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The Golden Mantis Race Transmission - Connecitng To A Higher Dimension of Love & Wisdom By Steve Nobel

The Golden Mantis Race Transmission: Connecting to a Higher Dimension of Love and Wisdom By Steve Nobel

A number of Starseeds on the planet have a connection with this benevolent group of high-dimensional beings. The Mantis beings are an extra-terrestrial race that have evolved into a higher dimension. They are here to assist some Starseeds in the ascension process.

There are some Insectoid ET races that are not benevolent to humanity. This race is very benevolent and seek to be helpful. This race have features similar to the Praying Mantis, however, they stand upright and are around 9 feet tall. They mostly have a long, thin light-green torso and radiate a golden aura. Their energy is extremely wise and loving.

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