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I have deleted the discussion because I feel it has made my point, and I never intended it to be an attack on Klass. I hope that Klass and everyone who are seeking their more enlightened pathway will understand the need for us to post more uplifting comments and to help one another more toward a better way.

We are a hodge-podge of ideas here, but I believe we all are seeking the right path for a better world and beyond.

Bless you Klass for understanding my intent here by giving your comment I know you are truly seeking a way for your enlightenment. I hope my words were not hurtful.

I have deleted my comments and cannot delete the rest or the entire post. Seems the forum can only be deleted by administration, and I would appreciate it if one did delete this posting. I have come to a better understanding of what Klass was seeking and hope that this will serve to all as a reminder that this site was built as a spiritual site and that those who come here are seeking some spiritual uplifting or lessons or to be able to read and learn about love, light and the path to a better version of one's self.

I have learned by being a member of this site. Some of the lessons have not been pleasant, but then I have to turn and look into myself to see why.

My apologies to Klass and to any who were offended by this forum post. I want all to find their place in the spiritual journey that we all have to take.

I appreciate all who commented on this forum, and hope that it helps us all see just what it is we are seeking. Thank you for your time and efforts to bring this to a kinder and more gentle place.

Blessings to all.

Claudia Lee

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..??..In My Opinion.....Klaas Is Welcome Too His Opinion.....So Be It.....<3.....

...Actually NO.....In Bens Is Quite A Cool Character.....Hence This Website......He Welcomes All ......He Also Has Certain Rules.....Too Run This Site......He Knows The Form.......<3...

I understand all your guys perspectives here... Klass included. I think he was just venting his frustrations, similar to you Jeremiah...and I respect your view too. I thought he was being quite bold in expressing his searching for another site out in the open like that here, yet it brought out a huge outpouring of support for Ben and the site here... So now Ben has seen/felt how much he is appreciated for starting up the site, how he runs it, and how much it means to so many here. So maybe it was a very good thing, in retrospect?

Yes, Luke... and it has brought out a form of unity in this community that hasn't been seen for some time... We are One! : )
The simple point is use your discretion
Read and participate on that which resonates with you and leave the rest.
There is good and bad in every site as there is a lot of thrash and wrong info on the Internet.
The best of us have been caught out at times so we are all learning all the time.
In the age of KALI ...falsehood is the charatior and truth remains hidden and revealed to some.
Go with the flow and use your discretion.

The important thing is that many of us have posted our support for ACC.....Yes, it can be a member's battlefield, sometimes and yes, some others members will often post blogs about very disturbing matters, such as mid east atrocities, ISIS beheadings of the innocent,  sex abuse priests, pedophile s** rings, poisons in foodstuffs and brutality towards the animal kingdom, including graphic photos. et al...

NEVERTHELESS.....Spirit is in all and even the most dastardly violence, or the most callous animal cruelty, is something that spirit will seek  analysis of.....Self analysis upon society, political practices, economic injustices, etc....It is all something that is of value...

Personally I may post on political matters and foreign affairs, in particular, as well as esoteric and cosmic data....I do not post on the kinds of topics that, for exam[ple, Krishna Kalki may post on.....BUT, I support his right to post and cover these, as they have value for some.....They are sometimes graphic, but we must also learn some detachment from the cruelty he covers, while expanding our awareness....

Another area I never cover, that some may find uncomfortable, is sexual orientation.....I simply ignore these and have no interest in such topics...It's a personal choice and I keep my own thoughts and desires out of it...

I will discuss religious matters, when I'm compelled to by events here.....It is with reluctance, however....Yet, such matters do need to be aired, from time to time....

The great variety here is demonstrative of a cross section of the global population.....This site is run very well by Ben-Arion...

ANY COMPLAINTS....?????       NO SIR....!!!    :-)

Everyone...It´s ok... <3

I actually honor peoples thoughts about this site =) As it´s different for everyone... and I know that I cant
please everyone. I have a lot of integrity and self confidence in what I do, so its cool =)  (And very open to receive NEW input and critique)

BTW. I Appreciate everyone of you, diversity in UNITY!


Leave Klaas alone. He's just pissed because he gets debunked every time he post things that aren't really true and have not yet figured out how to convince Ben to ban his critiques from commenting on his posts. ;)

lol -ban his critics

like you said it's Ben's site and alternative media and world news is allowed, including politics and the horrors of islamic terror, torture, female mutilation, child s** abuse, and slavery that the scum of the earth isisl and other gangs are perpetrating

... you just proved Klaas point ... sad indeed

Ben is very strong individual ... he've seen it all .... good and bad, ugly ... etc .... and his site is still around ... people leave, some come back ...

.... what upsetting me is that you,  instead of using Klaas post created your own ... that you are so good and he is not ... ever hear the term 'never judge the book by the cover' ... what we are here is just our cover ...



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