesn't involve sharing my knowledge and merging myself back together unless it's immediately life threatening. Can't help people if I'm dead now can I? I'm not sure how much more unbalanced a person can be before they're genuinely psychopathic.


Understandably many people think 'm destroying my life and think I should buck up and try to study or something. But I just...... can't. I DON'T CARE about school anymore. I don't care about any of it. I don't even know if I'm unbalanced or just trying to get on my correct path.


I'm lost and I'm confused and my life is spiraling out of control. But at the same time I'm oddly content with that. i could just grab the reins and steer myself back onto a path of academic or career success easily. i just don't want to. I have no desire to go on those paths, even if they are the ones most likely to keep me alive. I don't want any of it. That's why I don't know if I'm really unbalanced or just letting myself go with the flow. My near catatonic state says to keep doing this, so I am. Like this song that I felt described my situation this isn't giving up it's letting go. But is it really? I don't even know. But I'm going to keep going anyways.




Reiz, Leo Zodiac

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  • I Love you guys :)
    • love u back8107483096?profile=original
  • ARGH!

    (slams desk)

    Sorry, it just bugs me that you're like this.

    Huh... go and read over what you've already written.  You weren't always this "depressed."  Hn... well, the best part about anything at all is that it's temporary.  So, this would be a passing phase.  um, assuming you're still that way.  I think... well, just keep posting all your soppy stuff.  If this place is your life, well, so be it.  No one gives a rotter-dam except those attached to you.  And you gotta figure out... if you need them thar attachments.

    Well, you gotta figger out everithin' fo yo-sef, duntchya?  Jus' don' fo-get that you ain't ti on'ly varyable in yo' uniferse, they's other people's round you you got 'ta use in yo gran' ekwation.

    But David Icke... who's that?

    I found out Reiz in German (from my German teacher), at least in verb form, reizen, means to feel a feel of happiness, mild.  Same for noun form, just an air of happiness.  Not bright and cheery, but mild.

  • I wanted to way more, but at this point it may NOT be a great IDEA but I will say:


    "I am only being a magnet to those who are readily provoked" - EISH!!!!!  EISH!!!!!


    "Just beware of those Sirena mermaids that tell you to swim deeper into the ocean of dispair." -


    "I myself am signing out of Ashtar for awhile until my vibrations have rise" - Advisable!!!! EISH!
    There is nothing wrong with Reiz, and no-one lead him astray.  His only problem is "I will do it myself!" Which I love about him.  So leave him be to find his path in his way.  And if you don't agree with what is written don't read it.

  • I like the title post......................

    BOTH !



    I used to be unbalanced but I had changed lanes............................8113760696?profile=original

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