I had a dream a while back which has since come back
to haunt me, particularly because I feel like I finally understand
the guy in the dream who refused to take back his power and 
help us fight back.

I was with a group of friends and like any typical dream, they
were a group of people I didn't particularly know in real life,
yet they were long time friends in dream land. We were 
intact with some of our abilities, or what people would 
call power I guess. (Again at this point in time I knew nothing
about 2012, ascension, aliens etc.)

Anyway, we were commissioned to be 'messengers' and 
'escorts' to a very important person who needed to help us
fight back the coming war. I guess this might be seen as
a potential 'invasion' by negative ETs.

They were the kind of person who, without them we had
very little chances of winning. I don't know why but apparently
they either had some very powerful abilities or they had some
very important knowledge that our forces needed to use against
the enemy.

We were in a very crowded area, something looking like a Chinese
marketplace, very tight packed. Lucky to have space between you
and the next person. Anyway we were given information that this 
person was rumoured to be in hiding in this area. I eventually spotted
him in the crowd, and with a sudden burst of energy I swept up over 
the crowd to get nearer to him. Upon seeing me, he and his friends ran
because they knew why myself and my group were after him.

Looking back on the dream I don't think myself and the group were
being told the full story because of my new understanding on where
this guy was coming from. We just seemed to be stupid pawns in
our side's play in the war following orders without question, wanting
to appease our higher ups. 

We eventually caught him up, he was cornered in a shop. He and his
friends looked very young, about 20s. We asked him to take back his 
power by accepting it once again and come with us to fight in the 
coming war, but he refused. I told him how jealous I was of him having
this incredible power and having so much of the world's attention and 
expectations weighing upon him, as if it were something to live up to.

He looked at me with frustration and sadness and told me he would 
never fight again. If they wanted what he had so badly, I could take his
power but first he wanted to show me something. I looked in to a mirror
he was holding and found myself inside the world that appeared to be his

The sky was black and red, as far as I could see the land was foreign but
completely devastated by something terrible. I could only assume a great 
amount of fighting took place there. By the look on the guy's face I think
it was his homeland. I saw him and his friends in their mirror world, fighting 
and struggling to survive. There weren't many people left on this world.

I woke up from that dream still in my idiot frame of mind thinking "Wow,
I wish I could be that guy and be so important". But now I'm understanding
the message better and I don't blame him. I think this by far was the best
dream I ever had, despite how sad it is. (It actually really calmed me down,
writing this. I was really frustrated moments ago.)

I guess the message of this dream is pretty straight forward, except there's
just one part about it I don't quite understand. I think it's metaphorical in a sense,
and i'm terrible with metaphors. I had two friends with me, which made us a group
of three. Our 'abilities' were represented by elements. Like when I surged forward
over the crowd, I did so by manipulating the wind, which was my ability. The guy we 
were after, had some sort of affinity with fire. He was using those kinds of abilities
in his memory/ mirror world. (I guess this is what ultimately helped destroy his 
homeworld without him realizing the effects it was having during the fighting.)

So if the guy had actually joined us, it would have made our group complete with
each of us representing the four elements of earth, air, water and fire. Supposedly,
fire is the most powerful and destructive out of the four elements.

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  • "Stay on Earth to ascend, don't go in to any ships"

    Listen to that. This is important, that dimension was created for those not ready for ascension. It is not a fake 5th dimension is is a between dimension, where those that do not want to ascend can learn and grow further.

    The only time people will be lifted of the planet is in the event of very large natural disasters. For that GFL, Ashtar as well as the Ark is ready to do so on a moments notice.

    The dark is trying to lure people to get on ships, to keep those ready from ascending.

    There are many out there ready to act in the event that some apocalyptic event is triggered, though many are working very hard like Reiz to keep everyone here safe.

    We are ready and waiting for Gaia to make her shift. Please never fear.

    Love and Light
  • Not to sound ironic or anything,but i had a dream very Similar to this.Not 100% right on everything you told here,but it came pretty close,but in that dream i was the "One"...
  • Yes, well if you are going to wait for assistance and support, You can give up now! It is only promised to get us off our butts and doing it for yourself.

    You are given 2 hands and the power to do it yourself, there is no great being coming to save you! YOU are that great being!

    We here have to get up stand together and pull this wagon through the drift! The great being will only cheer us on.

    We came here to learn, so get up and learn! We are all we got!
  • Reminds me of myself in some ways... I feel as if some spirits think this about me... however it is not true. It is because I cannot help when I dont have the support I need from people and the universe... especially when I am in a state of total struggle for survival.
  • Hi Ann, Thats funny you should mention that cause I always sense what peoples intensions are ahead of time but its usually the not so good intentions. Comes to me in thoughts or feelings.

  • We have a potpourri of knowledge that which is genuine and real that which is concocted and artificial and that which is on a need to know basis. Who controls everything? The catholic church which was taken over around 1000 -1500 yrs ago and lost its purity eversince. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul formerly Constantinople after King Constantine of Britain who strongly defended the original teachings of the Kephaliah which became modernized to the Gospels a German name. This early sanctity was later destroyed with the area in derision today.Dan Brown came out with Opus Dei in the background controlling things. This is the area of the Mafia and if we look we find that Attila the Hun over ran the Vatican which became his vassal state paying ransom.
    He established his son Oga Dei for the church to pay tribute to. Stargates are real as that is the story behind the board game of Chess and Snakes and Ladders. Nephilim and Nibiru Remember the earth was flat and nobody went through the Pillars of Hercules as you fell off a massive waterfall into an abyss.
    In the Pacific Ocean in their language they have the word Nephilima which was in their culture before the Bible came into existance. In Western Australia is Lake Nebiru which is an Aborigine word. So as I say there is truth and there is ignorance why only yesterday I saw the words on the Tibet border with China and a Pass is named Kongka La Pass which is an impregnable Granite mountain range. If we read it right to left we have La=Sun Ka = Spirit or Soul and Kong which says the Sun Spirit of Kong. Hello is this where they invented the story of King Kong from a real live ancient king in a stronghold which they have always been trying to break in to. Now there are UFO's coming out of there. Light and Love kingjeff
    This website is not yet developed.
  • "there was never a good war, or a bad peace" - B. Franklin
    What I got from your discussion about your dream- the only way to win at war, is not to play. (that's not to say, lay down and take it, but there are ways to accomplish goals without the use of violence). The most powerful and most remembered victors of war are those who did not use violence. (Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr, Dali Lama, etc) granted you can think of powerful violent victors, we are forced to learn about those guys in school (G.Khan, Hitler, etc) I guess the value of a leader lies in the eye of the beholder, many will choose the later to follow, and that is unfortunate, war begets war, violence begets violence. Good thing many will also choose to follow the teachers of peace. If more people would realize that they are eternal beings, (this body is just a suite we use to live on this planet), more would look for peaceful solutions to their problems ,since killing the earth suite is pointless and redundant, if they strike us down we return to our original form, our eternal form and they in turn make us more powerful then they could possibly imagine. Just think how many light beings are just waiting to return when permission is given from the Creator of ALL things and everything, the dark ones won't stand a chance and that knowledge makes me happy, can't wait to be free from the negative energy so prevalent on this plain of existence, can't wait for our divine galactic family to escort the dark ones out of our realm :)
  • Was their any mention of the ether element? It is believed by the Maya that after the 5th sun (2012) the earth will be ruled by the Ether element.
  • WT Phill?? This muse is sucky and does not do anything for me but just want to go out and hold up a servo!! lols

    Get off that Cacao!!

    Miss Leo
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