Third eye opening, symbol meaning?

Hello there!

I am a new member and glad to be part of the community now.

I am not English so I apologize for the mistakes I will make while writing!

I want to ask you advice in two things, first of all I was told by a healer that my aura was 10 meters high and had around 17 dif. collors, she said it would be a sign of unusual mediunity as the largest she had seen so far was around 3 meters and belonging to a healer like her.

On other places I read the opposite, that people with large auras would use them as protection against the world.

Being ignorant of the subject I would love to hear your opinion, I would also love to know if any of you can see the aura and help me through iterpretation of a picture of me?

The second question is, I always felt I was some sort of a healer, I am not sure in what sense (to help people mentaly of with health issues) so I felt very sad because a few years ago I had developed the capacity to see the aura, just two layers of it and in collors. I forgot how to do it so I went back to reaxing and practice and finally I do see collors again but most of it got lost. I have been doing third eye meditation, just one time but it was a horrible experience, not sure if its because I didn't protect myself before starting.

I felt a lot of pain and burning in my legs, my heart would rece terribly, and my head started to vibrate, feel cold, like one of those horrible drug trips people talk about. Then I saw this symbol, it was very strange and felt sort of "mechanical", it was all black and then started to "open" and inside came a golden very vivid light that expanded, because I was feeling bad I opened my eyes.

After doing so I shaked all over, got cold and now at night when I close my eyes I see a white eye, sometimes its closed, sometimes open, and other times it is looking around, this eye is never the same, sometimes it looks very evil others just full of energy.

I wan't to ask your opinion about this, did I perhaps started to open it? Why did it feel so scary? And what does the symbol mean? I draw it for you, this is how it looked:

I am not good at drawing it because I am not sure how it exactely looked, but maybe someone can tell me more about it.

Thank you for listening to me, much peace to all of you.

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  • I would also try working with your solar plexus simultaneously to supplement your third eye meditations. My 3rd experiences are unclear. I can see energy but I still only see shadows when my eyes are closed not vivid color. I read somewhere that strengthening your solar plexus will help.

  • Minerva

    I have been making and drinking Colloidal silver and distilled water diets of fruit which aid the correct water product to be in the third eye or Your Pineal Gland. 

    My ultimate goal is to open my third Eye Pineal Gland but first I need to know I have done all I can to make the foundation correct for it's opening

    So for me, the first thing is to know what the Pineal Gland is and how it works then I would consoder to be as bold as you and try to get a reflex action from it

    So i have no idea how much you know about this part of your brain so i can only recommend to know the least part of it best described by David Wilcock

    David Wilcock has the best science in his documentary's about this and there is 2 documentary's that cover this

    First you need to see 2012 Enigma and it explains the Pineal Gland and how it has been suppressed by modern dictated dietry control and what it is made out of and what potential it has.

    Then in the Source Feild Investigations he goes further But if you buy his book he goes even further.

    If you have trouble finding these movies please find them on my Lightworker site 

    here is David Wilcock 2012 enigma

    Here is the Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock

    As said before I have no idea as to how advanced you are on this subject so i hope I can be of some assistance



  • Not much advice i can think of at the moment but i did indeed told you of this great place for anwers so i really hope this site will help you alot and become a Light Being<3

  • Some of the symptoms you describe are similar to when people have an out of body experience. You shouldn't be frightened when you experience tingling, chills, or symptoms that correlate to a sense of separation. On the other hand, who knows, is it possible that you or your house is being haunted? A strong sense of coldness is often reported in such cases, and the feeling of negativity could be related in this way. Just something to consider!

    • Oh, as far as health concerns, yes you do want to keep that in consideration, especially if you are going to be having intense experiences. But I have never heard of people having health issues while meditating.

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