Although the first impulse of fight-flight activation does decrease immune response in order to conserve energy for the immediate danger, after this the immune system kicks in to prepare for bodily injury. Candice Pert discovered that receptors for neuropeptides and neurotransmitters are on the cell walls of the immune system, showing that the immune and endocrine systems are modulated not only by the brain but also by the central nervous system. The meta-activation of the sympathetic nervous system of course would profoundly facilitate changes in the immune system and endocrine system. It is fascinating that the immune system is activated with the fight or flight response during danger to prepare for possible damage to the body.

What probably happens is that during the years of kundalini cycling there are periods of increased immunity followed by periods of reduced immune activity. Immune suppression resulting from prolonged high adrenaline/cortisol levels must occur for different reasons in both the peak and the exhaustion phases and that although there are periods of radical immune activity during die-offs and restructuring, the majority of the awakening probably involves immune overload if not outright immune suppression because of hyper-nervous system activity. This immune suppression is somewhat masked by increased mitosis (cell division) and the illuminating "glow" that occurs which makes the bodymind seem supernaturally vital.

Macrophages are large, phagocytic cells that engulf foreign material that enters the body and the dead and dying cells of the body. I am convinced that it is largely the macrophages which do the catabolic breakdown of tissues in preparation to building the (more) spiritualized body capable of carrying deeper consciousness. General hyperactivation of the sympathetic nervous system stimulates immune response factors such as interferon, which in turn elicit new nitric oxide synthase (NOS) protein synthesis.

"Macrophages, certain cells of the immune system, produce nitric oxide in order to kill invading bacteria. Under certain conditions, this can backfire: fulminant infection (sepsis) [or toxic shock] causes excess production of nitric oxide by macrophages, leading to vasodilatation (widening of blood vessels) and probably being one of the main causes of hypotension (low blood pressure) in sepsis." Wikipedia.org

The spleen symptoms of the Left-Brain-Freeze and the self-digestion (autolysis) sensation during the die-offs, convince me that it is the highest function of the immune system to dissolve the pupael body. This catabolysis probably through the activation of the reticuloendothelial system (RES), part of the immune system, consists of the phagocytic cells located in reticular connective tissue, primarily monocytes and macrophages. These cells accumulate in lymph nodes and the spleen. The Kupffer cells of the liver and tissue histiocytes are also part of the RES.

To fulfill their many functions macrophages in their activated state are able to produce more than one hundred different substances.

"Macrophages secrete not only cyotoxic and inflammation controlling mediators but also substances participating in tissue reorganization. They include enzymes, as hyaluronidase, elastase, and collagenase, inhibitors of some of them (antiproteases), regulatory growth factors and others. Hyaluronidase, by destroying hyaluronic acid, an important component of connective tissue, reduces viscosity and thus permits greater spreading of material in tissue spaces. Hyaluronidase is therefore sometimes designated the "spreading factor." Elastase and collagenase are enzymes capable to spit collagen and elastin, the basic members of connective proteins."http://nic.sav.sk/logos/books/scientific/node23.html

The above quote explains how the body loses its fossilized tension and heaviness as the work of dissolving the pupael structures proceeds. In fact the body after a kundalini awakening is so much more opened, painless and flexible than the former body, that it seems that only an awakening could produce such effects by melting former hyper-contracted connective tissue associated with the ego-personality. One wonders why this dissolving of the connective tissue patterns happens. But it is pretty obvious that if the ego and its tension holding patterns has been overruled by a deeper consciousness, then those tension patterns would unravel. Considering that the body is now essentially inhabited by a "new" host, the immune system now adheres to the commands of the new more powerful ruler--The Self.

The macrophage is the evolutionary oldest and most competent immune cell. Macrophage means "big eater." They patrol, scavenge, attack and destroy invaders, send for help and remove debris. They clear abnormal cells and cellular debris and remove aged dead cells. Although macrophages are found all over the body they are found in the largest quantities in the spleen, lymph nodes, tooth sockets and in the alveoli in the lungs.

It seems that the more the macrophage eats the more active they get. They stimulate a balanced response of the whole immune cascade. Macrophages play a major role in acquired cell-mediated immunity. These phagocytic cells are activated and mobilized by T-cells to the site of infection where they kill invading organisms. Macrophages can also function in processing and presenting antigens to lymphocytes to neutralize.

Various immune cells cycle in and out of the spleen and bone marrow for special conditioning and possible nourishment and instruction. This immune system trafficking follows the cortisol cycle. The spleen receives blood from an artery off of the aorta. After passing through an intricate meshwork of tiny blood vessels, the blood continues to the liver. As blood flows slowly through the spleen, any disease organisms within it are likely to come into contact with lymphocytes in the spleen tissue. This contact activates the lymphocytes, which can then attack the foreign invaders. The spleen blood vessels are also lined with macrophages that swallow and digest debris in the blood such as worn out red blood cells and platelets. Because a great deal of blood circulates through the spleen, this organ serves as a kind of reservoir for blood.

You can experiment with this theory of metamorphic catabolic breakdown by macrophages by eating something noxious to the body like processed cheese or processed meats which will activate the immune system. If you eat enough of the immune activator, within an hour you will notice* that a small left-brain-freeze (with numbness in the left eye-socket and forehead) will occur as the immune system activates to deal with the offending substances. (*Note that I may have sensed this only because I have been through major dissolution and have experienced the left-brain freeze sensation before. I was able to distinguish the connection to immune activation only because my metamorphic cycles have drastically waned so did not confuse the digestive-immune response with the metamorphic-immune response. A person without awakened kundalini might not be sensitive to the percipience of immune activation or left-brain freeze.)

"Although any number of factors can trigger the adrenocortical stress reaction, the response itself is always the same. It involves the release from the adrenal glands of specific hormones, mainly the corticosterioids, which in turn mobilize the body against invading germs or foreign proteins. Thus the stress response always activates the immune system." 292, The Body Electric, Robert Becker M.D. and Gary Selden.

During a kundalini awakening the symptathetic nervous system and adrenals are perpetually activated during the peak phase. Acute kundalini events are similar to the immediate threat response and produce adrenalin and histamine. Following this cortisol release and immune activation occur. Thus an awakening is kind of like a hyper-activation of the self-defining and self-preservation systems of the body. However, instead of an invasion by a foreign pathogen or noxious substance, the body is simply dissolving and rebuilding a new or more refined version of the self.

Macrophages can live up to 2-3 years and it is probably due to this that the main awakening phase also corresponds to this duration. The macrophages that were grown and activated during the metamorphic initiation chemistry probably have a very different nature and purpose than those produced by the body under normal chemistry. So when those specially activated metamorphic macrophages die out, the main transmutation period also finishes.

The metamorphic cycles are a reflection of the growth and activity of the immune cells involved. The cells are activated, grow, carry out their function and die-off. In metamorphosis the immune system increasingly becomes a full-body brain, generating peptides, catabolic enzymes, dissolving and transforming tissue. This immune activation would explain some of the heat involved with kundalini and many of the symptoms, especially those during the die-offs.

One of the most extraordinary metamorphic phenomena is the sweating of blood. This may be explained by the catabolic enzymes (hyaluronidase, elastase and collagenase) produced by the macrophages. If they act to make the vessel walls more permeable during the height of an acute cycle then its conceivable that blood could ooze out of the skin through the sweat glands. Skin, and blood vessel walls are made from elastin, collogen and hyaluronic acid after all and during a certain phase of an awakening the tissues of the body could become so permeable that red blood corpuscles could squeeze out of the capillaries. The base of each sweat gland is surrounded by capillaries. The capillary wall is only one cell thick, composed largely of collagen and can be as little as 3-4 mm in diameter, and red blood corpuscles are 7.5 thousandths of a mm. One can see how collagenic catabolic enzymes could increase the permeability of the capillaries such that red blood corpuscles could squeeze through the capillary walls surrounding the sweat glands.

"Tears of Blood and Bloody Sweat. During times of intense kundalini heat, when emotions are being eliminated through tears, it is possible that blood vessels near the surface of the skin and in the tear ducts would rupture, reddening the sweat and tears. St. Lutgard, Blessed Christina, and several others are listed as recipients of this "gift." Christ at Gethsemane also experienced bloody sweat." P.112 Philip St. Romain, Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality.

Interestingly during an awakening we have the hyper-activation of the sympathetic nervous system creating the physiology of "stress" and this increases the permeability of the blood vessels. While there is also an increase in endorphins and NO which reduces smooth muscle contraction, thus causing the smooth muscles in the arteries to dilate, increasing blood flow.

The blood sweating phenomena is also undoubtedly due to the increase in histamine release during extreme stress. Although increased histamine is probably common throughout an awakening, and if there was also an extreme threat to life then a greater amount of histamine might be released; creating the bloody sweat of Jesus. Histamine produces larger pores in the blood vessels as the first step in launching an inflammatory response. The increased blood vessel porosity improves brain nutrition in times of emergency, when high performance is imperative to survival. The release of histamine in the brain and the consequent improvement of blood supply is probably one of the main reasons for the increased sensory and extrasensory perception during kundalini. Brain nutrition and oxygen supply would be greatly enhanced by the dilated and porous blood vessels.

Body elongation is another change the body can undergo during metamorphosis. This no doubt is related to the permeability and relaxation of the connective tissue brought about by these collagen and elastin splitting enzymes. Romain sites Stephana Quinzani and St. Catherine of Siena as examples of body elongation. I imagine that the connective tissue of the pupael self and the connective tissue of the transmuted Self are quite different in structure. The calibration of such subtle changes might still be impossible to detect with our present science. One can assume that the transmuted connective tissue has greater strength, while having less molecular density. Perhaps even a change in composition.

Finish here: http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.php?story=ImmuneSystemandTransmutation

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