Beloved masters, as more and more dear Souls begin to awaken to the nudging of Spirit, it is time for a review of some of the fundamental teachings of expanded consciousness.  Even those of you who have been on the Path of Ascension for many years sometimes need a “refresher course” in some of the critical steps in attaining Self-Mastery. This review is a critical phase for humanity, and many of you are feeling the “Ascension symptoms” which accompany these life-altering changes.

            As the Light Cells of God Consciousness infiltrate deeper and deeper into the physical structure, the membranes of Light surrounding the DNA begin to dissolve. As part of this Sub-Universal experience, this was programmed into the Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body blueprint so that the activation of the DNA strands would take place two at a time.  The DNA strands are attuned to the different dimensional levels.

The two strands which are now available and active in the physical vessel are attuned to the First-, Second- and Third-Dimensional levels.  As we have told you before, as you sank into the density of the lower dimensions, two by two, your DNA strands were encased in membranes of Light and placed in reserve until the time you were ready to begin your journey back into the higher dimensions of Light.        









            For clarity and to help you understand the sequence of Higher Self/OverSoul integration, let us assign numbers to each Facet of your Higher Self. You were born with a Facet of your God Self enclosed within a Sphere of Light, which was stored within your Sacred Heart. 

Encoded within your DNA, your auric field and the White Fire Memory Seed Atoms throughout your body were the frequencies you were to experience in the beginning stages of your life. Your number One Soul Self, which we will call your OverSoul,  took up residency within your Soul Star, the Eighth Chakra, at the time of your birth.

             If your Heart Chakra remains open, gradually over time, this higher dimensional Facets of your Soul OverLights you and radiates Its refined Light frequencies into your chakra system and auric field. If everything goes according to plan and your Heart Chakra remains open and unsullied, sometime in your early years of life you begin to awaken to the nudging, whisperings of your Soul Self (around seven years of age), and a Soul/personality merge process begins. We will call this your number Two Soul Self.

            When the integration of this Facet of your higher consciousness is complete, at the appropriate time your number Three Soul Self (around twelve years old), the next more advanced Spark of your multi-dimensional Being, moves down into the Eighth Chakra position. It becomes your OverSoul consciousness which OverLights your physical, mental and emotional expression.

            This process will be repeated over and over again at regular, pre-determined intervals throughout this physical lifetime until you reach the mid-sixties or early seventh decade of life.

If the Sacred Heart center has not been actively opened by this time, the Higher Over-Soul Self would no longer send the Memory Seed Atom Cells of higher consciousness to awaken you. You would transition from this life experience without ever tapping into the full measure of this priceless gift of Godly Cosmic Consciousness stored therein.

            When you began your adventure into the physical realms of materiality, you slowly built a garment of flesh around your shining, crystalline Light Body. A Sphere of Light was placed in the back area of the body behind your physical heart. This Light Sphere, which would be called your Sacred Heart, became the home of your Soul/Higher Self, and your Diamond Core God Cell was also placed within this Sacred Chamber.

            The qualities, attributes and virtues of the Seven Rays of God Consciousness were also placed within Spheres of Light. These spheres, known as chakras, were designed to spin at a very high velocity, which made them appear to be spinning cones of Light radiating from the front and back of the physical body. Now you are striving to reverse the process as you seek to eliminate all the discordant frequencies you have created down through the ages, thereby purifying your four lower bodily systems, physical, mental, emotional and astral, so that you can move beyond your physiological limitations.

            You must move from an ego-desire body, self-centered attitude; however, this does not occur until you are well on the path of Ascension. Remember, we have told you, there is a virtue in “selfishness,” or a time of intense self-absorption, when you are endeavoring to heal and balance your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

This preparation and refining of the physical vessel is an important step for each higher level of Light infusion. Otherwise, it would be like inserting a 110-volt electrical plug into a 220-volt outlet. It would result in an instant shock, and most likely, the destruction of the appliance (physical vessel).

Video - "Breaking Through - Seeding Divine Change & Self-Revelation By Judy Satori" - https://youtu.be/meSmTc9aI8k


            It is extremely important that you focus on refining the seven chakras of the bodily form, thereby creating and activating your Pillar of Light, which follows the path – in front –  of the spinal column.

This Pillar of Light must reestablish its connection to the Heart Core Center of the Earth and to your Star Tetrahedron, your Soul Star, which is eight to twelve inches above the crown of your head. When this is accomplished, you will gradually gain access to the five higher Rays of Creator Light, which will assist you in the completion of your Divine Blueprint for this particular Round of Evolution.

            We must explain, however, that during your journey back into the higher dimensions, you will be asked to accept many special missions and you will usually agree; for this is the way the Ascension process was designed.

You will forever seek to return to the fullness of your God Consciousness, but you will also maintain a burning desire to serve in some way; for deep within your Sacred Heart there is a Memory Seed Atom that pulsates with pure love and an inborn desire to serve.

            It was ordained that many Facets or Sparks of the angelic kingdom, and of other great Beings of Light, would incarnate on Earth and follow the path of humans. Portals of initiation were opened and have remained open down through the Ages. However, in the past, only a few brave Souls made it past the entry gateway of illumination and gained Self-mastery.

            Conscious awareness is developed through gradual stages of awakening and understanding more complex and refined concepts. As you progress, you will gradually gain access to higher and higher dimensional levels of consciousness during your nightly Astral Body travels.

You are taken to halls of learning and eventually into halls of wisdom. Over time, each seeker of the Light will join the World Server Groups, who breathe in and radiate forth waves of Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, which will be used for the greatest good.

            How will you know when you are eligible to join members of your Soul group in the World Server Pyramid? You will automatically be taken there when your Soul Song resonates to the mid-Fourth Dimensions and above.

You will go there when you have balanced 51% of your karma, and you are truly making an effort to control your emotional nature. You will go there when you begin to see the best in those around you, and when you are endeavoring to move out of judgment as you learn to view life and the world through eyes filtered with compassion. 

            Allow us to explain the makeup of the World Server Pyramid. Envision a gigantic crystal pyramid in the Fifth Dimension, with the peak and the double-terminated crystal extending up into the first level of the Sixth Dimension. Within this wondrous edifice are graduated levels of the Fifth- and lower Sixth-Dimensional frequency patterns.

There are thousands of smaller pyramids, each of which resonate to particular harmonic frequencies of Light.  You might equate these pyramids to small cities of Light.  When the time arrives that you are qualified to join the group of World Servers, you will be taken into the Light pyramid that is attuned to your particular vibrational patterns. 

As you advance in Light resonance, you will move ever upward into higher and higher stations of Light within the World Server Pyramid.  This too is an integral part of the Ascension process. 

            The focused gaze of humanity is being lifted out of the stifling quagmire of earthly existence onto the far-distant horizon of the future.  Desire for material riches is being replaced with a yearning for Soul consciousness. World Servers will be held together by a strong Soul connection: a remembrance of a solemn oath to serve humanity, with a common goal of ascending in consciousness.

            The Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe was created as a Twelve-Dimensional experience.  There are other Sub-Universes that were created to experience a greater number of dimensions and some others with fewer dimensions. 

The Earth and the solar system of which it is a part are in the process of reintegrating all of the attributes, qualities and virtues of the twelve Rays of God Consciousness in order to be eligible to join in the next higher degree of the Divine Plan for the expansion of this Sub-Universe.

            Over time, evolution of consciousness is followed by stages of evolution within the physical vessel. Form always follows thought. The human body is being prepared to receive the higher frequencies of Creator Light, the Adamantine Particles of Sacred Fire Light. You must evolve from a passive mode of Being into a newly refined State of Being as an action-oriented, expansive Bearer of Light if you are to become a COCREATIVE MASTER OF LIGHT.

            As you turn inward and reach upward for higher frequency concepts and information, you will automatically begin to withdraw from the astral plane, collective consciousness belief system

From a spiritual viewpoint, evolution means a steadily increasing sensitivity to vibrational frequencies and an ability to integrate more Creator Essence. This results in greater illumination and a more compassionate nature.

The intuition of an intelligent, awakened person leads to a greater understanding of the Divine Plan for humanity and the part he or she is to play.  Focused intelligence is necessary to successfully enter the Fifth Dimension, and then, to tap into the vast storehouse of wisdom and advanced abilities therein available. Meditation and a strong Soul-consciousness open the portal  to cosmic revelation.

            When needed, appropriate, expanded information will always be supplied to the aspirant on the Path of Light. Your next step and the action needed are revealed one level at a time.

Think of telepathic communication with the Beings of the Higher Realms as receiving Memory Seed Atoms of thought and information. You must practice perfecting the ability to create a vivid picture of your ideas, and to hold them long enough until they register within your brain and the Ethers.  Remember, energy follows thought.

            Light is both energy and matter.  Electrification or conversion of matter / energy happens when energy is processed through a Pyramid of Light. As the human mind reaches out to the en-Lighten-ed Beings of the higher realms, it results in an energy conversion. Gradually, using these advanced techniques and perfecting them release you from the laws of entropy and decay, so that you may slowly begin the process of rejuvenation.

            You are also gradually moving from one type of visibility to a more advanced state.  You will be moving beyond the ultraviolet spectrum of color and Light into the many higher frequency, electromagnetic spectrums of Light. You are also being prepared to work on many levels of intelligence.

            You cannot escape the streams of energy that are constantly bombarding the Earth and humanity. The life-giving energy of the great Rays radiates forth from our Father/Mother God via the Great Central Sun of this Universe through the myriad suns of the Sub-Universes, galaxies and solar systems.

There are also specialized frequencies of cosmic energy pulsating throughout this Sub-Universe from the many constellations and other solar systems –  as well as the pulse and heartbeat of your Mother Earth, which has a direct influence upon all living things.

            Many of the cosmic forces of the higher dimensional frequencies are beneficial, life-sustaining and enhancing, while those of the lower, discordant frequencies of the Third / Fourth Dimensions are detrimental and limiting. Every Soul determines which of the multitude of frequencies they will respond to via their Energetic Signature. In doing so, they either create their personal Heaven on Earth or their private hell.

            Your brain is a magnificent organ which contains a vast number of “Consciousness Life Codes or Memory Seed Atoms.” Most of your genius potential has been stored away in the higher dimensional levels of your Sacred Mind, which is located at the back of the head near the crown chakra. Your Soul Song contains the frequencies which will assist you in accessing this rich storehouse of knowledge. Every octave of frequency acceleration gives you access to a higher level of God Consciousness. Your brain and mind hold the keys to mastership and illumination.

            Dear hearts, remember, if you are focused only on your personal Ascension, you are misinterpreting our messages.  As you tread the high road that leads to illumination, you must reach out and touch the hearts of others through your words, actions and deeds. A true disciple on the Path leads a life of service.

            A wayshower on the Path gradually moves beyond physical family duties and responsibilities as his or her consciousness, wisdom and Light magnify. Gradually, the aspirant’s influence expands, and his or her opportunity to become a true wayshower increases.

It takes constant and deliberate effort to tame the ego, and to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to become a World Server.  You must be an outstanding example and have the ability to excite and stimulate desire for spiritual wisdom in order to serve humanity as a guiding Light.

            My brave friends, we know how it feels to bask in the perfection of Creator Love/Light.  You are just beginning to understand. Your yearning within will grow stronger and more compelling as you reach higher and higher into the illumined realms of existence. In the beginning we were in perfect rapport and finely attuned, one with another. Together, we are slowly but surely returning to that beautiful state of unity.  I am forever your friend and constant companion, I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Personal sharing with friends, or posting on websites and in publications is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my website address is included.  https://www.starquestmastery.com/

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of The New Earth Ascension Blueprint & of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You every day, Steven Hutchinson

Video - "The Two Sides of Experience" By Matt Kahn 



Raising Your Frequency By Shelly Dressel

Hello everyone!  Let’s talk about energy and vibration for a few minutes.  I often find myself balancing between the different energies and the knowledge of what is happening. For example, I’ll perhaps do a channel for someone, or maybe just go into meditation, or listen to high vibrational music and I feel amazing. I feel sensitive, expanded, and as if all is well.

I may then go online and read some stuff on Twitter, or YouTube, or Facebook and suddenly I have a headache and my back is hurting. I know immediately that my vibration has lowered due to tapping into the energies of what is happening around us.

I’ll read a few posts and then take whatever the situation is and flow love and light energy into the situation. I feel better and whether it helps the situation or not, I can’t know but I do realize that any time I feel good, I’m in balance and therefore I am sending balance out into the world.  My goal is for this to happen all the time.

When we look at the history of the planet, you can see that we have moved through various times of balanced ascension and imbalance. Lemuria was a balanced society with high vibration and light.  As Atlantis came in, the energy shifted and actually lowered.

Now, we are moving back into balance again.  This is happening.  It has happened.  So, where are you?  Where are you in your life?  Where are you in your focus and intention?

I always love to see when science supports what I know in my heart and in my studies.  While I will be the first to say I don’t know everything about it, the Schumann Resonance measurement is a means of seeing how the vibration is rising.  In this picture, you can see the greater amount of white coming into the vibration. This represents the higher vibration into the current vibration.



So what does this mean?  It means that more and more there will be white light and less and less the lower vibration.  Brysentia talks about this a great deal in the following channel. 

What are you doing that causes you to feel good?  This has to be about balance within your life.  Are you constantly listening and trusting what feels good to you? 

Most people are something in between.  You are perhaps at work or in relationships where you are not fully in alignment; however, then you take the time to find the place where you do feel good.  If you can find a way to bring joy and balance into the times when you feel out of balance or when you are doing something that doesn’t fully resonate with you; you can continue, but shift your energy.

Sometimes it is just about realizing ‘I choose to be here because I’m supporting my family’. ‘I choose to be in this relationship because in some ways it supports me’.  Remembering that something is a choice is very important.

The group of people that have been in charge mostly behind the scenes on a global level; are now being taken down. I understand that there are differences of opinions about this however, it is true.  Much of what you see happening is a means of them trying to keep their strangle hold on society.

Video - "I AM that I AM, Love, Clearing the 3rd Dimension, Completion" By Shelly Dressel



Here are some ideas for ways you can find support and

raise your vibration:

Focus on your breathing. No matter where you are, no matter what your emotional energy may be, you can shift your vibration through your breathing.  Breathing deeply and holding the energy and light can immediately help you to disconnect.  If you disconnect, then you can refocus.

What is your environment?  This is where people many times take things for granted.  In your home, is there constantly ‘noise’? Noise may come from TV in the background or music in the background; even clutter can be like noise to a person.

Are there maybe lots of people around and talking. Everyone needs to have a place or time of quiet to rebalance.  This may be exercise, reading, meditation; whatever works for you. Oh, don’t forget to smudge!!

Are you paying attention to the news?  The news comes in different formats some can be very agitative and some can be supportive.  Pay attention to how you feel as you are watching or reading. I know you want to know what is going on, however, give yourself a limit. There is a lot of censoring going on right now, therefore, you may need to find different sources. I have advertised through Facebook for a long time however the last two ads have generated mostly spam. 

Sound and light frequency can create change.  You may have heard of the med beds that will become more and more common in the future.  These are based on sound and light.  They emit a frequency that will resonate with a perfect, balanced body. 

You can start working with this through meditation and music.  One artist I’ve always loved is Stephan Halpern.  He has entire CDs of theta, delta, and other frequencies.  He is not the only one, so check out what is out there. What do you like best? I am always open to new ideas. 

The closer we get to 2021, the greater amount of high light energy there will be. The Schumann Resonance will include more of the white in a consistent balanced frequency.  The 3rd dimension doesn’t completely go away; it just is not accessible. 

Think back to the 1980s.  The 5th dimension at that time was beyond what you could imagine; however, it was there. This is what will happen in the reverse.  The 3rd dimension will be there, but you won’t feel it or it will have less impact on your life.  The reason for this is because the entire world and consciousness will be in the 5th dimension or higher.

If you are interested, please check out the channel from Brysentia.  She is the Pleiadian Emissary of Light and this channel can help you feel good and give you information.

Video - "Free Channeled Meditation" - https://youtu.be/sU0BFaBdzx0


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