The End of the Coronavirus


eraoflight-blast.jpg?resize=322%2C143&ssl=1&profile=RESIZE_584xThe Coronavirus is leaving because its job is nearing an end.  It was ushered in by humanity for the purpose of clearing out old, stuck energies and systems.  On an inner level, within the body and an outer level within economic and social systems.

This wasn’t understood on a human level, but on a soul level people knew that it was a game changer.

People were needing something to get them out of their complacency.  They were pushed to go home, to spend time alone, to reconsider their real priorities in their life.  Some discovered that they really didn’t like their job they blindly went to every day.  And that maybe it was time to consider other options.

Some discovered that they really didn’t like their spouse.  That they were avoiding the inevitable.

Many were allowed to work from home and that was something that has revolutionized business forever.  Now working at a job could mean you could be home, or mobile without having to go into an office every day.

Most people who did get the virus had mild symptoms, just enough to clear out stuck energies.  Others had severe ones, and even death.  But those people wanted to leave the planet, and this was an opportunity for them to do so.

Many are not ready or able to handle the new and very intense energies right now on the planet.  The frequencies are rising and not everyone wants to be here at this time.  So those who passed knew on a soul level it was their time.

The virus has become politicized, and people have become polarized because of it.  But it has nothing to do with politics.  The virus does not discriminate.  Its job is to clear out stuck energies, and its job is nearly done.

You could say that the coronavirus is humanity’s dragon, that they invited in to route out any old energies that are no longer serving them.  It’s no coincidence that the word host is used to describe the cells of the body that the virus moves through.  A host invites the guests in.

But because of fear, which has been fed by the news, people were in defense mode and were mainly concerned about surviving.  Survival fears kicked in big time.

But after a point even the masses were tired of that and were ready to relax and get back to their lives.

And it’s no different for those of us who chose the accelerated path to embodied enlightenment.  We have had to face some of our biggest fears too, and many had to do with survival issues.

If we trust our soul and quit that soul sucking job, then how will we make ends meet?  If we give our body’s health and well being over to our I Am, what will happen to it?  That fear of losing control has been a big issue for many of us.

So the Coronavirus has brought up fear big time.  Fear is an emotion generated by the mind, because the mind wants to protect us.  But in light of the new consciousness, that no longer works.  Not that it ever did.

But the fear isn’t real.  It has been the basis of life on planet earth for eons of time, and now it’s being brought to light by our consciousness, to be transformed.  Along with other emotions such as sadness, grief, guilt and shame.

All of these are false emotions.  They are the mind’s reactions to life based on the past, and we are in the process of letting them go along with all the stories attached to them.

Our job as the human is to just feel them when they come up, let them wash through us, don’t try to attach them to a past or future event,  just allow them to be, and then they transform on their own.

So the Coronavirus has served in a beautiful way for humans.  Things are very different.  And they can’t go back to the old way.  True change is always created from crisis and chaos.

Fortunately, where we are, those of us on the forefront of the new consciousness, and if you relate to this material you are one, we no longer need crisis and chaos to initiate change.

If our body is still integrating our consciousness, it will feel like crisis and chaos at times, but it’s just transformation.  And if our personal life feels chaotic, it’s also just transformation.  It’s to trust that it’s all appropriate, whatever is happening, just allow it.  Don’t try to fix it, or analyze it because that just cements it into place even more.

Be in the moment, enjoy life as best as you can, and allow your soul to do what it know how to do best for you.

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