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The Next Possible Upcoming Event of The Awakening... March 2013! [GFP]


Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Below she Describes an energy Event in which We posted about a few days ago.. You can read about this Event which matches somewhat this experience. Here at this Link:

With That being said anything can Happen this Month! We will just have to see How it all Unfolds! Love The Earth Allies


Thank you to Jordon [Send E-Mail] Date: Saturday, 9-Mar-2013 20:09:44



Mindy Mitchell over at the blog Quantum Odyssey has released a book based upon material obtained from sesions with clients using Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. (QHHT)

She has taken out a section from her book and posted it on her blog. It relates to the shift / the awakening / the ascension and the date that the client said it would occur was March 2013.

The session brings up this event and mentions a few details about it. Here it is below and thanks to Shannon for sending in the source link.

M represents me Mindy and E is Ellen the subject.


E: I see a like a moment in time. The only thing I can describe it like…it is like when you flip the switch and the lights go on. There is this incredible blue light! So soft… I see color of blue light and when this light switch goes on the light expands... It is so beautiful! Throughout the whole universe and it’s the coming together of one mind! It so unbelievable!

M: Is this a happening at this time or a future event?

E: It is a future event...and it’s going to happen. The only thing I can think of is a scripture that says "…in the twinkling of an eye" and it’s so amazing!!!! (Spoken with absolute wonder and awe)

M: Is there an earth time when this event will be taking place?

E: It is’s feels now. It’s melting... it doesn’t feel far away.

M: Is this "The Shift" "The Awakening" that’s coming?

E: Yes! It’s all minds coming to together in a split second! It’s so bizarre!

M: Will that event take place on our calendar year of 12-21-12?

E: March 2013

M: When you say ALL minds…Will all human beings experience the same thing or will there be individuals who are unaware of this event?

E: This is so wild! (Experiencing extreme visual and sensory downloads)

Everyone will know. Not everyone will care.

M: Does this correlate with the event known as the second coming of Christ?

E: Yes!

Holy sh**! (…experiencing huge waves of energy and emotion) I wish you could feel what I feel right now!

M: Describe what you are experiencing right now!

E: Gasping. Holy cow. Gasping...oh my god oh my god oh my god! I can’t describe’s like a download where you are all tingly on the outside but this is on the inside...oh my god! Oh geez! The light is amazing!

M: Is this light what you are experiencing or is it something else?

E: Yes, it’s the light! It’s’s like...I have never seen anything like it! So crazy!

M: So is this second coming of Christ actually the Christ "consciousness" coming back onto the planet?

E: And it’s been building and building. But it’s like it going to...the minds[HEARTS} unite! It’s like a moment in time for all of us that have been waiting...Our minds[HEARTS] are united!

M: What is the outcome of that when all the minds unite? What does that produce or create?

E: Clarity. Oh geez... it’s like waking up from a dream. The words that are coming up for me is, the ILLUSION is gone! Oh my god its wild!

M: That is very exciting!

E: It affects everybody but there are those still in the illusion and those out of it. It like there’s two groups of people.

M: Is there anything that defines those who are still in the illusion? Any reason why there are those choosing to stay in the illusion? The reason they have created that reality for themselves?

E: Fear.

M: Is that fear of change or fear anything new? What is that fear of?

E: Fear of knowing!

M: What is it that they don't want to know?

E: That it is ALL an illusion.

M: Are these the people that hold on to the illusion of separateness and hierarchies and power structures?

E: Its attachment to the illusion! (with wonder)… they believe that they are a part of what they see! It’s like a hologram. So wild! They can't see the light; they can't connect because they believe they are the illusion. They believe themselves to be what they are...but that’s not it! It’s like I believe I am a monkey so I appear as a monkey! OH geezzzz!

M: For those that can experience the light and experience this awakening, what is it that they believe? What is it that allows them to see the light and participate and be transformed?

E: They believe. This is sooo weird. They believe that they are not important!! It’s like when you see fish swim together and birds fly together, they all become one yet they are separate. They are individual but one is not more important than the other!... Here comes another wave!

M: I just had a flash of something I have always heard but didn’t understand...Is this what is meant by "the meek shall inherit the Earth"?!!

E: Yes!!

Oh god...ooooooh...(more huge waves of energy are pulsing through her!) Oh my god I wish you could feel this! It’s like being on a rollercoaster...its sooooo beautiful! I feel so humble (sobbing and tears)

M: So those that don’t experience this are attached to the ego-self? Their importance in the material realm? Those who define themselves and others by the material world? What their car makes them, what their mansions make them, what their bank account makes them?

E: Yes, Yes! But they could also be a poor person who still thinks they are important, it’s not just the rich, and it’s everybody! Everybody who thinks they are more important...It’s a mindset!

M: So anybody who thinks they are more important than their fellow human beings?

E: Yes!

M: Ah ha! That’s powerful, so profound!

M: What else do we need to share with humanity and the average person who maybe reading this. About this event?

E: It’s so weird... it’s "know thy self-know thy neighbor" "know thy self, know thy neighbor". When you know yourself you can truly know your neighbor. But if you are afraid of yourself and don't know yourself, how can you know your neighbor? How can you put yourself in your neighbors shoes of you don’t even know yourself? Each person is important. They are important but not more important than the other. That’s how we are part of the one.

M: What is the time frame for when this uniting of one mind will take place?

E: March 2013. It’s a big month!

M: That is interesting because that somewhat correlates with Hopi prophecy of in this time frame we are in now we will be a door will be opening from the 4th world which we are currently to the 5th world. Is that the door that is opening into the 5th world, also known as the 5th dimension?

E: Yes...oh here come the waves again!

The waves she experienced equaled validation of absolute truth!

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Heard that before :p we shall see..

Promises, promises, promises. I hope that its true and I so want to believe it but ,I'll believe it when I see it. There does seem to be something in the air tho.

That's definitely the right mind set to go about all of this. The only reason why I posted this is because for whatever reason there seems to be so much emphasis placed on this month. Be it the new moon, the spring equinox, planetary alignments, comets and asteroids, sun activity, Easter (the symbolic resurrection of Christ), countless channelings, or my birthday (hehe), I feel a spark in the near distance. Maybe it's nothing and all will pass quietly. Who knows :)

I'ts my birthday too! the 23th, it would be a hell of a present for all of us.

Obviously take everything with a grain of salt. I normally don't even read channelings anymore but after stumbling on this I thought it seemed somewhat different and intriguing. Hope for the best and expect nothing.

''NEXT'' big event... There was No previous event. Just more dates. To all who reading this and to all who reach the month of April with no ''event'' occurring... stop believing in all this rubbish.

    I am sorry that you didn't feel the major spiritual infusions of December, Paul.  They were indeed "events" - inner ones.  And their influence is continuing and increasing.  Catch the wave before your skepticism crashes against the tidal bore.  The rubbish is ego and its external projections of hopelessness.  Clear it out and open your heart and soul to what is. 

Seeing what you want to and feeling what you think you feel a. Dont apologise. Its our egos that fool us into these delusions.

Im just gonna say that there is a feeling in me that tells that this is true, i have that feeling since the begining of the year 2013. I didnt have that feeling in the past when ppl said there was ascension going to happen, this is somehow different, im not gonna get my hopes up. Im gonna wait calmly and in peace :D I will be prepared 

~LOVE <3

Have anyone read "Foundation and Earth" from Isaac Asimov?

Without spoiling, it shows a planet where every living thing is united by a collective consciousness, I think it describe how it would work pretty accurately.

If we experienced nothing on, or around, 12/21/12, then we must ask ourselves what does that say about us.  I do not mean that in a condescending way, but I truly experienced it with an open mind and an open heart, and I'm here to share with you.  The veil is being lifted slowly and we will only see what WE are READY to see.  

Many of us don't experience things because we haven't let go of our egos enough to see.  The ego resides in the mind and  is only second in power to the heart/love. 

How many of you have been into a Soul Room and seen your spirit body being healed.  I already know most of you haven't.  It requires you to go into a sacred place in your heart, and believe me it isn't a pleasant feeling.  Our ego reacts as if it dying.  It does this because you are shutting it off.  Once it shuts off you feel nothing but awe.  Just like when a child sees something beautiful for the very first time.  Once you go through that right of passage you are transformed forever.  This is why indigenous peoples have ayahuasca ceremonies. It is to prepare them for that sacred journey and it takes 12 years.  It's not for recreational use and is one of the many reasons LSD is so dangerous.

If you don't meditate every day and haven't gone on a sacred journey WITHIN, please question yourself, before you dismiss what TRULY IS.  I am here to tell you the shift is real.  Surrender and you will be amazed at what you experience.  I am here to shed some light.  

Jeray (The Light).


:-)  Well said :-)



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