I've been searching for guidance for the past 20 years of my 24 years of life. Since birth my mother would point out the abundance of the number 11 in our lives. She was born on March 11, 1960 (311) got pregnant at 21, lost the baby very late term, and then got pregnant with me. I was born 3 weeks late - as if I was waiting for an ELEVEN to be born. Due towards the end of March, I was born on April 11, 1985 (411 - "information") 4 minutes shy of 11:00am. I was very sick and my mother went into a coma. My father named me Kelly Elizabeth. "K" is the *11*th letter of the alphabet, and my name numerology turns out to be none other than ELEVEN. After me they lost another baby, again, very late term - my mother never got her period and was told she was infertile as a teen. Hormone therapy didn't work EXCEPT for when she became pregnant with us. After the 2nd lost baby she had my brother - and guess when he was born? Yup - on the ELEVENTH of September (September 11, 1989 = 911 "emergency). His numerology ALSO comes out to be ELEVEN. My mother soon got sick after his birth and eventually lost her mind (she has drug-resistant left temporal lobe epilepsy with a liver tumor which makes medicating her difficult. She soon developed severe depression-turned-bipolar disorder and after many, many suicide attempts they began performing electric shock treatments (ECT) on her and after that last hospitalization she came home with "the voices"; she became schizophrenic. The voices did 2 things: berrated her, and made her *count*. The number 11 followed her and by this point me as well. On forums I see 11 comments, 11:11 appears on the clock all the time, as well as 9:11 and 4:11. On 9/11/2001, the day of my brothers 13th birthday the WTC towers were struck, with my father working a block away in time square, Manhattan. He, however - is not an 11 - but rather born 9/21/60 - coincidentally the same birthday (9/21) as my mother-in-law. I met my life partner in highschool. We knew each other for 2 years but began speaking over the joint deaths of our grandmothers. He was born 8/8/85 at 8:18 AM. We began dating on the ELEVENTH of January at apx 11:00pm. (officially though he "asked" for exclusivity on the 12th, the following day). I had a very rough life, as did my mother - who it seems survived it all only to birth us, and then her illness catapulted her into an agoraphobic, near comatose state. As a child (before the age of 8) my brother and I would play in what we called "another plane" or "dimension" called "mirror land". We could "feel" the energies of these supposed beings as well as the "energy" of people around us. We soon learned that we were empaths as the emotional baggage of others (I taught highschool for a year and due to the overflow of energy radiating off of the kids I'd come home at 3pm and sleep until 5am the next day and begin all over - that is - until I became inexplicably NEAR DEATH-ill on the 2nd day of my honeymoon - which lead me to the path of spiritual research as I scrambled through every source possible for a title to the illness that was killing me and baffling 40+ doctors all over the tri-state NY area). All of us 11's - my mother, brother, and I (we have no other family living but my father, who is a 21) felt as if we didn't belong - either in this time (my mother said she was born in the wrong era), or on the wrong planet (as a child I felt a strong connection to Jupiter), or in a hell-plane/parrallel universe where our "powers" had been stolen from us. We went to Catholic school and watched Disney - so these ideas seem to have been intuitive. All three of us felt that we were telepathic (and to a degree we always have been - but not to the extent to which we can speak exclusively through mind control - which we all felt we had the ability to do but in this "mistaken" dimension in which we were born this "talent" could not be used), telekinetic (I felt that I could move things through the focus of my mind but that Id been "de-programmed" - my brother felt this as well, and we were both younger than 10 y/o when these feelings were at their strongest), and that we were on this planet for a very important service-to-others mission. We also felt a time limit. From elementary school and up through college I told my mother I saw my life ending during my 20's (I am 24). My brother has said similar - and both my mother and brother have attempted suicide trying to "cross over" into the CORRECT dimension/planet/era lo que sea. That's another thing. I was born deaf yet had the ability to understand most languages. As I grew older (and had a bunch of ear cannal reconstructions) I finally began to speak (my last surgery I was 13 and they didn't even *realize* I was deaf until I was 5) with NO SPEECH IMPEDIMENT whatsoever. The doctors called me "the miracle baby" - as I defied science time after time. I defied death in and out of utero (in-utero tests showed severe birth defects and twice my parents were advised to abort, but because my mother was "infertile" they decided to "love" me regardless) and spent the first two years of my life hospitalized for spinal deformities, stomach pre-maturity (though I was born late), lung and kidney deformations, and jaundice. My spine was curved into an "S" shape and I was in physical therapy until 16 in attempts to lessen the pain. I was declared dead before "resurrecting" at the time of birth - and was actually "no name Callahan" for 2 weeks in the NICU because my father refused to name another baby only to watch it die. I went from years 16 to 20 mas o menos healthy - but then my spine began re-twisting per vertebrae, tumors were found throughout my abdomen and *AGAIN* - as to defy science - would be undetectable the very next day through sonogram. On the ELEVENTH of October, 2008 and while on birth control (mid-cycle) I began a 40 day long period (AGAIN - defying science) and after that I never saw another period (its been 15 months since my last period). At this time I began LACTATING and the skin between my eyes FELL OFF leaving nothing but a bundle of nerves. For a year to follow the external skin to my "third eye" would decay from the inside out (they contribute this to a rare disease called "Behcet's Syndrome), and they found a tumor on my PITUITARY GLAND in my brain. All of this, as if haulting my spiritual growth and my discovery of who I truly am and what my mission really is before "time runs out", as I predicted during most of my childhood that my time would stand still before I turned 30.So sorry for the novel - but I saw, once again, an 11 when I stumbled upon a psychic web site that is giving away free "angel feathers" that she discovered on my birthday, April 11th. That is apx the 20th time I've seen an 11 today - and almost a dozen times 4/11 has popped up. Due to the hormone imbalance form the brain tumor I went from a size 0 to a size "large" - a 50 pound weight gain with a gaping whole between my eyes that heals and returns once a month for the past year. Doctors are baffled. I am a buddhist convert and a studying Ayurvedic practitioner. I also do chakra work with crystals every day at 4:00pm for at least an hour, trying to discover my mission and FINALLY communicate with the multi-dimensional beings I met in "Mirror Land" so long ago... and no one has any advice for me. No forum, no psychic, no You Tube channelers - no one seems to be able to help me...do you have any advice???Thanks for taking the time out to read this ... every word of it is true ... and there's even MORE to the story I just can't type anymore without pain. Please help me channel. I feel there is someone desperately trying to reach me and I them - but we just can't get there. There has to be someone who can help me channel/scry - SOMETHING. I have survived so much in my life - from physical and psychological abuse to the death of almost everyone close to me before turning 14, to the difficult life I had pre 5 and all the physical ailments - all the times I should have died - I thought at my wedding it was FINALLY over - that "God" had put me through literally what I considered the "REAL" hell in order to deserve the rewards to follow - but then - just 2 days into my HONEYMOON my world falls apart and this time the pieces are just too small and there are just too many to put back together without divine intervention... I didn't go through all of this just to rot away like this at 24 years old. I survived SO MUCH sadness and death and illness and abuse and adversity! I did it all right! I SURVIVED! I got straight A's in school WITH ADHD and a laundry list of learning dissabilities and all while caring for my criminally insane mother and protecting my baby brother I DID IT and survived all of the *KNOWING* that I had a supreme purpose and that it would all end well. I had my BA and a national certification in secondary education, adolescent psychology, and Spanish by age 20 and by 21 I was a highschool teacher with what should have been a glorious future ahead of me... there has to be a reason... this HAS to be preparation for something...something BIG - and I need to know what it is now... it's been 24 very long and hard years ... I can't take another 20... I won't... It can't all be for nothing... and if it is, then all of this divination and god talk is meaningless because what god would torture an already tortured soul for NO REASON and with NO BENEFIT unless I was some sort of MASOCHIST in a past life. Please help me communicate with my counterparts. Tip me on what crystals to use (I have 100s from raw to tumbled - I use channeling quartz, star sapphire (tumbled), phantom quartz, and raw amethyst points or chevron amethyst on my third eye most commonly, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, azurite, raw or tumbled aquamarine, or blue calcite on my throat chakra (usually), rose quartz (which is my stone of choice - I have apx 10 raw chunks, 3 wands, 3 tumbled hearts, 3 tumbled stones, and a tiny, rare elestial) on the heart chakra, along with 5 green aventurine around the chunk of rose quartz if I'm gridding, or 5 inward quartz points. If I;m not gridding my heart I also use rhodochrosite, rhodonite as my normal heart chakra stones. On my solar plexus I use tigers' eye, authentic amber, a chunk of citrine with terminations coming off of it, yellow jasper, a combo stone of malachite and chrysocolla sometimes (and I use another on my third eye when doing this for integration) and sometimes copper. On my sacral chakra I use carnelian always plus orange jasper amd sometimes I'll add copper here instead of on the solar plexus. On my root I use galena to integrate other-worldly beings with my core because I always use a large chunk of smoky quartz at the root as well. I also use ruby there and garnet, almongst other dark stones like black tourmaline, jet, and onyx. Lastly, on my feet - well, under my feet - I point a large smoky quartz generator pointed upward toward my body under each foot for further grounding. I often connect each chakra point with double terminated quartz points.I sleep with my stones in hand and under the pillow. I have a crystal grid set out with 11 quartz points set outward with the center grid containing a matrix of apx 50 tiny amethyst points, a chunk of rose quartz and aqua marine, a citrine chunk with "babies" as well as a smoky quarts generator with a baby; a clear quarts twin cluster and a moonstone merkaba at it's core.I play a tibetan singing bowl with my intentions written on thin paper inside the bowl in an attempt to set the vibrations of my intentions through the earths core and frequency grid. I also light incense daily and have a wide array of essential oils and loose herbs (I combine ayurveda with tibetan buddhism and new age therapies). I also wear a DT rose quartz pendant on my neck coupled with a DT amethyst on a silver chain. ANY advice is welcome.Thanks for taking the time out to read this ... every word of it is true ... and there's even MORE to the story I just can't type anymore without pain.Thank youKCR of the 11'sPICS ATTACHED - 2 OF MY 3RD EYE RECURRENT LESION AND 1 OF MY WEDDING JUST 1 YEAR AGO *****(((and 3 more attacks on the external third eye skin are in the 1st reply to this post)))


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  • http://www.emergingearthangels.com/ Read this ...it might help you a bit further.
  • I think you are doing to mutch at the same time and are overloaded. Somewhere in my past i did the same,and got totaly out of balance. i think you should take a brake and enjoy simple things out of life. You can always pick up afterwards,because what is yours will always be,now or later. As for 24 years...try 80 or 90 for some people...I have always said to people that the road to ascention is a dificult one and dangerous,especially of you let yourself go overboard to fast and without proper guidance and with guidance i do not mean web-sites and so on,you need a person who knows next to you,who can suport you and who knows the in and outs of everything.This is just my opinion...
  • I feel a simple answer is what you need, but not an answer that will work for you.
    While I am working on that a quick tip.. (and I cant believe I have found someone who I am suggesting this to but you are unique...) Obsidian, for the site between your eyes,
    It should be smooth not spiked.
    Visualise your 3rd eye forming in the *centre* of your mind, the centre of a triangle formed between the 2 eyes you see with and the base of your skull at the back of the neck where you communicate with your body and the crown of your head.
    and please.... let me know how you get on.. I'll keep working on the rest.
    Light and Love
  • Well there were 11 comments on this discussion about the number 11 so i guess i must be number 12? That is if i know how to count? You can stay stuck on number 11 as it sounds like you have been for most of your life,or you can move on to number 12.Wisdom is greater than knowledge and the source of all wisdom is the HU. But then again maybe it is isnt, who knows who cares ? Do you? Maybe you created the situation that you now find yourself in ? Someone did? Who? .Whats that saying in the new testament,Jesus says,Take up thy bed and be healed? Im not sure if thats the way it was said but it was something like that.I think i once read of a study that people who wanted to commit suicide ,they were given a few days of sleep deprivation and their depression dissappeared, see the connection between the words ,deprivation and depression? deprive your depression of its sleep and your depression decreases.Your happiness increases.Try sitting up for a few days take some time off from sleep and when you are tired sit in meditation.You created this situation you find yourself in, so instead of being pissed off at the world,find a solution to the problem you created! Good luck!
    • Hello Kelly,

      I too must empathize with your situation. Much of what you have written, I have experienced here in this realm as well. I have a similar situation with my spine, with a parent such as yours, friends & family "checking out" or at least wanting to(myself included) & I can really go on & on. The similarities are quite interesting indeed. I have never worked with crystals at all in this life, nor do I have any desire to. I have an affinity for geodes & certain gemstones, but that is about the extent of it. I cannot relate to using or working with crystals, & you listed all the things you do in regards to them, and I would echo others' remarks in that I would "chill out" with the rocks. That's just me. Also, you mentioned service to others. Are you familiar with The Law of One? If so (or if not for that matter) what exactly is your cosmology? How do you view yourself? What is this realm that we exist in? Where are we going? Where have we been as a species? As a race? What does the word God mean to you? In what respect does this "mirror-land" exist in regards to the Universe? I ask these questions only to better understand where you are coming from. Others have responded to your request for assistance only to have their hands bitten & I do not wish the same. I am willing to help you in whatever way I can, but I need to know where you are coming from. I understand you are in a great deal of physical pain, and it is difficult to type, so I will be patient. There is no problem in the universe that cannot be overcome....
  • Hello Kelly.

    Firstly, I am in agreement with what Phoenix11 and Maya have said - you need to slow down. You are overloading your human matrix (body). My dear, you are not human in essence, and neither are your mother and brother. You are all what is termed "Starseeds", meaning that you have incarnated here, but have your soul origins on another world and another civilization. Your origins are Arcturian (the system of Arcturus). In all of your cases, you have come here directly from your other-worldly life through a stargate located around Jupiter (which is why you experienced a memory about Jupiter) and there have been some problems with your transition to human form. These adaption issues have manifested differently in each of you. In short, normally when Starseed souls incarnate on earth, they have to "tone down' their psychic gifts and especially telepathic / empathic ability because otherwise they become overwhelmed whilst attempting to live on earth. The majority of them choose to forget their origins and gifts as part of their earthly experience and lessons. In your cases, you have forgotten how to shut off these abilities as well as tone them down so that you can adjust and "blend in" with human society. You cannot expect your human brain to function as an Arcturian brain would. It will literally burn out. This is what you have been doing, and it is overstimulating your Pituitary which correlates to a special centre in the brain which is to do with channelling high frequency energy to the cells of your body. You have been channelling a lot of energy through this centre, and it has the action of a laser beam, literally burning its way through your physical tissue!. You need to focus on closing the third eye centre for the time being, and allow it to heal. Bring through cooling pale blue energy into the area. Let it rest and heal and do not attempt visionary or third-eye exercises for at least a month. Leave off the crystals, because they amplify energy - and you don't need anything amplified right now!. Moderation is the key.

    Having said that, the human brain is also very powerful, and you can indeed use your telepathy and telempathy to some extent on earth, but you must learn to sheild your energy and chakras when you are out in public and be cautious when you are opening your mind and energy to contact other beings. Do not just put out for contact without knowing what you are reaching out for!. Your Arcturian team will make contact in due course. Do not try to force it.

    Lastly - you think too much!!!!. You have so much going on in your mind without entering into the stillness within - which is where you will find true answers and true connection to your Higher Self and your heritage... there are big things going down on earth, and you are a part of it.

    I understand this totally, since it is the way I was for a very long time :) Be at peace. You are exactly where you need to be, and things will progress at exactly the right pace and time.
    • :. impatience = lack of faith.

      Did you read even read my post? I have a TERMINAL ILLNESS at age 24 a 1 in 4 chance of bilateral blindness: My life expectancy was cut in half, if I'm LUCKY - hell yes I've grown less patient; but to equate this with a lack of faith puts you on a plane of ignorance like no other - or you simply just "skimmed" my post for interesting comments to comment on. I've been attached to a bed for a year with nothng just a computer and pain. Some year as a newlywed huh? If I didn't think or read I'd kill myself - as my entire life has fallen apart unlike even the worst Spanish telenovela

      I hate to sound like a total nut case bitch here - but I am SO TIRED of these "take time - it'll happen when it happens" comments - yeah and a dog will PISS when he finally has to go too!

      Lastly, what makes me arcturian? How do you know this?
      • Hi Kelly,

        You are angry at people you have asked for help, which makes no sense. Insulting and swearing at people won't help you. However, it is understood where your anger comes from and to which it is directed. We are all sorry you have suffered so much, but as Phoenix has said, many others have suffered here on earth too. Some much more than you. Also, there will always be people who know more than you, and always those who know less. If you cannot accept that with grace, then you need to find that acceptance or you will become something very ugly indeed, and all of your intellegence and power will come to nothing. If you want pity, you will not receive it from this quarter. All anyone who loves you wants for you is for you to come through this and find the treasure that lies within. It's up to you.

        That is all I will say.
    • You obviousy have no feeling psychically towards my being. I am way past time and always have been. I was also raised by a woman with cancer who died when I was 14, and then had to raise my schizophrenic mother and bipolar/ocd younger brother. Not to mention I was labeled both learning disordered and as a genius by age 5. By age 15 I'd never had a boyfriend or any close friends for that matter. My grandmother was young but had cancer my whole, asdid her mother and my father's mother. My best friend in 2nd grade had leukemia, and at 14 I spent much of my time between psych wards for my mom, oncology unity for my dying 60 y/o grandmother, and on peds with my 16 year old friend at the end of her battle with cystic fibrosis. Life was so munpredictable and scary my only defense was to learn more about illness/the human brain to calculate whatever I could predict. my mother had attempted suicide about a dozen times by the time I reached higgh school and at 13 my brother had his first attempt. This was my WHOLE FAMILY - trying to DIE, the other half, fightint to live, DIED awful, painful deaths. To me logic must exist- whether conventionl or complex - there have to be reasons. I survived through knowledge. Knowledge became power. In 8th grade I was about to switch to public school and studied every religion accessible at the local library. Religion has been in the top 5 most thought-worthy topics of my life. I went to catholic school and refuse to believe something just because someone called a quiz on monday. With a group a friends we bought our first tarot decks (5th grade) and while many of my friends went the pagan route - I resonated with buddhism

      It's amazing that on a site like this Im being told I think too much. Not cool, no matter the logic or defense...
      • Hi Kelly,

        I'm just going to mention one or two more things and then I'll shut up and let somebody else have a say.

        1)How can you ask for help and not take in any of the help that is given, by souls who may or may not be wiser or more knowledgable in certain areas? These replies are given in the hope of reaching a person who is hurting. That may well be your first lesson in healing. Nobody has walked in your shoes, but again, I find myself walking around with many of the things that you've described. One (or more) of my parents wanted 'out' whilst I was still young. One of them got their wish. It's very hard to deal with, but in the end, much of it is 'their' pain. Not ours. we can't help others unless we can help ourselves first.

        2) I would be what many consider a 'genius' particularly when I was young... but what good is genius without a channel? Like a river without a bank to contain it. without some semblance of 'self mastery', power is absolutely nothing. It's wielded with a hand not able to guide it properly.

        3) Your story may well resonate with many others too, you may well be advised to consider that also....

        4) Nobody here has to defend anything. We are simply offering you some (much needed-and 'asked for') advice to help you through. each and every individual on this planet to varying degrees is experiencing this 'speeding up'. Some of us have been here a while longer than you and have seen the accelaration from a wider lens. Whilst nobody has the full picture, you might well consider seeing things from other angles, you'll grow more, and far, far more quickly.

        that's the lecture over with. Now here's where I tell you that I really feel you. Take a second to understand what I've just said and open your heart a little wider and see that any reply you receive, you are very fortunate to have received. There are people here, on this very site, who have been through their 'own' personal 'hell' AND had to claw their way back. There's a VERY good chance that if they are here to advise you, or anyone else, it's because they 'feel you' too. What good is all the hurt in the world, unless it's turned into something?... transmuted. Take it by the hand, open your heart, forget your troubles as best you can, temper your yearnings and use what you know to help yourself, then take it out there, into the big wide world and help others. It's a world crying out for people like you.
        I won't say anything else on the subject.
        I love you.
This reply was deleted.

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