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The Highest Frequency


So here we are, on this wonderful eve eve

Behind us is the past, this is what we must leave

Moving forward on to pastures new

We sure do know what we need to do


So let’s have a party and raise our vibrations

Come join in, just leave your frustrations

No photocopiers here to lose our decency

We shall party to reach our highest frequency

I invite you all to share your music, poems anything you like...let's let down our hair blow the lid of this place :)



Love n Light


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Love the poem Jana...three things i do know how to do, laugh, and cut moderation of course lol.

Yes !! We should all have a big cyber Party - connecting within and with love. 

Love this!! (I tried it once and got the poi hitting my head every time) xxx


this is how I feel every time after a Friday night =)


don't forget the Hula hoops.


one two is acquired learning, ONE is knowing.


1,2,3,.....................................INFINITY :-)


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