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The Divine Way To Handle Those Who Trigger You

By Matt Kahn


When you dare to anchor the opposite vibration of those who trigger you, you'll find yourself able to honor their journey while being grateful for the law of polarity for inspiring you to embody your highest wisdom more often in response to the inconsistencies in sight.

Instead of attempting to convince someone else of what they seem to be overlooking, simply demonstrate the choices you wish they were embracing, even if such change is only meant to be your next step forward into greater living embodiment.

As always, every inspired action step you take always offers higher vibrational energy to all in existence, whether they know it came from you or not, while also respecting everyone's unique experience, path and timing.

As a way of anchoring high vibrational energy in climates of amplified social and emotional turmoil, simply ask yourself the following questions:

1. What adjective best describes the emotion felt in the presence of someone who bothers or triggers me?

2. What is the opposite positive emotion to that feeling?

3. What can I do right now to be that positive emotion in action?

4. If unsure, can I take a moment and silently bless the person bothering me with more of that positive emotion throughout their life — even if after the fact and in retrospect?

5. Can I also bless my heart and reality with that exact positive emotion to help heal deeper layers of emotional density that others trigger as an opportunity to support my expansion and evolution?

Please apply this approach each time you are triggered by the choices and behavior of others, and always conclude this process with greater self-love and admiration for you -- be as gentle with yourself as humanly possible. No matter the expectations you aspire yourself or others to live up to, each of us is always doing the best we can given the circumstances in view and the transformations underway.

All For Love, Matt

Video - "What It Means To Become Conscious"

By Matt Kahn -


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I present cosmic and humanity-empowering facts; GFL_ET intel, esoteric science, hidden history, holistic medicine, political matters, military intel planning, historical perspectives on current problems, theosophy, etc>>>Sometimes sharing personal experiences....

I don't exclusively make this about me, but rather the wider context of us...And offer answers for WE, HUMANITY...

It can become irksome, when someone, attempting rivalry, seeks to compete for attention and repeats the same self-absorbed, self-centred story; over and over; a boring, fantasmagoric novelization of a snapshot in time [decades ago.] Such a person seeks adoration, bouquets of flowers from starry-eyed followers. Yet will not tolerate an iota of deviation, that may challenge the story narrative.
A tiresome rehash, about;" ME,ME,ME & MY LIFE, BACK THEN...!!" or; "MY PROBLEMS NOW,MY,MY,MY.."

Then the boredom is prolonged by the small group of groupies, extending more praise to their "special person," who, of course, laps up praise like a cheshire cat....from these selected followers [for emotional naivety.]

Such distractions are better ignored. Though, one is reminded of a bluebottle fly, noisely buzzing around a room, though refusing to fly out an open window....;-] hehe...!

  There are tons of books out there about Ascension, DVD, CDs, and Books on Spirituality and is wealth of information for those who are beginning on their spiritual path but pay BIG BUCKS to attend their seminars. IT makes my blood boil it. These Grues make tons of money. It's unfortunate there is a lot of naive people in this world. Yes, it's very sad.



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