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Tomorrow is 12-12-12 any special things you are going to do on this date? Any expectations?

Hello dear Ashtarians!  (Except Sky )

Tomorrow will be 12-12-12 (I believe in some countries alredy is) so, are you going to celebrate, do anything special?

What expectations do you have for 12-12?

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dawn of 12/12/12…positive thoughts..continue to eliminate the negative..knowing each new day is an opportunity to choose wisely..stay focused on the LIGHT..simply the best and doing the best can do~

I am going to join in global unity meditation because it is something I can at least do to share and spread positive energies into the world as I roll through my days doing different things.

I'm joining the global meditation as well...I will "turn off" tomorrow, smudge my house with my son and meditate. I will go outside with my son and feed my squirrels (they are like a gang all over my back yard trees just watching me)....just take it easy and envision our new world...

I had a really rough day energetically today, so I'm going to start calming myself down as soon as I put Kai to sleep  :)


I am so glad to know I am NOT ONLY ONE who went through so strange day today.. Few hours ago I felt sudden very violent explosive of energies going through my body, emotion, and mind... It was extremely intense that I had to go outside for a long walk.. So I dressed up to go for a walk and I felt much more smooth being with nature and feeling the intense energy flowing through me from both within and without.  I was sitting outside for nearly an hour to relax, play games on phone, researches, and meditating through nice cold winter day.  I LOVE the cold outside, winter is one of my most favorite seasons (It is also related to my past lives where Christmas and Winter being my most favorite season of year).  When I walk back to this family house, I felt so sleepy all the sudden, even right now.  I have trouble trying to sleep though so for now I am calming myself, focusing on what I sincerely desires within my heart, and rolling with the flows of energies going on right now.  I know the feeling  you are going through right now.  Today have been strange and tough day on me energetically too and it shall be over soon hopefully! :D

Well.. all going according to divine plan.. I trust that tommorow I am going to have a light meditation in the morning, then go into the park for a walk in the snow.. feed the birds... get some fresh air.. work on my Artwork.. maybe have a coffee in the afternoon.. be as positive as I can be and continue to be the Love that I AM ... then I will take loads of drugs and have an orgy...

aside from all that.. I have no expectations.

Have no expectations

With you all the way on this Luke relax and sit back what will be will be, walk my dog ponder life and all that like I usually do :D feed the birds as it's freezing and they love it and I love feeding them. Be grateful for all I feel I have learned this year and ways in which I have grown and also for the ways in which my family have grown like my mum. She is really blossoming and this is amazing my mum was so spiritually closed when I awoke 10 years ago they thought I was totally mad, and now all of my family are opening up so for me there is evidence that change is occurring. Whether miracles take place instantly or we keep evolving at a pace like we are is fine with me. Just relax and smile :)

I will take an unusually long walk in the snow-covered forest and just enjoy being alive at this time. I will be doing a lot of cleansing of my mind since lately I have been lead to many distractions and strayed a bit away from my spiritual path. This date is an opportunity to once again connect and embody Light and Love into my being more than today. I will also be doing some calming meditations and hopefully the energies coming in on this date will be more available to me and suit me and everyone else for the highest benefit possible at this time.

I do not expect any experience to happen while meditating or dreaming etc, but I welcome it if this is the case in full acceptance and allowance. I have allready so much to look forward to have time with myself and to love myself more and realize more who I am and why I am here.

I wish you others the best, not only tomorrow, but in every second counted from this NOW moment. Live in Love and Joy and visualize that we are in for a great change..

Namaste, I love you all :).

I have, on the computer's clock currently 12/12/12, I'm terrified, in a panic thoughts running around the circle :))

I have no expectations.

I was going to ask if it's possible that the 12-12-12 the energies have begun today on 12-11-12? So much is going on with me that I feel like it may have been a bit "premature", since the frequencies do not recognize "time" as we do in 3D.

Just a word of encouragement for those who may not notice NOT fret!!! Everyone's body is different. Just as some people do not feel or notice the sensations of going up or down on an elevator or airplane however, they are still moving. Being able to feel or notice the energy or frequency increase is NOT a prerequisite for ascension and does not mean you are bad. EVERYONE will ascend according to their soul contract. Don't be dismayed by the comments that others are making about their own unique experiences. Be happy for them and keep them encouraged because you may need help and encouragement when it's your turn. I'm rooting for EVERYONE as I'm going through my own metamorphasis.



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