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So I came through a long period of taking medication for anxiety without prescription! They worked well for over a year but it was time to drop them because they were not fulfilling their potential and raising dosage was out of the question. I know when something is not what I thought it was and dump it. Like everything on this world it can be the best thing ever and then turn on you and become your worst enemy.

So I did the right thing and went to my doctor to be guided off under supervision. The doctor did his thing and lowered the dose gradually over a few weeks and got me clean with a little help from the fact I did my part. I did not know that the doctor had forwarded me to a shrink when I first came in looking for help. 

After a few weeks I was feeling fine and getting on with life when a letter arrived telling me I had an appointment with a shrink! I was annoyed at not being asked by the doctor but felt obliged to go after the doctors help. I was also interested to see how that shrink system works with my own eyes. I do not trust shrinks at all. 

I am a perfectly normal person so I was not worried about that part at all, it was more of a challenge for me to get to play some games with them. On the first meeting I was waiting for half hour after appointment time and was entertained by a woman talking on a phone but nobody on the other side. I was called in.

Then I was interviewed for 1 and half hours about all the usual questions about hearing voices and do you think you are an alien? They asked that question. I answer the questions honest and give the appropriate answers. How can anyone not know the right answers to give? It strikes me they all seem to have very low IQ.

So after this all the shrink wanted to do was put me on ssri medication which is far worse than the medication I was on in the first place. Eventually after some experience I told them I would never touch that kind of medication under any circumstances. This seemed to make the shrink angry!

So 6 weeks later I had another appointment. That was today and I really thought about not going beforehand but felt I should out of people pleasing! I am getting on great and clean of what I wanted to be off in the first place and wonder why am I going to these appointments. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and that is all. Easy deal with tiny dose of emergency medication.

The shrink kept me waiting for half hour even though nobody in office, one woman went in for chat. Shrink saw me waiting. So I go in for session and shrink seems angry I will not take dangerous ssri medication and gives me the most uncaring session of my life with someone supposed to be a professional. I will never go to a shrink again after this experience but I am glad I was willing to have the experience for myself to see the system from the inside.

Also the shrink was wearing religious garments. So when the session was over I told her she is suffering from cognitive dissonance because she seems to be following uncomplimentary disciplines. Just had to get all that out of my system...more experience and lessons learned. Will not be going back!

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Good for you...You have the power...Nobody can help you if you give them your power...You will be fine when you believe in yourself..and not in that others will heal you...I talk to my body elemental and thank it for keeping my body and mind healthy...I also talk to my body cells...they are intelligent and you can ask them and your body elemental to keep you healthy...Also watch what food you put in your body...Blessings...

When I read the title of this post I thought it was the meds that made you shrink. But it was the shrink that wanted to put you on meds :) Great you walked out of there.

Very, very true words.

Now what usually happens, when i look at something on the internet, similar to this idea of we can't serve two masters and especially cheering anyone that says it, the matrix people start getting in my face. I'm use to it by now and source has my back.



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