remember this?

what makes this channeler different than ANY of the others that you base your beliefs on???

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  • modern twist like ufo,s, space people saviours, new version of angels( angels were invented by babylonian religion) and new version of demons like grays and reptilians.

    sounds weird, doesn't it ? Or does it ~!~

  • so then it is more shame on you for having so many more years experience and STILL go around telling other people their unprovable beliefs are wrong and your unprovable beliefs are right.

    Dont pull the age card on people it makes you look like someone who is pathetically scratching for something to attack so must claim superiority in some way.

    YOU take a look in the mirror, YOU look around at the comments you make towards others telling them you know better because you are older.  I bet you are one of the ones who was "blessing the little children for being so wise" on the video where the kids explain why the banks are corrupt, but now insult those people of younger years with your indignant use of age as some sort of classification of superiority.

    • Always remember... when you point the finger,

      there are three pointing back at yourself. 

      • I do not claim the age card so your sad analogy doesnt work here.

        • I'm afraid it does work on at least two levels if you take responsibility for the general tone of your posts One. & it's not an "analogy"... your picture speaks for itself (that's number two by the way). More importantly though, never forget rule #62: *Don't take yourself too seriously* 

          • Yes it speaks for itself, we are all one, everything is one.  when people claim superiority over others based on things like age or percieved "knowledge", THEY are the people who are not taking responsibility for their "tone"

            Good Day "stick"

  • How is that revaluing of the RV going? Also 1 person claimed to have gone on the ship, even claimed to be sending email from it.  So someone DID go.  Or at least said they did, like people have said the wave would have come and gone already(sheldon nidle), or that NESARA would be here already (entire poofness site is update after update of "in a few days". 

    Keep attempting to blame your lies  failure to materialize on everyone else, however it truly is the fault of people like yourself that keep posting sources that shouldn't be trusted.  Advice, if your "advisors" never get anything right you STOP listening to them.

  • Havn't you learned anything around here? Thinking things manifests them. They just delivered my boarding pass, I'm number 37, THANKS!


    P.S. My ascension symptoms are real. The other things happening in/to my life that cannot be explained any place else but here are real. They were real before I even knew what ascension was or about this forum or enlightenment community. My money is on benevolant ET/ED here to help cause humanity does not have much time left if we continue on our current course. I would hope for your sake they are real because if they are not then your number will be called alot sooner then you want when some corportation or eugenics lunatic decides to call it.

  • Here we go, another ridiculous post. Still people that come here have a long way to go. I don't live my life by every chanelling, comes back to using discernment. Why the constant bitching posts and attacks?? Simple, because so many still have much to learn. If the energy was put into more positive ways mankind would be much further ahead than where it is. Yes, so many of you are holding the rest of us back. Have you not learned anything yet? All you do is serve the ego, the lower vibrations. 

  • NORAD needs a Flight Plan they saying...


This reply was deleted.

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