To all seekers of the great way,

Many of you have likely read my posts in the past regarding ascension and the misunderstandings around this event.  I have attempted to warn others what was occurring and have even resorted to using humor to try and reach out to people (Easter Bunny Channelings).  It is a difficult task to help others see the truth when so much deception plagues humanity.  I eventually gave up trying to make others see what was happening because sometimes you have to learn a lesson the hard way.    I am writing this post out of compassion for my fellow humans and I hope it helps more understand what ascension is really about and some history on your ascended ones.  If my words resonate with your heart and spirit, I suggest you copy them to your desktop because my posts often mysteriously disappear from forums.  It appears there is some force out there that wants you to believe their manufactured truth.  My truth may not be your truth, but I think most people are aware enough now that most of the channelers and paypal gurus out there have a strange relationship with the truth.  The truth is the truth is the truth.  What ever happened to that simple fact?  Did Buddha, Krishna or Jesus come here and deliver decades of lies, false promises, and empty teachings?

I am a Vedic and Buddhist scholar and am a published author on Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.  I feel it is time to fully explain some of the terms loosely used on the net.  I can only assume most are now aware of a hidden force that has been directing things on this planet for a long time.  You just have to study the actions of rogue monarchs and past rulers and it is fairly obvious their actions did not serve the common good of the people they sought to control.  Throughout history they have manipulated the teachings of the great ones and water down scriptures to fit their own dark agendas.  They have created most wars and converted many teaching onto fear based belief systems for control.  They now control our media outlets, religions and major international corporations.  If anyone reading this has one ounce of wisdom and any critical thinking abilities it should become apparent they have not gone away and they are still in full control of this planet.  My question to you now is that if they have done this for 12,800 years, do you think they could also be behind all the false channelings and numerous websites dedicated to giving you the so called truth?  They are simply harvesting emotions and none of us were ever meant to me etheric milk cows for the dark forces.

I am writing this not to bring you down, but hopefully you all will start taking your own powers back and become the sovereign beings you were meant to be.  Be not downcast but full of hope because the great shift of the ages is occurring. There is a two hundred year window between yugas, so this is not going to happen in one night.  However, it will not play out in the manner that many of the recent channelers and popular teachers have presented to us.  People need to take responsibility for their own actions and destiny.  As spiritual beings our main focus should be serving the common good of humanity and taking the steps needed to attain enlightenment. There will be no golden age if our minds are not crystal clear and the Buddha-nature within is not fully awakened.  World peace comes from self-peace and you must be responsible for your own spiritual awakening (enlightenment). Some think the age of the guru is over, but how many are truly enlightened and know the perpetual bliss.  The numbers are still quite low and this is why the ancient ones are returning now. The great ones will not advertise their enlightenment in a forum or expect you to look up to them.  They will not announce their arrival with a parade and they will arrive silently like the morning dew.  You will recognize them by the calmness you will feel in their presence and their words of wisdom will penetrate deep into your spirit.  

There are many paths to full consciousness, but all seekers will end up at a great river that is almost impossible to cross.  The master is just the boat to help you cross the final obstacle safely. When you cross a river in a boat do you worship it and carry it with you for the rest of your life?  See a master as the boat that will help you reach the other shore of consciousness.  You still have to reach the river on your own and paddle across.  In our current world the ones on the other shore are like little children running around with no pants on.  The master is on the other side trying to help them cross, but they are more concerned with playing in the illusions of the material world (maya).  When the master yells across to give assistance they yell back “we are the ones we are waiting for”, or proclaim “the age of the guru is over and we are light workers”.  A few may even yell back “the GFL are bringing enlightenment chambers and we no longer need to do our own spiritual work anymore”.  The master will just smile and laugh as they frolic on the other shore, but in time they will learn they need help to find some pants to wear and find a better way to reach the other shore.  A real master does not care about your body, mind, and precious material possessions.  They mainly care about your soul consciousness.  They know the children on the other shore have all the potentials they have and the only difference between them is the master has crossed the river many times and is fully aware of all obstacles

Many thought Dec 21, 2012 was going to be the end of time or a point of instant ascension and this is all false doctrine.  The Mayan civilization was not recording the end of time, but the return of their sky god Bolan Yokte.  It is the beginning of a new cycle and the calendar resets.  Their pyramids and civilization reached its peak from around 100 AD to 1000 AD.  A critical mind would ask “then why did they have a calendar that started at 3125 BC?” Why have they discovered Hindu figures in Central America?  Did you know Krishna departed around 3102 B.C.?  Perhaps this great avatar also visited the Mayans and that would explain why their calendar started 3000 years before the height of their civilization.  There are smaller cycles within larger solar system cycles and galactic cycles.  It appears that Krishna has a 5139 year cycle where he appears in his full vestiv avatar form.  Five of these cycles occur during one 26,000 year procession of the equinox.  These older souls or ascended masters can project portions of themselves on different planets, but then appear as a full avatar somewhere when some big changes are required like defeating the dark forces.  Krishna is the holy spirit and is not bound to this earth.  He moves freely across the multiverse and can take form anywhere at any time.

Krishna likely projected planenary portions of his full vestiv avatar in between these cycles to help others, but I suspect we will see his return in the near future as a full avatar.  Even the Hopi await the return of Pahana (the white brother from the stars) so there is some connection with all this.  Many Kriya Yoga masters have also started releasing this information to the world.  This is also likely the same person the Buddhist Sangha expect to return called Maitreya Buddha.  If you want to study this further read the Mahabharata, Vishnu Puranas, or Tibetan Kalachakra literature.  Avoid reading anything from Share International as that is not a reliable source and Benjamin Crème's role is to solely to plant confusion and false doctrine around this future Buddhist figure.  Not one single sect within the entire Buddhist pantheon support anything this man has said, so draw your own conclusions.  I am only saying this because he has flooded the net with his version of theosophy and you may get the wrong information about the real coming Buddha.  He is not currently living in London and Creme has highjacked a Buddhist figure for his own gain.

I also highly doubt any of the modern channelers are in communication with the real avatars unless they are a Tara or sage.  When you study ancient scriptures to the extent I have it becomes fairly obvious when a hoaxer enters the picture with pages of empty words and spiritual fluff.   They may proclaim love and light, but once you question their failed predictions or dubious visions of the future their love quickly becomes conditional and they may even attack you personally.  This plays out daily on the internet forums and you should be wise enough to see it occur.  Have you ever heard the saying “if you see a Buddha kill him”.  The real meaning behind that is an awakened one has nothing to claim and it is a serious offence to claim your enlightenment in Buddhism.  A real Buddha or enlightened one would not lay claim to their spiritual achievements, so if you see one claiming this know that something is seriously wrong.  If you ask a Tibetan monk if they are enlightened, they will say “no” very firmly.  The no meaning I refuse to answer this question, but Westerners do not understand the deeper meaning behind this and think there question was answered.   

Be careful of those that openly claim their enlightenment or light warrior status, but have a history of personal attacks and aggressive behaviors.  A true sage lays claim to nothing and only cares about your enlightenment.  Ask the so called light warrior to give you their complete teaching and you will quickly realize they have no real Dharma (teaching) to offer.  They may say “look within and meditate”, but only a teacher would say this.  A real master is wise enough to know the idiot mind and body will be the first two fools to go within and look and the Buddha nature is never revealed this way.  A real master will say the answers lie within, but they are wise enough to know the mind must first rest freely and they may humbly offer a reliable form of meditation to achieve this state.  If you fight the mind with more mind that is a paradox and not a real form of meditation. 

A reliable form of meditation will dissolve the attachments to mind and body to the extent only spirit is left.  That is all there ever was in the first place as your mind, body and heart will turn to dust in time and blow away with the sand.  The spirit within or Buddha-nature is eternal and the body is just a temporary coat.  Most Westerners get stuck trying to purify themselves and the orb of light within is already divine.  The great Chan (Chinese Zen) master Hui Neng made the greatest breakthroughs in this regard. Most of our defilements come from the grasping mind and the body’s five senses, but the god spark or Buddha nature within is fundamentally pure.  A real master will also have an affective from of meditation as many also get stuck performing decades of skeletal meditations that do very little to awaken the Buddha-nature within.  In Tibet you are not even allowed to teach the dharma to others if you have no direct experience yourself.  A blind man will only lead another blind man over the cliff.

The early theosophists kind of misunderstood some of the concepts like ascension.  Buddha Shakyumuni attained perfect enlightenment and upon his passing he ascended to the higher realms and will never return to this earth.   He went into parinirvana and ascended to higher realms in the light.  The Tibetans have a term called the Bardo that explains the different dimensions.  They see enlightenment and death as a different Bardo’s or dimensions.   The astral realm is a bardo you do not want to spend too much time in and many spend as much time there as they do in bodies.  A Rinpoche can pass through this Bardo in 49 days and return to a body because they are not stuck spiritually. When Jesus said as I pass through the valley of death I will fear no evil, he is simply telling people how to pass through the astral realm.  When the Bardo was explained to early theosophists they did not fully understand the deeper meanings behind these terms as none were fully enlightened themselves.   This is part of the reason why so many mistakes about ascension plaque the spiritual community now.  However, you do not change physical dimensions after enlightenment on 3D earth.  That occurs at the moment of death and some even forgo parinirvana and return again to help other sentient beings attain enlightenment and they are called Bodhisattvas. We really did have some masters descend to earth to help us attain our own enlightenment through self-effort, so we to could escape the lower dimensions and slowly make our journey back to source.   Coming here was not ascension for them and they left the realms of light to come here to assist in service.  At that time this was the only way to leave the matrix down here on earth, but during the coming Golden Age this will not be such an issue anymore.

I am not certain, but I think 12 men and 21 women came from the higher realms and that is the real meaning of the number 33.  The 12 women at Vrindavan with Krishna were likely all Taras.  The 21 Tara’s of Atisha were likely some of the same women at the soul level that were with Krishna. These great sisters of the light will bring the divine feminine back to earth and they are all likely incarnated at this time.  We have had thousands of Christed beings on earth, but only four wheel turning Buddha’s in each epoch.  Buddha predicted that in the golden age earth will be blessed with 1000 Buddha’s and this alone is profound.  All the avatars have incarnated many times here, so the names are always changing, but their teachings usually remain in some form.  They are not above any of us and they would not participate in delivering you three decades of false channelings and all this confusion about ascension.  They have a lifetime of real results and teachings to back up their time on earth.  They would not give you a series of false dates and empty promises.  When they appear we usually treat them badly and nail them to crosses because their teachings invoke changes in human consciousness and the dark ones in power don’t want you to discover your own potential. 

It is also possible that an entire planet can ascend, but that requires a radical shift of consciousness before the sun and earth would allow it.  That has not occurred at this point in time.  If you want to help that occur be responsible for your own enlightenment and stop believing all this false doctrine that it will be delivered by some galactic force.  Do you really think the higher worlds would even use the name Galactic Federation of Light?  Do they not have wise sages in the higher realms anymore?  The name alone donates polarity consciousness (duality) and any galactic sage would have made this known during name selection.  Is there also a Galactic Federation of utter darkness?  This is a simple human construct coming from unenlightened minds right here on earth.  They claim they are not permitted to intervene in our affairs, but yet it is acceptable to leave us with decades of false channelings and failed promises.  That alone could potentially cause severe damage and shape our future in a negative way.  It is intervention no matter what excuse they make for themselves.  Ask yourself if this is what the truth is really about.  Would a higher world even act this way?  Silence would have been a far better option, but I think the dark ones have led this propaganda campaign for the most part.  They seem to cater to the needs of the dark before the needs of the common man because not one promise was delivered.  Full consciousness or enlightenment has to happen by our own efforts, so waiting for enlightenment chambers or another guru is just plain foolishness. 

Did you know the first Kalki King of Shamballa (Rudra Chandra) came to the surface to receive the hidden Yoga or Kalachakra Tantra teachings form Shakyumni Buddha?  It was said this king took his people underground to avoid the mark of the beast (DNA manipulation) and they resided there ever since.  These people were taller than us and they are not the Annunaki or Nephilim (rogue Pleidians/Sirians).  Some like to blame the reptilians for all our problems, but it appears we have had some ignorant human races that messed with our past as well.  In fact, they are likely the same visitors messing with us right now, so do not think you have informed opinions on all this based on what you read from their manipulated channeler’s on earth over the last decade.  I would also stop making excuses for the channeler’s delivering these messages because they should have at least had enough self-awareness to choose silence as an option after the first couple of failed predictions, but like a common sociopaths they keep pumping out the false promises and spiritual nothingness week after week. 

The Kalachakra teachings no longer remain on the surface in complete form, but the Tibetans still teach fragments of the original texts. I suspect the dark forces had something to do with removing the original texts.  They did the same thing to the Gospels of Joshua Ben Joeseph (Jesus).  Christians have a very watered down version of his teaching and the early church removed the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and this was the most important one.  It contained Jesus's real enlightenment techniques and higher teachings. They even entered the Mayan civilization later and that is when things turned ugly and human sacrifices began.  The first Kalki King (Rudra Chadrin) wrote the teachings down and returned to Shamballa.  Shamballa became an enlightened society because of this teaching from Buddha Shakyumuni.  Buddha Shakyamuni may have not given the teaching openly to his disciples on the surface because he was aware of the dark ages to come. 

These teachings will be made available again, but you still have to do the work yourself. The first Kalki King did not return with enlightenment chambers from the GFL, and the people there studied the teachings and attained enlightenment through self-effort.   These techniques are apparently still used to this day, but it is difficult to research this topic as the Tibetans keep very quiet about this race.  If you were in Tibet and told a monk you saw a giant in strange dress they would just smile and say it is a Shamballa warrior protecting the entrances to inner earth.   Shamballa is said to be a country of approximately 90 million people.  No one there travels to Northern Shamballa as this is the sacred land of Kalki Maitreya and the Shamballa warriors.  Even Rama had flying machines when he came up from the inner earth 6000 years ago to defeat the dark forces in the Ramayana wars. Rama and Krishna were the same life stream.  If there really is a UFO war going on at the poles they are likely preventing our secret government and their off world controllers (visitors) from entering.  They have defeated them before and this is likely why we were never fully taken over.  They obviously had advance technology for a long time, but Rudra Chandra still received a complete teaching from Buddha Shakyamuni thousands of years after the time of Rama.  They could use light and sound as a spiritual aid, but no sage would allow some light chamber device to do this in an instant.  I suspect planetary ascension would only occur if large numbers of sentient life on a planet reached higher states of consciousness naturally and then the sun and earth would then synchronize to that new energy.   There is a symbiotic relationship in every solar system between the suns, planets and all sentient life.

If you have become so lazy that you think some galactic group is going to deliver enlightenment via a light chamber, you do not understand anything about real spiritual development and evolution.  The spirit can only ascend when the mind can rest naturally and the Buddha nature within can change polarity and rise up effortlessly.  The real meaning behind the kundalini awakening is simply the lower chakras uncoiling and counter rotating in a way that releases the orb of light within from the lower chakras. It rises up fairly fast and when it reaches the crown chakra you are enlightened.  This is when the spirit is in the driver seat of your existence once again and it is permanent.  There are only 7 chakras and this will not change.  The channeler’s describing more chakras are also spewing false doctrine.  Most don’t have any real teachings so they use the classic one up man ship approach to gain street credibility. The Vedic teachings came from inner earth and they still have seven as well and their DNA was not altered.  Nothing can ever be forced and it is a natural evolution.  I think you are being told to wait for light chambers to help prevent you from doing the real spiritual work right now.  We are in the galactic sweet spot for rapid spiritual evolution, so do the work now and stop listening to all the nonsense.  How many years have they been stringing you along with this false doctrine.  If most spent as much time doing actual spiritual work, as they have trying to figure this all out many would have attained moksha (enlightenment) by now.  This is part of the game and the reason for so much disinformation and confusion.

Humans are lazy sometimes and if they are told enlightenment will be delivered to them on a silver platter they will stop doing the real work.  Even the arhat (enlightened one) can descend after enlightenment if the mind, body and spirit are not ready and working in perfect synchronicity, so rushing things can cause a lot of problems.  Enlightenment was never easy to attain and those that know the bliss, but do not have a complete teaching, likely reached that state because of spiritual advancements in past lives.  Enlightenment was never an easy thing to attain and even if you had a big heart and found the best Kriya Yoga master or Tibetan Vajrayana master (Tantra) it could still take 6-10 years to shift your consciousness.  I mention these two schools because they have the most results in terms of actual awakened ones.  Most of you would be surprised to know just how many Tibetan monks are enlightened, but they do a lot of spiritual work to reach this state. If you know the Hidden Yoga and your heart is strong it will come much sooner now.

I have no idea if the return of the Kalki Avatar or Maitreya Buddha is imminent, but I suspect it will occur soon.  The Tibetans call the last Kalki King Ridgen Jyepo or the wrathful wheel turner.  If you read the Vishnu Puranas he will come to remove the dark forces by direct means.  I am sorry if this does not fit with the love and light agenda, but it should be apparent to most by now that the dark ones are still in full control.  Many Hindu scholars think the Kalki Avatar will not return for 400,000 years, but I am certain we have made huge mistakes in understanding the length of each yuga.  The great Kriya Yoga master Sri Yukteshwar (Moses) saw time as a descending arc.  However, the arc was more of a spiral like a conch shell this arc descends faster towards the end of the Krita Yuga.   Sacred geometry can be used to illustrate this and Sri Yukteshwar figured out part of this puzzle, but like the geometry in a conch shell time will eventually collapse as you reach the center point.  The changes between yugas can take 200-300 years on each side so stop looking for some instant fix to materialize.  A real disciple of the great way has heart, patience and enourmous amounts of equanimity.

I think the time for the great awakening is now and you will see some big events in the coming years.  All this stuff about merging timelines is also false doctrine as we are currently living one reality.  The people saying this are becoming desperate and want you to feel reliant on them for our evolution.  The ancient scriptures do not mention the GFL or all these other characters you hear about.  The wrathful wheel turner will return and if the prophecy is true he will come with 12 divisions of fully armed Shamballa warriors.  Each division has 12,000 warriors and this is the real meaning of the 144,000 that follow the Krist (Krishna was the first advent of the Krist).  It may sound like a small number, but they will not be some conventional force and the prince of darkness will likely get his butt kicked hard.  If you are Christian please understand Jesus Christ was not the first Krist, but he is on the same team a Krishna and is likely one of the 12 men that came here from the higher realms.  I highly doubt the entity called Sanada has anything to do with the real Joshua Ben Joseph because he has failed to deliver on any of his promises and predictions.  A real guru delivers results and does not have a life time of failed promises.

I hope this helps explain some of the confusion about real ascension and the ascended masters.  If we really changed dimensions on Dec 21 most of all living life on earth would have vaporized. I also hope the ones that support all these false channelings understand that it is a very serious offence in the spiritual world to falsely claim you have contact with this planets real spiritual hierarchy. If your messages are actually holding others back spiritually you commit the most serious offence of all.  The people that blindly post all this false doctrine are also contributing to this, so be more aware of what you post, or you may end up on the wrong side of history real soon.  I pray that you find your way back to the light because justice will be delivered by the flaming sword for all those that have harmed to innocent and prevented the true seekers of light from finding their way home.  This is not fear based propaganda and it was foretold in the Vedas, Kalachakra Tantra, and Revelations.  

We are not on some new timeline and the prophecies will be fulfilled.  Do you really believe several timelines merged on Dec 21, 2012 or are you wise enough now to see through the deception?  Have faith and hope that a better world will come, but stop reading all these false channelings and feeding the dark ones your despair and feelings of hopelessness when none of their promises eventuate. Focus on what you can do today rather than waiting for a savior to arrive tomorrow.  Become a true warrior of light and focus solely on serving the common good and winning your own enlightenment through right practice and self-effort.  The Buddha-nature within is the orb of light connected to all that is. We are living in the age of the Kalki Avatar and the golden age will come.  When the wars stop and the harming of the innocent ceases (including animal slaughter) our true brothers and sisters in the higher realms will contact us.  If we meet the Kalki Avatar in the coming months I doubt he will be hanging out with Ashtar, Sananda, and the GFL. The prophecy of Maitreya Buddha says when you see iron snakes on fire in space you will know the warriors of Northern Shamballa have come.  If this never happens and the prophesies are also false, at least you will know and experience the perpetual bliss of enlightenment and the world will change because we alone lifted our vibrations to a higher place.

This planet will become a sovereign world and no galactic manipulators or outside power is going to control us ever again. Focus your efforts towards enlightenment and serving others.  You are all true Knights of the Holy Grail and we will find our way through this. It is time to stand up and say “no more”. The earth would not endure if these ancient ones did not help, so be respectful of their sacrifices.  They came so we could reach our full potential and many suffered dearly for it.  As long as you give your power to empty religions, beliefs, or some galactic saviors we will never truly be free. All souls will find their way home, so we must walk together in unity now.  No one is free until we are all free.  If the forums you visit continue selling you empty promises and spiritual fluff perhaps it is time to focus your energies to something more rewarding for the spirit and flood the blogs with truth.  The great awakening starts now.  Awaken the Buddha nature within and be forever free.  Always remember loving kindness, simplicity, beauty, and compassion towards all living things are the only attributes you will need to see the fifth world dawn.

Be well,

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  •  The Prophet Isaiah said "This is The Way walk you in it". Yeshuah taught His Disciples the Way and that was 2,000 years ago and after Mary Magdalene went to France to get away from the intense persecution and died of cancer. Yeshuah returned to the East while His son went West with Joseph of Arimathea his Uncle. Yeshuah married again to Lydia and had the mythical St. George who did not slay the dragon as his Father Yeshuah did. As to the 21/2012 my intuition told me that 12/12/12 was very special being the first time in 26,000 years that our Sun had lined up with its Central Sun Alcyone which I see has morphed into Sion and Zion. From 12/12 to 21/12 was a 9 day download of energy from the Central Sun energizing our Atomic Diamond God Cells booting up our 12 strand DNA which started the 3 days after bringing us to Christmas Eve which according to Jeremiah 10 was a pagan festival. Which it is Not being the First time in 26,000 years that we line up with the Central Sun and this event has always been heralded by an Avatar. This time everyone in their Higher Self Body attended a Very Special Christ or Krist Mass as Higher Consciousness has been activated globally and in this Solar System. Where ever I go I attract happy bemused people. They are happy as their hearts are bubbling with love and it is in the smile on their faces while others wade through the junk the cleansing of their body has bought to the surface. You too Tsongkhapa are also experiencing this. When I look at Shamballa and then the Kaballa and then across to South America where is the Uiballa and then into the Pacific where the Mother sank. I look at the Mayans and Siam (Mayas) and into Tibet where we have the Lamas and Rimpoches. In South America the Llamas everything is returning to Unity as the knowledge is being placed on the table being brought out of its Sacred places.

    So much has happened and is happening I just wonder where everyone is who is on This Sacred Path. Thankfully they are all still being guided at least. Blessings my brother I loved your words but even you still have your barriers where as with All That Is there are NONE. Cheers Light Joy Balance Grace Harmony kingjeff8114552053?profile=original

  • Fantastic message, hopefully people learn from it.

  • This resonates with me, probably more than anything I've seen on this site in a LONG time. Thank you so much.

  • more people need to relax and think this way. doomsayers are just debbie downers.

  • Black and white, neither is right just opinion.

    The main reason why people come to disagreement is miscommunication,
    You just need to be clear and listen to each other the problem with a forum, I bet if you met face to face you wouldn't have this problem
  • I am surprised to hear that Yogananda was Jesus . Where did you learn it? I do not recall he mentioned this in his book? If that is true, it explains why I was attracted to him and quietly warship him. I am not a religious person even though my parents were Buddhists. Yet I am equally attracted to Jesus and even have a crazy idea that I was a disciple of Christ in the past life.  Looks like I am attracted to the same person after all !

    As you know Yogananda taught the world that Buddhism and Christianity shared many things in common. All these great souls taught us the same thing; we are all equal and love others. When Dalai Lama  was asked about his religion by a reporter, he replied that his religion was simple and that was to be kind to people. 

    Here in England there are many yoga classes but nobody teaches Kriya Yoga, or at least I cannot find any.


  • thank you, this is of comfort to me to know.

    many thousand of years the so called, self proclaimed and worshiped by other's are not what they say they are.
    too many church and state lies for control of the masses has been done, by talk the talk, and can't walk the walk.

    intentions of the person who protrays to be a role or being, may not be for evil or hurting actions but other reason like survival in this world of scarity of food, shelter, and not of love, eat or die, and try not to be eaten, or have your resources taken from others who are only trying to do the same, to live another day.
    this has many levels in the metaphors i speak, it is hard for me to feel it, taik it, walk it. for i am only hard wired to survive this way, and i catch myslef in the actions.and i see others are the same, we are one.
    i use to bury myslef in role playing and beliveing my own acting as real. i was a hippie free loving, happy happy. but i could not blend it into my hard wiring. i try to be the child heart inside me, and it makes me cry for what see and what is. compassion is knowlegde of knowing our hard wiring, and forgiveing ourselfs and others . spring fever of all living things etc. is an example, not an excuse to let it go wild, no progress will come of it.

    blessings to all of us for we are all one
  • thanks for sharing your heart with others, it is divine child like wisdom, and atomic, magnetic energy we all feel, and are.

    one queston: can anyone here bend spoons by touching or looking at them. this i.m.h.o. is atomic magnetic power some children and some adults have, has been scientificlly tested and is a FACT. i truly wonder what they know as truth.

    i can't do it to that degree. nor do i know many truths, just that we are ALL ATOMS PERIOD, WE ARE ALL ONE. the blending of the atoms , this is hard to put into words. polartiy frequency negative and positive is something i am still in the dark about, but not blind.

    blessing to all of us for we are all one
  • @tsongkhapa11

    Thank you for the wonderful message. There are new discoveries for me in your message and I resonate with most of the content except your denial of GFL or Ashtar. If there are ascended galactic species and which I believe there are , then it is logical to think that they form some kind of councils or organisations for the effectiveness of their actions. 

    As I am a secret admirer of Paramahansa Yogananda and have read most of his books, if not all , and his guru's over the past 20 years, I understand your thoughts came from Buddhist teachings, and are based upon the history. As I understand that 21 December 2012 ascension is a planet ascension with her living beings, rather than the individual, which is an unique event and has never happened in the history of galaxy. If this is the case, we cannot judge it with the knowledge of history. 

    The UFO disclosure has recently started to happen by the Russian premier for instance.  Once the disclosure becomes fully blown and ETs are openly contacted, then I believe they will help us in many ways including planetary ascension. If you have been following some of 'reliable' channellers, they, the galactic friends, have been encouraging us to do our own spiritual works and only those who have raised enough vibrations can ascend with the Earth. They have never said they would swing a magic wand for us to ascend. I agree there are many unreliable channellers and many messages simply do not make sense. it is up to us to siphon off false information.

    We could be more open minded for new events/things, n'est pas?

  • In my opinion, true seekers never stop looking for looking for GOD.

    Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming.

    For these people, the goal is not to find "the answer." Their goal is to grow through their experiences and learn how to better treat themselves and everything around them with unconditional LOVE.

    They'll never stop looking. They will get rid of old habits and develop new ones. They will study various religious belief systems and take away only that which resonates with them. They will strive to be a perfect spirit--they will always fall short of this, but they forgive themselves for any mistakes they make.

    I don't have the answers. 

    I don't need them. 

    I am living in the now, and I have an abundance of love and light in my heart.

    I am happy.

    I'm trying to make all that I encounter feel the same.

    much love.

    : )

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Sananda, One Who Serves and Shoshanna - THE GREAT AWAKENING IS NOW COMING TO A CONCLUSION via James McConnell

ANCIENT AWAKENINGS Sunday Call 3/27/2022 (Sananda, OWS, & Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell THE GREAT AWAKENING IS NOW COMING TO A CONCLUSION Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self These messages…

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Ashtar, One Who Serves and Shoshanna - YOU ARE CREATING YOUR NEW REALITY via James McConnell

ANCIENT AWAKENINGS  Sunday Call 3/20/2022 (Ashtar, OWS, & Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell YOU ARE CREATING YOUR NEW REALITY Ashtar and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self These messages were given during…

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