The Law Of Oneness Activation By Natalie Glasson

And Mahatma




Greetings, I am the Cosmic Logos Mahatma. I come forth as an energy frequency, as a source of light, as a collective energy and a collective consciousness. It is my purpose to oversee the energies of the entire Universe of the Creator from the cosmic level and deliver the Creator’s energy to all beings. Today I bring forth the Creator’s energy to you.


You receive the energy of the Creator, you embody it, you are the energy of the Creator. So I act as a mirror... I act as an expression... a reflection of your own divine truth, and of all that is the Creator.


So today, I , the Mahatma, help you with an activation that takes place within your being of remembrance and connection with all aspects of your divine self on all dimensions and with the Creator.


I bring forth a sacred multi-dimensional template which holds the purest vibration of the Law of Oneness, and it is this that I wish to download and activate within your being, for it is essential to navigate through the ascension process and pathway of 2021.

What is the Law of Oneness?


It is the vibration akin to the most sacred strand of light held within the core of the Creator that allows, creates, and supports the existence of oneness, unity, and truth. It supports and creates the existence of blending and synthesis.


The Creator is a formless, limitless, label less energy, and yet the Creator creates and expresses the energy vibrations that allows for form to take place. It allows for active energy and momentum, thus expanding the energy of the Creator.


The Law of Oneness encourages us to be aware that we are in fact an aspect of the Creator, we are formless, label less and limitless. This allows us to realise our greater oneness and connection with the Creator.


When we recognise ourselves in this way, we let go of all personality, all baggage, all struggle, all challenge. We simply become the Divine Being we are in existence and in the moment, and we recognise ourselves in others, allowing others to recognise themselves in us.


Although we recognise different aspects of ourselves within different beings, we are recognising the same, the Creator. At the highest vibration, unity and oneness is the blending of all aspects of the Creator, you might say the blending of all beings into a source.


As you experience oneness and unity on the Earth, it is more about connection. Connecting with others, accepting others, supporting others, connecting with yourself, accepting yourself, supporting yourself. It is like creating a community, although the expression does not have to be physical it can be experienced within your being.


When you are open, expansive and allow your energy to flow, especially to other beings not only humans, you allow yourself to receive light and love from others, then you are in the existence of oneness.


I, Mahatma wish to encourage you to contemplate the energy of oneness.


Video - "The Law Of Oneness By Mahatma" - https://youtu.be/A68_EFee6Gc


What Does Oneness Mean to You?


I invite you to describe, to explore, what the experience of Oneness is like within your being,, as if you are sharing an explanation to another being of what it is like to embody oneness. I wish to encourage you to ask yourself, how can you create more oneness and unity within your being and reality.

Where Is Oneness Missing? Where Is Unity Missing?


To recognise where oneness and unity are missing is to recognise where you are struggling. Where you push away others and wish to achieve something on your own. Where you disregard the help of others or maybe perceive that there is not even any help for you. Loneliness can be where you recognise there is a lack of oneness and unity.


It is beneficial to acknowledge and imagine what experiencing oneness and unity would feel like in those areas where there is a lack of unity and oneness. How would your reality or your experience be different if oneness and unity were present. I, Mahatma invite you to contemplate this almost as if you are rewriting your entire being, your entire existence and reality.


You can even enter your past where there was a lack of unity and oneness. Through visualisation, writing down or speaking, you will rewrite those experiences. The more you engage with the energy of oneness and unity, and the more you visualise and create this energy within your being and your reality, the more you will open yourself up to receiving my multi-dimensional template of the Law of Oneness.


If you are unable to understand the presence of Oneness, then downloading and activating the template will not serve you, as you may not be able to recognise its presence and its influence within your reality.


It is important to contemplate the energy of oneness especially within your being and reality. When you feel as if you have made progress with this then I, Mahatma, wish to invite you to download and activate the cosmic multi-dimensional template of the Law of Oneness.


I, Mahatma invite you to sit peacefully, to breathe deeply, and with each breathe you inhale and exhale, focus upon expansion. The expansion of your breathe, the expansion of your body, being, energy, and awareness.


I, Mahatma will download a pearlescent and turquoise light over and through your being like a beam of light. As you experience the beam of light you will begin to notice that from above numerous templates begin to flow down, stopping just above your head.


There are many templates, each template holds the vibration of oneness, a perspective of oneness, what you might say the Laws of Oneness, the understanding of oneness for the entire Universe of the Creator and the Earth.


As more and more templates gather above your head within this cylinder of turquoise and pearlescent light, the Cosmic Council of 12 and I, the Mahatma surround you and begin to send our energy into the templates above your head, inviting you to send the energy of your soul from all aspects of your being and your body upwards through your chakra column to connect with the templates.


As we send energy to these templates they begin to merge and synthesise, becoming one template, an expression of all aspects and expression of the whole.


When you are ready you may invite this template, the multi-dimensional template of the Law of Oneness to move over and through your being, moving over and through your body, in your auric field from top to bottom.


As it achieves this it is grounding and activating the energies within your being. Your entire being is being filled with the light of the template of the Law of Oneness.


Gradually, the template will move down over and through your being, and will rest within your Earth Star Chakra below your feet. Your Earth Star Chakra is a chakra that allows energy to manifest physically in your reality, sharing sacred vibrations with Mother Earth and supporting full embodiment.

Affirm: ‘I fully embody the multi-dimensional Law of Oneness Template.’


This is statement you can repeat to yourself. Allow the template to rest within your Earth Star Chakra for as long as you wish. Observe the influence, the energies, the vibrations that radiate, and simply be present with the template, meditate with it, receive what is necessary and appropriate for you.


You may not know what is necessary and appropriate, that is fine, simply be open to receive and in doing so you are open to being the energy of oneness.


It is now time to explore the energy of oneness, it is so important now on the Earth that humanity remembers they are one with all, they are the same and experience a divine connection.

My love, my support is with you always,

Cosmic Logos Mahatma

More from Cosmic Logos Mahatmahttps://omna.org/mahatma-cosmic-logos-list-of-channeled-messages/

To get a free audio download of Natalie's message - click on this link: https://omna.org/ascension-gift-3-the-law-of-oneness-by-mahatma/?mc_cid=58c4ed304f&mc_eid=aa1f70ea4d


I lovingly call forth Infinite Blessings of Each of Your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Violet Flame Blessings, & Blessings of God's Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in every moment ! Steven Hutchinson


Video - "Freedom Flame Transmission" - https://youtu.be/3vyrNJCglrY




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