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I am going to write about the secret society of india ,which perhaps is considered as the oldest secret socity of the world  . They are the head of the Illuminati, and are the spiritual controllers of all secret societies such as the Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, Book and Snake, etc.This tradition goes back to the time of Emperor Asoka, who reigned in India from 273 B.C. He was the grandson of Chandragupta who was the first to unify India. Ambitious like his ancestor whose achievements he was anxious to complete, he conquered the region of Kalinga which lay between what is now Calcutta and Madras. The Kalingans resisted and lost 100,000 men in the battle.At the sight of this massacre Asoka was overcome. For ever after he experienced a horror of war. He renounced the idea of trying to integrate the rebellious people, declaring that the only true conquest was to win men’s hearts by observance of the laws of duty and piety, because the Sacred Majesty desired that all living creatures should enjoy security, peace and happiness and be free to live as they pleased. A convert to Buddhism, Asoka, by his own virtuous example, spread this religion throughout India and his entire empire which included Malaya, Ceylon and Indonesia. Later Buddhism penetrated to Nepal, Thibet, China and Mongolia. Asoka nevertheless respected all religious sects. He preached vegetarianism, abolished alcohol and the slaughter of animals. It is said that the Emperor Asoka, aware of the horrors of war, wished to forbid men ever to put their intelligence to evil uses. During his reign natural science, past and present, was vowed to secrecy. Henceforward, and for the next 2,000 years, all researches, ranging from the structure of matter to the techniques employed in collective psychology, were to be hidden behind the mystical mask of a people commonly believed to be exclusively concerned with ecstasy and supernatural phenomena. Asoka founded the most powerful secret society on earth: that of theOne can imagine the extraordinary importance of secret knowledge in the hands of nine men benefiting directly from experiments, studies and documents accumulated over a period of more than 2,000 years. What can have been the aim of these men? Not to allow methods of destruction to fall into the hands of unqualified persons, and to pursue knowledge which would benefit mankind. Their numbers would be renewed by co-option, so as to preserve the secrecy of techniques handed down from ancient times. Each of the Nine is supposedly responsible for guarding and improving a single book. These books each deal with a different branch of potentially hazardous knowledge. Traditionally, the books are said to cover the following subjects:1)The first American college of semantics only came into being in 1950. In France almost the only book that is at all well known is Serge Tchocotine’s Le Viol des Foules [i.e. "The Rape of the Masses," no doubt a take-off on Ortega y Gasset’s classic socio- logical work of the same name. -B:.B:.] which has had a considerable influence in intellectual political circles, although it deals only superficially with the subject. 2)The second book was on physiology. It explained, among other things, how it is possible to kill a man by touching him, death being caused by a reversal of the nerve-impulse. It is said that Judo is a result of "leakages" from this book. 3)The third volume was a study on microbiology, and dealt especially with protective colloids. 4)The fourth was concerned with the transmutation of metals. There is a legend that in times of drought temples and religious relief organizations received large quantities of fine gold from a secret source. 5)The fifth volume contains a study of all means of communication, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. [Keep in mind this is circa 250 B.C.E. -B:.B:.] 6)The sixth expounds the secrets of gravitation. 7)The seventh contains the most exhaustive cosmogony known to humanity. 8)The eighth deals with light. 9)The ninth volume, on sociology, gives the rules for the evolution of societies, and the means of foretelling their decline.According to theory in the Buddhist religion, there is a secret lost land where the Nine Unknown Men conduct their research for the benefit of mankind as well as keeping it hidden from them. There is also a prophecy determined by one of the Dharmic wheels (the wheel of time) that refers to an armageddon-like cosmolical spiritual challenge. It’s a rapture-esqe event that is said to bring about the end of the world, except for the realm of Shambala is supposed to emurge and save the world from it. Shambala is the land in Buddhism that is said to be the place where people of higher life are gaining knowledge and power for this event. Recent belief speculate that this may be a lost land anywhere in the world, instead of just on top of the Himalayan mountains. The Island is the protectorate of this information, and also the prophecized land referred to in Buddhist belief. That’s why there is a security system to it, because the survivors arent supposed to be allowed to venture towards the secrets being held there. Here I would like to discuss about VIMANA (whose reference is in the sixth book )The Vimana is an ancient flying craft said to have been used in ancient India/Egypt. It is also said to be one of the secrets contained in book 6 (gravitation) held by the Nine Unknown Men. An ancient manuscript describes how to build the Vimana is said to is said to build a device that gives…“The secret of constructing aeroplanes, which will not break, which cannot be cut, will not catch fire, and cannot be. The secret of making planes motionless. The secret of making planes invisible. The secret of hearing conversations and other sounds in enemy planes. The secret of receiving photographsof theinterior of enemy planes. The secret of ascertaining the direction of enemy planes approach. The secret of making persons in enemy planes lose consciousness. 
The secret of destroying enemy planes”.Its seems queer that such deep knowledge was available with our ancestors that too long time ago .When I read this information for the first time the thought that came in my mind was about the UFO sightings that occur all over the world .The vimanas used to be dics shaped,cigar shaped and were designed to travell in air,water and space .They were suppose to be propelled by some yellow liquid which could be gasoline or any other pertroleum fraction.If u read carefully about UFO sigthing its very clear that they very much resemble the vimanas .Its also said that such UFOz are actually spy planes developed by some countries to spy on other countries,may be this fact could justify the fact that most of UFO sightings are in America.Another mind bogling information that I came across was that the the deadly information that asoka was protecting also included nuclear power and I came across this information:” Mahabharatta also speaks of Aryan interventions, coercing the Rama Empire to war with also spoke of flying saucers(greys)...cigar-shaped(Pleidian{the non-interventionists aliens}) ships intervening and warring with Atlantis. and of a war on the Moon between the Rama Empire, and Atlantis...and last but not least...a nuclear exchange between Atlantis and the Rama Empire.Atlantiswas supposed to be a Human/Reptilian alliance..whereas technology was so high, that Atlantis created gene-spliced ancestors of now very common animals..the pig, cat, and possibly the platypus...”...Coming back to secret society,the Examples of the Nine Unknown Men making contact with the outer world are rare. There was, however, the extraordinary case of one of the most mysterious figures in Western history: the Pope Sylvester II, known also by the name of Gerbert d'Aurillac. Born in the Auvergne in 920 (d. 1003) Gerbert was a Benedictine monk, professor at the University of Rheims, Archbishop of Ravenna and Pope by the grace of Ortho III. He is supposed to have spent some time in Spain, after which a mysterious voyage brought him to India where he is reputed to have aquired various kinds of skills which stupified his entourage. For example, he possessed in his palace a bronze head which answered YES or NO to questions put to it on politics or the general position of Christianity. According to Sylvester II this was a perfectly simple operation corresponding to a two-figure calculation, and was performed by an automaton similar to our modern binary machines. This "magic" head was destroyed when Sylvester died, and all the information it imparted carefully concealed. No doubt an authorized research worker would come across some interesting things in the Vatican Library. Had other Europeans any contact with the society of the Nine Unknown Men? It was not until the nineteenth century that this mystery was referred to again in the works of the French writer Jacolliot.Jacolliot was French Consul at Calcutta under the Second Empire. He wrote some quite important prophetic works, comparable, if not superior to those of Jules Verne. He also left several books dealing with the great secrets of the human race. A great many occult writers, prophets and miracle-workers have borrowed from his writings which, completely neglected in France, are well known in Russia.Jacolliot states catagorically that the Soceity of Nine did actually exist. And, to make it all the more intriguing, he refers in the this connection to certain techniques, unimaginable in 1860, such as, for example, the liberation of energy, sterilization by radiation and psychological warfare.Yersin, one of Pasteur and de Roux's closest collaborators, was entrusted, it seems, with certain biological secrets when he visited Madras in 1890, and following the instructions he received was able to prepare a serum against cholera and the plague.The story of the Nine Unknown Men was popularized for the first time in 1927 in a book by Talbot Mundy who for twenty-five years was a member of the British police force in India. His book is half-fiction, half scientific inquiry. The Nine apparently employed a synthetic language, and each of them was in possession of a book that was constantly being rewritten and containing a detailed account of some science.The first of these books is said to have been devoted to the technique of propaganda and psychological warfare. "The most dangerous of all sciences," wrote Mundy, "is that of moulding mass opinion, because it would enable anyone to govern the whole world.Its said that Nine Unknown Men still exist today and they are helping the government for welfare of people.Also its said that many top most scientists of india are part of it .The eminent international economist Mark Faber recently, on a cable news network, kept harping on and on about how the only great economy and banking system is with India and the Central Bank of India. What he probably knows (and most people don't) is that the OLDEST and MOST POWERFUL original secret society is India's the Nine Unknown Men. This article is based on information I got from internet ,might be questionabe on some issues.

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Interesting to a point but much more information is needed about this nine unknown men like where are they based? how are the helping the Government? who are these nine unknown men?  if they are so powerful why did they not come to help Planet Earth a long time ago and why is Planet Earth in such a bad state when these nine powerful unknown beings have been around? from where can you get hold of their books? true their books should not get in the hands of dark forces but at least could be shared with true Lightworkers so they get guidance and true knowledge from them.  

Much more information is required or if it remains secret then we will not know much and so we cannot join them or support them in anyway but just hope they will make things better on Planet Earth.

Actually they say that ALL KNOWLEDGE COMES FROM THE VEDAS...we have access to just parts of the Vedas and not the complete Vedas as a large percentage were destroyed and some stolen from India...some ended up in Germany.

THESE NINE UNKNOWN PROBABLE HAVE THE ORIGINAL COMPLETE VEDAS...AND ALL INFO IS IN THERE and according to time and circumstances these nine unknowns can bring the teachings of the Vedas in reality by disclosing parts of it that would be beneficial to the society.

IF WE HAVE ACCESS TO THE COMPLETE VEDAS THEN WE DO NOT NEED TO READ ANY OTHER BOOKS...but where can you get the complete Vedas from?..yes where from... that is the big question




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