the niburians

i was reading  about the  niburians  council  ,and i was  flabagasted , to learn that  u must  pay  to belong to their council , to find  out about asenssion  and  if you have the  right  dna  to asscend , its this  for real , by the time  you  finish    finding this information the  cost  is  2,208.000 ,this sound  to me  like a scam i feel  like   something  that  should be free, its  costing  those  who  want  to be a part  of their  community ,  have  to pay a price ,. what  if  you cant  afford  it are  dead meat ....can someone  explain this  to me ....

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  • Thanks, I laugh too!!! I don't what it is but today I have read alot of silly entries (not yours) an read about peoples view of something being done for them instead of them wanting to learn to do it for themselves which is the bigger gift. Well, I have had to stop myself from commenting sarcastically. I am not usually one to comment like that. But I have this desire to stand up and say Don't you get it? Seriously don't ever pay for a service like that. If you want I can send you to a site or two that will help you learn. One guy is an artist and I trust his work. LOL Imangine saying but I paid for this and then hearing NO you did not. Too late to do something about it yourself. Good to see we are all growing
  • Money does not exist in the higher dimensions. Where did you find such material? I would like to look at the site. I know of a site who wants 350.00 to clear past karma for you. then when the time comes you have to pay to get the healing codes. Now this site gives good information on 2012 and the ascension but I am leary for paying such a service. I was always told that if it is good for your soul then it will take place right away but if you came in with a peticular plan and that meant freeing "yourself" of the karma then no body could do it for you. It implied that the energy would be in waiting for you until your soul was ready to handle it. I think that brings about a fear and really we are supposed to be getting away from fear. So I am careful about what services or information can be given for a price. How would they liked to be fooled or taken advantage of? Imangine someone going up to a higher dimension and the gatekeeper says "OK, pay the fee" but there is no money used anymore. Now that would be a lesson learned. LOL
    • I trust what you are saying here.

      I think alot of the time people blow things out of proportion to stir things up, I see that happen alot with people, if they would just communicate honestly, they would gain more than making stories up.... :)
  • I agree with you Turquoise,
    Marianinia, the answers for you and your life lie within YOU. Spend time with yourself and get quiet and trust yourself....:)... Ascension cannot be bought with cash, the cost is your effort and your seeking and your believing and your hope that all you are working/hoping for will be waiting for you when the time is ripe...and the receipt will be greater love, insight, peace and joy.
    Respect yourself and be free...:)...
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