as you know there has been tons of stuff about ison for awile now different opinions on what this object is i think its a ship but im not 100% sure there has been talk of other ships following ison on its path others say its just a comet the question is what is ison? any opinions folks or info you would like to share

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  • Hi Ann! the second link is not active anymore...

    The first link is true IMO, I believe in Kibo´s messages from Christ Michael. That is what the 3 Days of Darkness is also about, not only removing dark beings but also taking care of those human beings who will continue here from any physical damage.

    Agreed with what you say...everything will be alright...there is NO such a thing as ELE here, BUT GAIA will transform herself...and it is during this transformation, Celestials will take care of everyone.


  • I agreed on the date based on comet´s proximity. Also TPTB have their own time frames...remember there is a massive Power Grid Down Drill scheduled by Nov 13-14 in the whole North America region (CAN-US-MEX), and I am sure it is related to the comet activity by ISON & LOVEJOY...

    November will be a VERY interesting month for sure...will see...

  • CNSA....China Space Agency.

  • Hi FW...

    nope...was referring to a NEW electromagnetic sequence for the Sun and the Polar shift for the Earth...both ISON & LOVEJOY are going to activate both process... 

    Will see more and more events to unfold as days passes...will be undeniable..

  • What I have read is that actually 3 comets are approaching: ISON, LOVEJOY & ENCKE.

    ISON & ENCKE are the main comets responsible to activate the new sequence of the Sun and realignment of Earth´s grid.

    This is expected in Nov when both comets reach Perihelia which will trigger the Pole Shift. What we are expecting from now until then is increasing of Earthquakes, Volcanic activity and lot´s more of the so called FIRE-BALLS, which number has been increasing almost exponentially since last September.

  • Isn't this also coinciding with the "Blackout" planned in November where the entire grid is scheduled to go down?

  • What's with the Star Trekky emblem embedded in the pic??

  • Xanterex or something like that methinks.

    • that name sounds familiar 

  • the sun is also scheduled to have something happen in november or december something that will affect the entire solar system in a positive way of course

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