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Okay, let me rant about things. Many of you say you want to leave here right? But of course, how would that make Mother Earth feel? There are many of you who say the darkness is a bad thing, darkness and light are two sides of the same coin. They are not the same side, that's for sure, but they make up the same coin. Anyway, the idea which I'm trying to give is, and I hope you get it.

Consider your actions carefully, you're all more than you know. We are all one and that includes the darkness. The darkness and the light are two sides of the same coin, they are needed for the complete coin, BUT, they cannot exist in both sides. Which also means, it's only one or the other.

(That last one was just a warning for those who are interested in black magic, satanism, or anything like that, but also want to be in the light. I'm sorry, but you'll have to choose darling.)


I might not be here again for a while. All of this info and other things, just don't click with me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not leaving, I do believe in our Galactic Family, I do believe in the Creator, I do believe that the channelled messages are correct information, and stuff like that. So anyway, my last thoughts, (and kind of the idea put into words) which I hope you'll all get.

I want to start following my own HEART. That inner voice, that inner CALLING....I want to answer it. I want to find my own Heart. I want to reach my own HEART.

I'm sincerely sorry if this angered or confused anyone. Love and Light to you all, and I really do wish you the best.



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  • ...Good Luck .... Beats....x.........

  • Review this quote in full, and you will have your answers.

    "Only a Sith deals in absolutes." - Obi-Wan

  • I like this planet and have no plans to exit it in any hurry like so many others; they simply have no conection with mama gaia and want others to take care of them instead doing all they can on their own.

    .......and I love walking the middle path, right in between the light and darkness......................

    good luck upon your path.............................

  • Here is one thing anyone can do, that eliminates doing anything else.   In all the stuff the outside of you world of men’s minds and ponderings say you must do, to have to be to become.

    In your still and quiet time, feel into your inner being, not your body but deeper.  Since spirit is not of this world, there is no way you can think or see your self , with the thinking of this world as it was taught to us,  but be still let the world of thinking go. 

    Rather feel back to the spiritual you just before coming into this world of physical sensing the stuff around you.

    Remember the you that’s complete, all knowing not of this world spirit and what it felt like so big that this little box called an avatar all that you are could never possible fit.

    Relax and feel into your spiritual vastness that you are. Feel this releasing of this physical plain, with out a body, with out the mind that was taught to many limits in this matrix of men’s speaking.

    Thinking, and speaking, have been squashed the spirit you are into a tiny matrix = prison of men’s code enforcement living or the ways of the world.  Knowing the feeling or spiritual freedom we had just before entering this world, unlocks the hold of this world on that freedom.

    We are not of this world but in it.  There constant teaching us to become more of this world is the matrix prison of sight, sound, touch, feel, taste and smell the avatar has been forced to learn all its life. 

    Breaking away from this matrix of doing this, doing that, come listen here, go fallow this Guru, or that teacher of the world we are in, but not of.  Is the soul goal of the matrix -- to keep us from remembering we are not of this world.

    It’s a feeling and knowing in remembering what we are, not a learning of what this world wants us to become -- none spiritual, but just another slave avatar spiritless and following anything that come alone that sounds good in the matrix of much speaking, and ponderings of men and there must do’s………….  be still and know thy self. As eternity with out end…… or doings of this matrix


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